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Jo & Blair Recap Lost Girl
Episode 02

By Slave2Free


Where There's A Will, There's A Fae

Jo: The show begins with Kenzi and Bo shopping at a local hardware store. It appears as if they are planning to fix up their dilapidated home.

Blair: Bo's buying tools?

Jo: That doesn't mean that she knows how to use them.

Blair: She's not as much like me as I thought.

Jo: You're one of a kind, Princess.

Blair: (smiling) Kenzi is having a very bad hair day.

Jo: It's a wig, remember?

Blair: Then she's having a bad wig day. She couldn't possibly look like that on purpose.

Natalie: Do I really need to drag out the 1985 photo album, Blair? When it comes to bad hair days, you and Jo can't be pointing fingers.

Blair: (ignoring Natalie) I like Kenzi's description of their home as a "crack shack". It's very appropriate. It's too bad Bo isn't more like Jo. Jo could fix their crack shack. Jo can fix anything.

Jo: We learn from their conversation that Bo grew up in a small town in the Midwest. When Kenzi asks Bo if she ever thinks about going home, Bo tells her that "It's kind of tough growing up thinking that you might have a shot at prom queen and find out that you're part of some ageless secret race that feeds on humans."

Blair: That pretty much sums up the plot up until this point.

Jo: The topic of food makes Bo hungry. She spies a tasty young man, but Kenzi holds her back. Kenzi convinces Bo to agree not to kill where they shop.

Natalie: That Kenzi, she's got a quick comeback for all situations. Is she the star of the show?

Jo: You're as bad as Blair. Not everyone can be the star of the show. Go back and read the episode one recap, Natalie, we don't have time to catch you up.

Blair: The scene changes from the hardware store to a wooded area. A dense fog obscures much of the area, but we can identify a man carrying a flashlight.

Jo: The man finds a shack in the woods.

Blair: In it, the man finds a chest filled with jewels.

Jo: In the next scene, Bo and Kenzi return home and are shocked when their sofa burst into flames. After extinguishing the fire, Bo notices that they have a visitor. The visitor is a flame-throwing woodland Fae who wants Bo to help him find the human who stole his treasure chest. He tells Bo that if she helps him, he can tell her more about her past. Bo agrees.

Blair: Bo goes to Detective Dyson for help.

Jo: Wolf Boy takes Bo to a Fae bar.

Natalie: (aside to Blair) Why aren't there any screen shots of Bo meeting with Dyson?

Blair: There are two kinds of Fae, Light Fae and Dark Fae. There are two kinds of fans, Team Lauren and Team Dyson. Do you want to guess which team Jo and I are on?

Natalie: Leave it to Jo to turn everything into a competition.

Jo: (groaning) The bartender, who seems to be much more influential than he lets on and an expert on the Fae, questions Lauren about her unwillingness to join the Light or Dark Fae. He explains that the Light and Dark Fae are on the verge of war. Bo wants to know why her Fae parents abandoned her. The bartender suggests that her parents may have been protecting Bo, but he doesn't explain why he thinks Bo would have been in danger as a child.

Blair: Dyson warns Bo not to trust people, but a later conversation between Dyson and the bartender indicates that Dyson may be keeping information about her parents from Bo.

Jo: Next, Bo follows up on a lead about the man who stole the treasure chest. When she and Kenzi try to enter the man's home, a shotgun blast blows through the door and injures Bo's hand. The shotgun was rigged to fire if anyone opened the door.

Blair: When Kenzi and Bo try to leave, a woman with another shotgun arrives and blocks the doorway.

Jo: Bo turns on her sexual mojo and gets close enough to the woman to touch her, sending the woman into a pleasure-filled coma.

Natalie: Is that the girlfriend?

Jo: No, Bo's a succubus. Her lips are as much a weapon as her fists. The woman looks like she's enjoying the kiss, and, uh, she really is enjoying the kiss, but it's draining her life force. If Bo doesn't stop, she'll wind up killing the woman.

Blair: Kenzi, who seems to be against killing for sport or for food, pulls Bo from the other woman before Bo can suck the life out of the woman.

Natalie: Kenzi's a good soul.

Jo: In the heat of passion, Bo temporarily turns on Kenzi, but soon returns to her senses.

Natalie: Uh, did Bo just say what I think she said?

Blair: Yes, she thanked Kenzi for the 'cock block'.

Natalie: Do Faes have both —?

Blair: No. Bo is all woman.

Natalie: Doesn't she know that women don't have —?"

Blair: (whispering) Shhhh, not in front of Jo.

Jo: The woman lives, but Bo sucked enough life from her to heal Bo's hand. When the ambulance arrives to take the woman away, she is still in a state of euphoria after kissing Bo.

Natalie: It might be worth losing a little life force to kiss someone who can make you feel like that.

Jo: (sighing) Bo tracks down the man who stole the treasure and discovers that he is the human son of the flame-throwing woodland Fae who hired her. While Bo is talking with the human, a headless Fae tries to assassinate the young man.

Blair: Yuck, he's creepy.

Jo: He was creepy, now he's dead. Bo kills the assassin.

Natalie: With help from Kenzi.

Blair: Yes, you can't ignore the fact that Kenzi has saved Bo's life in both episode one and episode two. For a girl without any super powers, she's very handy.

Natalie: Why isn't there a Team Kenzi?

Jo: Gross. Kenzi is like a little sister to Bo.

Natalie: She wouldn't have to be with Bo to have a team.

Blair: (rolling her eyes) Bo talks to Dyson, blah, blah, blah. Then Bo and Kenzi return to their home to confront the flame-throwing woodland Fae who they think hired an assassin to kill his own son.

Jo: When the Fae discovers that the human is his son, he regrets having hired an assassin. Bo asks Kenzi to wait with the woodland Fae while she runs an errand.

Blair: Finally, Bo goes to see Doctor Lauren.

Jo: Lauren is looking into a microscope when Bo arrives, but she senses Bo's presence. Lauren and Bo talk, in between smiling bashfully at one another.

Lauren: How long have you been standing there?

Bo: Not long, I love watching a professional at work.

Lauren: Oh, well, it's just boring research.

Blair: Bo looks anything but bored.

Bo: Well, some of that boring research may stop me from killing someone.

Jo: Y'know, for a succubus, Bo sure does get tongue-tied whenever she's around Lauren. You would think she'd never sucked the life out of a woman before.

Blair: She doesn't want to suck the life out of Lauren, she wants to kiss her.

Bo: You, uh, you said that you might be able to do something about my hunger. Does that offer still stand?

Lauren: You don't understand the politics of this world. It could be dangerous for me to even talk to you.

Bo: The last thing I want to do is get you in trouble, but I need this.

Lauren: Should I be worried right now?

Blair: Aw, Lauren is openly flirting with Bo.

Bo: I have desires . . . not enough to kill someone.

Blair: Oh, that's sweet. She's telling Lauren that she desires her but that she can't act on those desires because it would kill Lauren.

Natalie: What a way to go. I don't think Lauren would mind.

Bo: Who else has to say this kind of stuff, huh?

Jo: Lauren agrees to help Bo.

Blair: After a lot of longing looks and sighing from both Lauren and Bo.

Lauren: If I'm right, it should take the edge off your hunger, but it won't allow you to heal.

Jo: Lauren fills a syringe with her concoction.

Lauren: Let's see if we can ramp you back to randy, frisky even.

Blair: Bo almost whimpers when Lauren continues to flirt with her.

Jo: After Lauren gives Bo the shot, they stare at one another, smiling and sighing.

Blair: Bo thanks Lauren and leaves.

Jo: Lauren looks like she could use a shot as well. Y'know, to ramp her down to just feeling randy.

Blair: Frisky even.

Jo: Bo goes to meet the Fae's human son and he double crosses Bo, locking her in a storage unit. It turns out that the man blames his Fae father for his mother's death and wants to exact vengeance on the Fae.

Blair: Kenzi and the woodland Fae arrive and Bo tries to warn Kenzi, but it's too late.

Jo: Before the human can harm his Fae father, another headless assassin appears. While the assassin fights the human, Kenzi helps Bo get out of the storage locker.

Natalie: Once again, Kenzi saves the day and she doesn't even have any Fae super powers. I think Kenzi should definitely have a team, too.

Jo: After a sword fight during which Bo is injured and Kenzi ultimately defeats the headless assassin, father and son reunite. The Fae doesn't have much information for Bo about her past, only that the woman he saw with Bo when Bo was a baby said that Bo was in danger.

Blair: Uh oh, Bo's injury is serious, so she needs to heal.

Jo: I can't believe Bo's shagging Wolf Boy.

Blair: She's only using him to heal her wounds.

Natalie: Are you two blind? She's lovin' it.

Blair: (glaring) No, she's only using him to heal her wounds.

Jo: Bo tells Dyson that if he doesn't help her she'll find someone else.

Natalie: As if he's going to turn her down. I'm telling you, she's hot for him.

Jo: Dyson's super Fae strength enables him to have sex with Bo without allowing her to suck the life from him. It's a shame, really, I wouldn't mind seeing her suck the life out of him.

Natalie: It doesn't look good for Team Lauren.

Jo: Are you thinking about switching teams, Nat?

Natalie: If only Blair had asked me that question when we were still in high school.

Blair: Shh, don't joke about that, Natalie. I've almost convinced Jo to buy the Lip Service DVD. I don't need for her to start worrying about you switching teams.

Natalie: (whispering to Blair) Have you seen episode two?

Blair: Oh, yes. Cat's cell phone is stolen and she runs into DS Murray in the police station. DS Murray rescues Cat from the other policemen who are interrogating her for attacking the boy who stole her phone.

Natalie: I wouldn't say she 'rescued' Cat.

Blair: She did. Then she asked Cat out for a second date. She's so cute, don't you think?

Natalie: Cat?

Blair: No, silly, DS Murray.

Natalie: Cute? I mean, she's definitely hot. I could agree with sexy, but cute?

Blair: She's adorable.

Natalie: Are we watching the same hot cop?

Blair: DS Murray charms Cat during their date and Cat invites the hot cop home with her, where they made love all through the night.

Natalie: That's all you remember from that entire episode?

Blair: It's the only important part.

Blair: (whispering to Natalie) Do you think it would be weird if I bought tickets to one of Heather Peace's concerts?

Natalie: Those concerts are in the U.K.

Blair: So?

Natalie: It would be a little stalker-ish, Blair.

Blair: (sighs deeply) Yeah. Um, do you know how much money it takes to produce a television show?

Natalie: Stalker.

Blair: Okay, forget that. Can I at least buy the January issue of Diva magazine?

Natalie: Why?

Blair: (shows Natalie a preview of the January cover featuring D.S. Murray, aka Heather Peace.) See?

Natalie: That would be okay. You can avoid any international shipping charges by using a free online delivery service like Zinio. You can buy a single issue for only $4.66 and read it on your computer.

Blair: (frowning suspiciously at Natalie) How do you know so much about it?

Natalie: (removing her vest to reveal the Team Frankie jersey below) Who do you think was on the October cover?

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