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Saving Me
By Berg


Part 2

Jo followed Blair back to her home. It had been almost six months since they'd last seen each other. They all met in the city to celebrate Natalie's new job assignment at CNN. Jo had just been promoted to Detective after uncovering a large drug base and taking the bust of one of the city's most wanted drug traffickers, Jason Bazker.

She was the youngest female officer in her precinct to achieve such a task, and quickly caught the eye of her supervisors. The girls had decided a celebration was in order. Blair made reservations at one of the finest restaurants, and they had an isolated section all to themselves. Blair had insisted in paying of course, her treat to celebrate Jo and Natalie's success. The night had been wonderful and memorable…till the fight.

Looking back, Jo and Blair both realized how juvenile it had been, but at the time, both felt vindicated in their arguments. Okay so fight may not have been the best word to describe what transpired. Perhaps disagreement was better?

"All I'm saying is that you were good at what you did," Blair sipped her wine.

"I'm good at what I'm doing now Blair. Do you have any idea how much drugs we took off the streets last month? Bazker had half this city in his pocket and the other half high as kites. You're saying that isn't as important as working with kids in some after school program?"

"You did more than that and you know it," Blair replied. "And you also know I have no intentions on fighting with you about this. You made the choice to walk away from the center and we all supported you, most of all me. I was losing the best worker we had. Of course I'm not implying what you do and did isn't as important. But they're two different things."

"Not to me Blair," Jo shook her head. "One way or another I'm helping those kids, and a heck of a lot more now."

"I just wish it wasn't so dangerous."

Jo laughed, "Blair I can take care of myself. Trust me."

"I wasn't talking about you," Blair winked. "I was talking about all those people you'll be arresting."

"Sooo Jo," Nat jumped in clearly wanting to join this conversation. "Do you have handcuffs with you?"

"Not on me now, no."

"But you usually do right?"

"Yeah," Jo smirked. "Kind of a necessity in the line of work."

"Ever use them for personal…well you know…recreations."

"Natalie!" Blair said the name both in shock and horror.

"What?" Natalie smirked. "A girl can wonder. I mean if I had handcuffs…I'd probably enjoy them."

"Me too," Tootie laughed. "In fact I have."

Three sets of eyes turned on the sweet and innocent Tootie. "You have not!" Natalie laughed.

"They're…well fun," Tootie blushed slightly.

"I'm shocked," Nat laughed. "Yet not totally surprised." She turned to Jo again. "So how about you Detective?"

Suddenly three sets of eyes were on her. One in particular set looked like they were more curious if not slightly uncomfortable than the others.

"I…no. No."

"Oh there was definite pause there," Tootie smiled. "You little devil you!"

"Ladies I think this conversation has gone on long enough," Blair interrupted them. "Many of my family friends know we're dining here and I don't think them overhearing this would go over quite so well in my social circle."

"So I guess we shouldn't even bother asking you," Nat said laughing.

Blair turned a pink shade quicker then Jo could cough on her water.

"You didn't?" Jo asked raising an eyebrow.

"I did not," Blair shook her head.

"I can't tell if she's lying," Tootie spoke up. "Jo you're the detective is she lying?"

Jo already knew the answer. She'd save that conversation with Blair for another day. "No," she shook her head. "She's telling us the truth," Jo answered, but not removing her eyes from the Blonde's.

After goodbyes were said, Blair and Jo shared a taxi back to Jo's apartment where Blair was spending the night.

"Go on," Blair sighed.


"Go on and ask me. I know you know."

"I don't have a clue what you're taking about."

Blair looked to Jo and studied her in the darkened cab. Maybe she'd assumed incorrectly that Jo knew one of her secrets. Maybe Jo hadn't covered for her in front of the girls. Maybe…

"Blair does that guy up by the corner look suspicious to you?"

Blair looked ahead. "A little. Why?"

"Maybe you should go cuff him while I call for back-up…"

Blair rolled her eyes as Jo stifled a small giggle.

"And how long have you been sitting on that one?"

"Since we hailed this taxi," Jo smiled proud of herself.

"Are we done?"

"We're done," Jo nodded. "For now…"

Jo felt Blair's fingers intertwine with her own. Okay this was a little unusual behavior for Blair. "You okay?" Jo asked.

"I'm worried about you."


"I've had nightmares Jo. Awful nightmares. I wake covered in sweat. I dream someone hurts you. And I keep calling your name but you don't hear me."

"Princess those are only dreams," Jo tried to reassure her friend. She placed an arm around the blonde. "Remember what we talked about?"

Blair nodded. "I'm always careful. I always have a great partner by my side. I never leave home without my gun or my badge. I'm careful Blair. I promise."

Blair knew it was childish, but she still couldn't shake the fear. "I just worry."

"It's nice," Jo smiled. "Having someone worry about you. Reminds you you're loved," Jo whispered. It had just been a year ago she had lost her mother to a battle with cancer.

"I do," Blair whispered. "You're one of the most important people in my life Jo."

"Ditto Princess," Jo whispered back. "Ditto."

Arriving back at Blair's house Jo was focused on one single thing.

No one would ever hurt Blair.

Not so long as she had a breath left in her.

Part 3

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