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SPOILERS: Minor spoiler for 'Faetal Attraction' (season 1, episode 4) of Lost Girl.
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Faetal Attraction


I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of your drunken Succubus booty call.

Those words had been echoing through Bo's head since the good doctor had said them. Drunken Succubus booty call? Did she think that's all it would be? Bo was hurt that Lauren thought so little of her. She was drunk at the time so the full effect of the words hadn't sunk in, and if she was being honest with herself she felt the 'sparkage' that Kenzi pointed out.

No, it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter because Lauren is human.

But it did matter. It mattered a lot. All Bo wanted was a normal life. A normal relationship. A normal, healthy on-going relationship. Was that too much to ask?

"I'm sorry she died."

"Are you?"

"Of course." Bo responded, wounded. "How could you think that?"

"I'm sorry," Lauren turned away. "I know what you did was in self-defense."

"Yes. It was." Bo sighed deeply. "I didn't want this. Any of this. All I want is a normal life."

Lauren looked sympathetic when she finally looked at Bo again. "Unfortunately that's not possible."

"Did you mean it when you said I didn't have to kill? I know I don't with Fae, but what about humans?" Bo almost whispered, afraid to admit the gravity of what she was implying.

"Yes." Lauren tilted her head, "Well, in time."

Bo narrowed her eyes, "How much time, exactly?"

"I don't know. Months, at least. Possibly years. Most Succubae wouldn't even consider being with a human."

"Well, I'm not like most Succubae." Bo took a step closer to Lauren.

Lauren visibly swallowed. "No. You're not."

"I want to feel, not just feed." Bo purred, pushing a stray strand of hair behind Lauren's ear.

"Are you always this… direct?"

Bo lowered her voice to a whisper, "Yes, but never scared."

"Why scared?" Lauren continued with the quiet tones.

"I haven't entertained the fantasy of having something more…substantial, meaningful."

"Fantasy…?" Lauren's heart was beating rapidly.

Bo leaned in. "Hope."

The End

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