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Late Night Snack


Lauren felt a wave of loss and then anger at being awoken from her dream, her very scientific dream. She let out a string of curses as she made her way to the front door to confront the idiot who knocked on it. She swung the door open ready to let fly with loud angry words but nothing came out as Bo pushed past her into the hallway.

"How did you…?"

"I'm a private detective." Bo shrugged as if the answer was obvious.

Lauren realised her lack of suitable clothing and folded her arms. "Seriously?"

"Ok, I had help. But a girl has to have some secrets." Bo smiled as she turned to face Lauren after conducting a sweeping look around her.

"Bo, why are you here?"

Bo's lips curled into a predatory grin, "I'm hungry."

Lauren swallowed audibly, "I don't think this was the right door to knock on."

"Not that kind of hungry."

"Then what…? ... Oh." Lauren gaped as she realised the reason for Bo's visit.

Bo stepped close to Lauren so that they were almost touching, "So, got anything to eat?"

The End

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