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AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is a prequel to my charity fluffs. This one takes place during the ladies’ senior year at Langley.
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Charitable Beginnings
By Ann


"Tell me again why you volunteered us to work the outside events of the Children's Home fundraiser," Blair protested as she organized the various participants of the one-legged race into different heats.

"Because this is where the kids are, Blair; if we worked inside, we'd have to dress up and cater to all the people who just want to give their money without seeing the benefits of where it's going." Jo grabbed the clipboard from the blonde to check to be sure none of the children had been accidentally left off the list.

Wiping the sweat from her brow, Blair continued to whine. "But that's my specialty. I love to dress up and rub elbows with my peers. Besides, it's air-conditioned inside, and I'm melting out here."

"Quit griping and look around, Blair. We're not here for your comfort; we're here for these kids. For a few measly hours, they're having the time of their life. They're not worried about not having a family, or a home, or clothes, or toys, or anything else. Now, grab that other clipboard and let's get back to organizing the rest of these races." Jo's reply was almost drowned out by the sounds of the children running to the table to sign in.

Feeling extremely guilty, Blair politely turned to the group. "Who wants to sign up for the obstacle course?" She laughed aloud as the excited children all began to shout their names at the same time.

Hours later, the two women strolled around the park, monitoring the activities to ensure everything was proceeding as planned. Jo glanced over at Blair and noted a slight pink tint on her face and shoulders.

"Hey, Blair, let's take a break. I've got some suntan lotion in my backpack, and if we don't get some on you soon, you're going to be as red as a lobster later." Jo took the blonde by the arm and ushered her back to the head table where they'd left Natalie in charge.

Accepting a donation from a rather attractive woman, Natalie looked down at the generous amount. "Wow, um . . . I mean, thank you for your kind donation, Mrs. Worthington."

The woman smiled; however, her attention was not directed at Natalie, but rather over Natalie's left shoulder.

"Why, Blair Warner. I didn't expect to see you out here working amongst the little people," the snobbish woman stated in an equally snobbish tone.

Jo instantly bristled at the statement and increased the length of her stride for a face to face reply to the condescending remark, but Blair somehow outdistanced the brunette and stood before the snooty socialite with a smirk.

"Jane Worthington, this is indeed a surprise. I thought the doctor said your plastic surgery wouldn't allow you to attend any events for at least a month, and here you are, braving the comments for such a worthy cause. How very charitable of you." Blair's voice drifted through the crowd of onlookers.

Jane looked around nervously. "You must have me mistaken for someone else, Blair. Um, sorry I don't have time to chat; Winston is waiting for me in the lobby. We'll have to get together and have lunch sometime."

The woman quickly walked away with a trail of laughter following her as Jo and Natalie could no longer contain their mirth.

"Good one, Blair. If the home didn't need donations so badly, I'd tear this check up, but I'd say Mrs. Worthington received her due," Natalie said with a grin.

"No kidding. I bet it'll be awhile before she shows her face at any events again." Jo's laughter had died down to a chuckle. "And speaking of faces, Nat, can you watch the table for a little longer? I need to help Blair put some suntan lotion on before she turns into a French fry."

"Sure, Jo, no problem; besides, Tootie's on her way, and she can keep me company. You two take your time."

Grabbing her backpack, Jo took Blair's hand and pulled her towards the back door of the Children's Home. She politely opened the door for the blonde and then veered to the far right, heading for the bathroom furthest away from the lobby.

When the two women entered the small room, Jo locked the door behind them to ensure their privacy. She turned towards Blair and gestured towards her shirt. "That tank top has to go."

Blair's head immediately snapped up, and she looked at the brunette in surprise.

Jo shook her head and smiled. "Blair, your shoulders can't take any more sun. I've got a t-shirt in my backpack that you can put on."

Embarrassed, Blair reached down to remove her shirt while Jo opened her pack to retrieve the substitute shirt. When Jo looked up, she dropped the backpack on the floor in surprise.

Blair Warner, the princess of her dreams, was standing in front of her shirtless and wearing a strapless bra, a very see through strapless bra, and from the looks of things, the slight sunburn must have caused her to have a slight fever because chill bumps instantly rose on her arms as well as two other prominent locations.

Thrusting the shirt forward, Jo stuttered, "Um . . . yeah, well . . . here's your shirt."

Oblivious to Jo's current state of mind, Blair asked, "Aren't you going to put some lotion on my shoulders first?"

"Huh? Oh, sure; just a sec." Jo dug into her bag for the bottle of suntan lotion, and smiling nervously, she held up two different bottles, suntan lotion and a moisturizer.

"Well, don't just stand there. Slather me," Blair instructed the brunette as she turned and presented her smooth, silky back to the other woman. A mesmerized Jo stood rooted to the floor, staring at the exposed skin.

"Jo? Jo, aren't you going to put some lotion on me?"

"Huh? Oh, yeah, sorry. I was just getting the cap off the bottle," Jo recovered, quickly removing the lid and stepping forward towards the skin she'd dreamt of every night since she first arrived at Eastland.

Gently dabbing the lotion onto the blonde's shoulders, Jo closed her eyes as she slowly rubbed the white liquid into Blair's skin, taking advantage of what would probably be one of the last opportunities she'd have to touch her princess as graduation loomed just around the corner.

With great reluctance, Jo removed her shaky hands from the socialite's skin and handed the bottle to Blair. "Here, you can take care of your face. I think I better get back outside and see if Tootie and Natalie need any help."

Blair took the bottle and watched as Jo moved toward the door.

"Hey, Jo," Blair called out, stopping the other woman's progress. She waited until Jo turned to face her.

"Maybe after we graduate, you can come visit and help with the charity events I'll be involved in."

Grinning, Jo replied, "I'd like that, Blair. You can call on me anytime."

The two women smiled at each other, and Jo winked at the blonde as she turned and walked out of the room. Neither woman had any idea how the later charity events would change their lives forever.

The End

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