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When Heroes Fall
By PokeyPup


CHAPTER ONE : Anything

"Bo..." The succubus halted at the soft plea of her name, but she refused to turn around to face the blonde. Her stomach turned as she tried to control the over whelming amount of emotions that were bubbling up inside, the most dominate one being the sense of urgency to bolt out of the back door of the Dal that she had been staring down since this whole situation had begun. "Bo, please...."

"I have to catch Syra...before she causes any more damage." And just like that she was out the door and half way down the alley by now leaving the group behind. Kensi sitting on the edge of the bar feet dangling over as Hale stood next to her holding her arm in his hands trying to stop the bleeding as Trick stood behind the bar looking for a towel. Dyson stood across from Lauren resting against the pool table for support, his clothes in dismay just as the bar looked, a few minor scrapes and bruises visible, his line of sight dancing between the now slow closing door and the doctor who hesitantly began walking toward the exit.

"Let her go." Dyson let out his tone almost as if it were an order; this time it was the blonde's turn to stop and study the door.

She pushed herself as hard as she could ignoring the pain that resonated in her chest, the hunger that seemed to be ripping through her body as if it was tearing her apart inch by inch, the freezing rain beating down on her skin like thousands of little knifes, the ground beneath her feet slippery causing her to lose her balance more then once, heals not being the best of running shoes, but still she pushed until she couldn't any more. To be honest she wasn't even exactly sure where she was running to, Syra had vanished the second she left the Dal and despite popular belief she was no fool, she understood there was absolutely no chance of catching up with her especially in the middle of the night, in a thunder storm that had taken out half of the city's power not even Dyson in full wolf form with his super speed and tracking ability would, but never the less she couldn't stand to be at the bar for another second or more accurately around her for another second.

True they weren't together she knew that and even if she were ever just for a second life seemed to remind her of that little fun fact and of an even funner one that she would never belong to her not fully. First the night the Ash showed just how deep his control went, then the seemingly never ending bumps in the road from Nadia that now seemed like a walking in a park her death excluded of course and now this. She knew that this wasn't exactly all of Lauren's fault, it had been Trick's idea after all, Dyson and Kensi who had talked her into persuading Lauren into it but none of these facts meant anything at all at the moment. None of them dulled the pain, the jealously, the fury or the hunger that was rushing over her body causing havoc not only on her body, her thought process but most importantly her sense of control. And a "new" succubus still unsure of her power losing every ounce of control was quite a scary scenario.

"Please I beg you..." Lauren pleaded her voice desperate as she looked into the dark corner of an empty room. "....Bo has ran off in search of Syra she has no idea of what she is going to face, the power that Syra is capable of....."

"Bo is yet to chose sides. She is not of my responsibility. Both of the last Ashs have made the mistake of playing HER game, giving her power over them and we see where that has taken them, yes?" The voice was soft spoken and female, almost sweet even. "Dr. Lewis you have for six years served as great asset to my kind but your debt has been fulfilled...twice now. You are no longer an Allie of the Light Fae, you are none other then another human pet to the very, very indecisive succubus. You should consider yourself lucky I even agreed to take this inconvenience, but as respect to 6 years of service I felt I owed you at least one favor considering just how much you've lost in service." Lauren's heart raced as time passed thoughts of Bo being out there some where alone, scared, hurt, angry all raced through her mind. "Leave me." The doctor paused unable to move as panic set in, flashes of "her" succubus played through her mind in an instant. Every smile, every touch, every hurtful word ever spoken to one another. She let out a sigh as tears began to well in her eyes and reality set in that just like her service her "welcome" was over.

"She may not have chosen a side but she has fought for you time and time again." The blonde finished as turned toward the door, no longer able to hold the tears as they slowly made their way down her checks.

"Dr. Lewis....what exactly is her life worth.....to you?"

The cool breeze cut through the air as the heavy waves pounded the earth beneath her feet until it was all she could hear drowning out the ringing of her heart in her ears. Cold damp leaves and broken twigs fell of the ledge scratching her face as her hands clawed at the jagged rocks desperate to find grounding with a deep breath she used every ounce of reserve strength she had left and managed to pull herself back to her feet and again she was running through the woods rocks cutting her now bear feet, branches hitting her soon accompanied by cold beads of water as a crack of thunder ripped through the sky. Her shoulder ached as blood ran down her back a gash from her shoulder to the middle of her back, her hands matching, much like the cut on her temple but there was no time to scream, to focus on the pain as she pushed herself to keep running and tried not to look back at the dark figure who was chasing her, the succubus hand griped her side as she forced her legs to keep going. Rain pouring harder now, the air so crisp it hurt to breath, sweat dripped down her brow mixing with the blood the sting of the pain almost as unbearable as the throbbing in her chest.

A feral snarl broke her concentration. 'Don't look. Not close. Can't be close.' She desperately wanted to look behind herself, measure the time she had left, prepare for death. Her body halted when the ground came to an end the drop at least 100 feet, a burst of adrenalin spread through her as she felt the presence grow closer. Instinctively she threw herself over the edge, finally after what felt like hours of falling she hit the water. Her arms flailed in the air, trying to stay afloat and navigate through the mist that covered the river but the quickly the tied proved to much for her and soon a soothing warm feeling went through her body as her arms gave out, slowly she began to vanish under the water.


"Careful with that word Doctor, it may prove to be to much."

"Anything." She repeated this time her voice did not shake as she spoke, she turned around to face the new Ash.

"Dose that include your life?" She asked amused at the scene before herself but yet the strange thing was that even with as amused as she was there had been no sense of mockery in her tone.


The girl was bloody and only half conscious as she pulled herself onto land covered in broken shards of glass, twigs, and rocks opening up the cuts on her hands and stomach. Her jeans were torn, soaking wet, blood stained both her shoes lost some point ago. Her tight black tank covered in tiny slices with one large one just under her left rib cage. She laid on her back for a second taking a deep breath before pushing herself to her feet finding herself yet again standing in the middle of no where surrounded by dozens of trees and just as sudden as everything had happen a high pitched scream cut through, for a second she debated weather or not to run towards it, normally there wouldn't be a thought to it but this time her legs were frozen.

"Impeccable. It's been almost seven-hundred years since someone has came this close to me." Bo turned slowly to face the low and rough voice that had hint of seduction played at every word. The woman looked almost like a feminine version of herself. Long black hair just passing her shoulders, a tight low cut red dress, her lips a matching shade, eyes a deep brown almost black if you didn't know any better, her skin perfectly tanned.

"Well what can I say...I'm impressive."

"Apparently not all that impressive considering two teensy little facts." A grin played at the corner of her lips as she took a few careful steps toward Bo, the succubus would have like to accredit the caution to the fact of her being a threat but at this point she knew better, she was drenched, tired, bruised and covered in blood there was no chance that she posed any threat at this point.

"Teensy? Really where do you get your vocab from, Blues Clues?"

"One-if you were as impressive as you seem to think you are I don't think my little encounter would have went as well as it did with a certain blonde...." Her words trailed as she continued to close the distance to only a couple feet, the grin now a full smile seeing Bo's condition slowly deteriorating in front of her. "...two you would have put a little brain power into this and realized the further out you went the harder it would be for them to find you. Both of your little human pets...well one yours one soon to be mine have no chance of finding you this far out they wouldn't even know where to look." She took a couple more steps, running her finger tip over the cut on Bo's temple causing her to wrench in pain. "And your dog...well no tracks thanks to the rain, and your smell covered by the trees and animals, and well pretty much every disgusting thing out here. Obviously brain power is not a skill your endowed with, huh?"

"Just kill me already cause if I have to listen to you much longer I may do it myself and I gotta strict no suicide policy."

"I aim to please." In a second Bo was flying at least three-hundred feet back as a hand barely landed on her chest. "I promise, her death will be quick..." Just as she hit the ground the other woman was already there picking her up by her throat. "...now what I do to her before that well..." Bo fell to her knees, arms out in front of herself trying to stay up quickly yet unfortunately helped as the back of her head was being pulled back lifting her face up, now looking dead in the eyes of the woman that was about to end everything. "...lets just say I don't have a problem with stamina." Bo could no longer fight her entire body was giving out, her body was so broken she couldn't even determine where the pain was coming from any more. She took a deep breath as she saw the Fae's free hand raise, her vision becoming blurrier by the second until everything had faded to black.

To Be Continued

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