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The Memory of Her Touch
By mel


Lauren blew out a long, shaky breath as she looked out the window in her lab to see the sun was already halfway below the horizon. It had been a long, hard day and from the looks of things it wasn't going to be getting better any time soon. She silently turned to face the sullen succubus perched atop the table, somewhat ironically next to the microscope the doctor used on a daily basis for her research. As if any research she'd ever conducted could have prepared her for what she felt for the woman before her.

"Bo," the succubus' name fell from her lips on a sigh. She hated that she was so vulnerable before the dark beauty, but it wasn't really the other woman's fault – it wasn't the succubus' supernatural powers that made her react so, no… it was the woman herself. "I don't know what else to tell you. I don't know why that girl died, I wish I could help you more but I can't."

Bo nodded as she hopped off the table she'd taken refuge on and made to leave the lab. "Okay, thanks," she muttered as she squeezed by Lauren, who was blocking her exit.

"Please," Lauren murmured, turning her body to follow Bo's. "Just, let me…"

"I'm sorry," Bo interrupted her. "Really, I am. But I… I need to go. I'll call you later," she finished lamely before turning on her heel and doing her very best to actually walk – not run – out of Lauren's lab.

Lauren let out another shaky breath as her body literally hummed with desire just from being in the same room with the succubus. She closed her eyes and could practically smell Bo's scent in the air around her from where the brunette brushed past her – and, not for the first time, she wished that she had some of the Fae's heightened senses because the scent of Bo was absolutely delicious, nearly as delectable as the taste of her. "God," she muttered to herself as her body reacted almost violently just to the memory of the now absent succubus.

She turned on her heel and went over to her desk, dropping heavily into her chair as she ran a ragged hand through her hair. She closed her eyes as she sunk down in the seat until her head was resting comfortably against the back and she unconsciously ran the tips of her fingers over her lips, allowing herself a brief moment's weakness to remember the feeling of the brunette's lips against her own.

That brief moment grew by the second as her fingers slid back and forth over her lips, gently, lightly over the soft flesh until the memory of the touch became real again. She wanted nothing more than to feel the brunette's hands and mouth upon her body once more. "Bo," she sighed as she allowed herself to sink further into her imagination and the fingers that had been touching her lips trailed over the point of her chin and down her throat, skimming the surface of sensitive skin as her hand dropped seemingly of its own volition to her breast.

She paused for a moment to open her eyes and make sure that she was alone before once again closing them to the harsh, unforgiving world and retreating back into her own head – wanting, needing to feel Bo's touch once more, even if it was through her own hands and her memory of their beautifully tragic night together.

She licked her lips as she played with her nipple through the thin material of her blouse, tracing lightly around the hardening nub as she imagined it was the tip of Bo's tongue that was making her feel such pleasure, such desire, such raw, desperate need. The succubus had gotten under her skin completely without unleashing her power for even a moment, and she knew with every fiber of her being that the dark beauty had ruined her for all others. With each brush of her finger across the sensitive tip her need was ratcheted up just a little bit higher until her silent longing became so great that her hand hand was on the move again, ghosting over her stomach to unbutton and unzip her trousers.

Her desire already nearly unbearable, she wasted no time slipping her hand inside her panties to knowingly dip into her own center, gathering her arousal on the pad of her middle finger before moving back up to touch her throbbing, aching clit. "God Bo," she gasped, fully invested in the fantasy playing out in her head to where she could practically feel the brunette's breath dancing across her cheek as she touched herself. Her left hand slipped up under her shirt, deftly sliding under the cup of her bra to tweak and pinch and roll her nipple as she kept her touch against herself below soft and slow and tortuous.

Because that's how Bo touched her that first time.

Bo, who had slipped back into the lab to ask Lauren if she could just get a copy of the report for Dyson, stood frozen on the far side of the doctor's desk – enraptured by the scent, the sounds, the sight of this beautiful, beautiful woman touching herself so intimately… and thinking of her while she did it.

"So good," Lauren murmured quietly as her touch between her legs grew more firm, more deliberate. One finger against her clit had become two, and they were now rubbing in tight, concise circles against the sensitive nub. "God, Bo, so fucking good."

Bo had to bite her lip to keep from moaning herself.

"Mmm, Bo," Lauren sighed as the small, circular motions turned into quick flicks against the pulsing bundle of nerves. She gasped softly at the new sensations surging through her body and began pinching the nipple captured between the fingers on her other hand in time with each flick against that sensitive point.

Bo sucked a deep breath in through her nose as she too fell into the blonde's fantasy.

"God… right there," Lauren moaned as she pushed herself that much closer to her own release. She slid down in her chair a little bit further and spread her legs wider until the outside of her knees were pressed to the insides of her desk. "Bo… please Baby," she murmured breathlessly as she dipped her fingers down to press lightly against her opening, teasing the sensitive muscle with quick, shallow thrusts much in the same way the succubus had teased her during their night together – drawing out her fantasy, delaying her pleasure for a few seconds longer before moving her attentions back up to her straining, throbbing clit. "Mmm," she moaned as a her body jumped in reaction to the touch, her voice low, throaty and pure silken sex.

"Lauren," Bo whispered, realizing a little belatedly that her own hand had somehow managed to slip inside her ridiculously tight leather pants to stroke herself in time with the hand moving inside Lauren's trousers and that her breathing had sped to match the blonde's. "Oh god," she breathed as she felt herself racing towards her own release, her legs growing weaker under the weight of her building climax until she was forced to brace her free hand on the doctor's desk to keep herself upright, her fingers curling under the edge of the top and denting the weak aluminum.

Trapped by the erotic memories of Bo's head moving slowly, so slowly between her legs as the succubus used her delightfully wicked tongue to pleasure her, Lauren was oblivious to the proximity of the object of each and every one of her desires as she blindly teased herself higher and higher, pretending, wanting, needing to believe that it was Bo's hand between her legs, that it was Bo's voice issuing soft gasps of pleasure and quiet, whispered words of encouragement in her ear.

If she'd opened her eyes even once she'd have realized that at least the sounds she was hearing were, in fact, real.

But she never did and the two women pushed themselves higher and higher, Lauren captivated by the scenes of unrestrained passion playing inside her mind, by the memory of how it'd felt when the succubus had touched her just so, how her heart had raced when the brunette had kissed her right there. Bo, for her part, was completely entranced by the scent, the smell, the sounds, the sight of the blonde doctor before her. Bo could tell from the gasps falling from the doctor's lips that Lauren was close, so close and her own body responded in kind until, before long, they were both quaking and trembling under the force of their simultaneous climaxes.

"God Bo," Lauren murmured as she stilled her fingers and reveled for a few stolen moments in the illusion that the woman who'd managed to claim her more completely than the Ash loved her, wanted her, and gave her such pleasure.

Bo recovered faster than Lauren and quickly pulled her hand from her pants and quickly left the laboratory that was now silent except for the quiet exhalation of the blonde's breaths. She hurried out of the building, absentmindedly wiping her fingers off on her pants as she went – desperate to get as far away from the woman inside the building before she lost all resolve and went back in there to beg for forgiveness.

Lauren came around much more slowly, her human reflexes a blessing in disguise as she lingered in the afterglow of the moment before removing her hands from her body with a slight blush of embarrassment that she'd allowed herself such a moment of weakness in a laboratory where anybody could have walked in on her during that intimate moment. She quickly buttoned her pants and stood, leaving her shirt untucked as she made her way around her desk to the restroom across the hall – she needed to get cleaned up and back to work.

"Bo," Lauren whispered involuntarily as she rounded her desk, the scent of the succubus assaulting her senses and making her heart clench with need in her chest. "If only," she murmured as she trailed her fingers over the edge of her desk, the edge where only minutes before the succubus had held on to for support, her body clenching and responding to the surprisingly powerful aroma of her one time lover as if Bo were standing right behind her, the brunette's light, teasing breath tickling the skin on her neck. "Yeah," she shook her head sadly. "I wish," she muttered with one last shake of her head.

She needed to get cleaned up and back to work. She was, after all, merely a human living in a Fae world – but at least she had the memory of Bo's touch to help her find her way through the darkness.

The End

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