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Saving Me
By Berg


Part 3

"You've redecorated," Jo smiled checking out the medium sized house.

"Do you like it?"

"I do. Who'd you hire?"

"No one," Blair smiled assured. "I did this myself."

"Painting and all?"

"Painting and all," Blair nodded. "Come on Detective let's get you to your room." Jo followed Blair up the stairs. "We'll go shopping tomorrow as I'm sure you'll need some clothes. It's not exactly like you keep an overnight bag with you."

"Actually I do," Jo smirked. "Never know when you'll pull a two or three day'r. But you're right, I will need to pick up a few odds and ends."

Blair opened the door to her room. "You don't mind staying here…with me do you Jo?"

Jo's eyes b-lined to the larger sized bed.

"No guest room?"

"No," Blair shook her head. "It is jammed full of supplies from redecorating these last few months. It's been my home base so to speak."

"No I don't mind sharing," Jo waved her hand. "Now about your computer…"

"What about it?"

"Laptop you said?"


"Can you get it for me? You said those threats came by e-mail. I want to check a few things out before…" Blair cut Jo off with a stealth approach.

"Jo you're here now. I'm safe. It's almost 4 a.m. Let's just get some sleep for now. Tomorrow you can have whatever you want from me," Blair whispered pulling her friend in for a hug.

About a million great lines surged to the front of Jo's brain but she couldn't use any of them. If you only knew some of the things I want from you Princess, she thought.

"Sure Blair. Bed it is." Jo tossed her bag on the floor and looked at Blair. "Right or left side?"

"Left side." Jo nodded and walked to the left side, thankfully the side she was used to sleeping on anyway. Jo unzipped her jeans and slid into bed with nothing on but underwear and a t-shirt. She watched as Blair made her way around the bedroom grabbing a nightgown and disappearing into the bathroom. Moments later she came out wearing a small, very see through nightgown. Either I've died and gone to heaven or I'm in hell, Jo thought watching as the blond shut off the lights and got in beside her. Hell it is.

"I'm glad you're here Jo."

"I'm glad too Blair." Jo smiled when she heard a deep sigh of relief from the right side of the bed, followed by a rustle, and shift. Before she knew it, Blair had come to rest her arm across Jo's mid section.

"Goodnight Jo."

"Goodnight Blair."

Yup. Total Hell.

Jo just starred at the monitor before her. There were at least 20 e-mails, each one becoming more and more violent. She turned to see Blair standing there crying.

"You must think I'm weak," Blair said softly.

"I don't think you are weak Blair. I wouldn't...I couldn't ever think that."

"So I'm not overreacting."

"Blair first of all," Jo took a breath and tried not to slip into cop mode. "Your not going to the police was stupid. You should have called me…you shouldn't have waited till this most recent one. You know better than that. You know how many sick bastards there are out there who would hurt you not just because of your name but because you're beautiful too."

"Jo I don't think…"

Jo cut her off. "No you don't. And that's always been your problem Princess." Jo glanced down at her watch. Great only with Blair six hours and they were already having their first fight.

"Who do you think you are talking to me like that Jo?"

"Who do I think I am? I am the one person who has never left you, never judged you, and who knows you just about as well as you know yourself. I am your best friend Blair. I'm also a cop. I'm also the person who is always going to tell you the truth, no matter how much it hurts you, or me. This isn't a game, or a prank. This guy means business. He could know your schedule, your car could be traced, and hell he could have even broken into your home without you knowing it. These e-mails…they're detailed Blair. He knows you. He's…he's made this personal. Those are the worst kind of criminals. And he's smart. He knows almost all your moves."

"Almost all?"

"He wasn't counting on me," Jo began to pace. She pulled out her cell. "Danny… hey. It's Joey. Listen I need a favor, and it's of a personal nature. I need full confidentiality on this one. Can you do that for me? Great meet me at…" Jo went on to rattle an address. "One hour. Bring all your gear. I think you may need it."

"Who is Danny?"

"Guy I met at the academy. He dropped out. Turns out police work wasn't his forte so much as hacking and accessing mainframes. He does side work for the FBI and CIA."

"Jo I can't have…"

"I know," Jo held up her hands. "Danny is a good guy. We can trust him."

Blair considered Jo's words a moment. "Okay," she nodded.

Jo and Blair sat in the café. "Should we be doing this in public?" Blair asked looking around. It was a little busy, but they were seated in the back, and not many people could see them.

"Public is better than some back ally I say," Jo sipped her coffee. "God this is good."

"Isn't it," Blair nodded. "Alicia brews her own beans. She even does orders. Want me to get us some for the house?"

"She takes coffee bean orders?" Jo asked shocked. "Heck yes. Get me a pound of whatever this is," Jo held her cup up. Blair waved Alicia who was admiring them from behind the counter.

"Hi Blair," Alicia smiled.

"Hi Alicia," Blair smiled and tucked her hair behind her ear. "Can we get one pound of whatever it was my friend is drinking to go. She loves it."

Alicia looked past Blair and locked eyes on the sexy brunette sitting at the table. "She does huh?" Alicia smiled. She waited to Jo looked at her and waved. Jo waved back, always the polite one. "No problem Blair. One pound coming up."

"Thanks," Blair said looking back to Jo and then back to Alicia again.

"So your friend…what's her name?"

"Jo," Blair smiled. "She used to go to school here."

"She single?" Alicia asked getting straight to the point.

"Divorced. Wait, why do you want to know if she is single?" Blair's eyebrow shot up.

"I love you Blair, but sometimes you're so naïve. Why do you think I want to know if she's single?" Alicia smiled.

"Jo's not gay Alicia."

"Well you know what they say," Alicia winked at Blair. "There's always the first time." Blair watched as Alicia made her way to the table where Jo was sitting alone.

"Hi I'm Alicia."

"Jo," Jo smiled and shook the blond's hand. As looks go, Alicia had them and in all the right places. Jo had noticed her the moment they walked in. But the moment lasted for just that…a moment. Jo was focused on protecting Blair and getting to the bottom of these e-mails.

"So you're friends with Blair," Alicia gestured to the approaching blond, who seemed to be eyeing the two women very cautiously.

"I am," Jo smiled keeping her eyes open for Danny. She glanced at her watch. He should be here by now.

Take a hint Alicia, Jo isn't into you. Besides…even if she liked women…you are so not her type, Blair thought as she tossed back her hair.

"Well I wasn't sure how long you'd be in town for…but I was wondering would you be interested in maybe going to dinner or something."

Jo's attention was now fully on the owner of the café. "Dinner? Are you asking me out?"

"And if I was…would you say yes?"

Jo saw Danny approaching and knew she needed to get rid of the very attractive woman who was clearly interested in her. It's been how long since you got laid? Jo wondered. She quickly remembered her current situation. "Alicia look I'm kind of in the middle of something with Blair right now. But…maybe later? Rain check?"

"Done," Alicia winked as she walked past a slightly shocked Blair.

"Jo you do realize her…" Jo cut Blair off as she stood from her table. "Danny," she smiled and greeted her old friend.

"Hey Joey," Danny smiled. Danny was a shorter man. Balding slightly, but well built. He was clean shaved, and dressed nicely.

"Thanks for meeting me."

"What's the 411?"

"I need you to take a look at these and tell me if you can track these and get any fix on who is sending them or where they're being sent from."

"Is this a police thing?" Danny looked from Blair to Jo.

"No," Jo shook her head. "Under the table Danny. I can give you $1,000 now and a $1,000 later if it pays off."

"Joey," Danny shook his head and opened his bag taking out a few small gadgets. "I could never take money from you. You're one of the few friends I've got. Besides, I may always need that 'get out of jail free card,' and you're just the girl to call. Let me take a look here…" he grabbed the computer and began working.

"Well we've got some answers," Danny pulled out the device he'd attached to Blair's computer connecting it to a much smaller one of his own.

"What did you find?"

"They're all coming from the same IP address," Danny scratched his head. "But there are a few things that don't add up."

"What?" Jo asked.

"Upper state NY. The Penn. These IP address are coming from a user name listed under an inmate named…" Danny paused and looked at Jo.

"Who Danny?"

"Jason Bazker," Danny sighed.

"Bazker?" Jo seemed to do a mental double take. Again she repeated the name. "Bazker?"

"Why do I know that name?" Blair wondered. She knew it was familiar to her, but unsure how. "Did we go to school with him Jo?"

"Jason Bazker was collared for drug trafficking…by me," Jo looked at Blair. It was sinking in a little faster as Jo swallowed down her own fears. "This bastard's taunting you because of me."

"I don't understand…how does he even know we're friends?" Blair asked confused.

"When Bazker wants to know something he makes it his business."

"But why me? You have so many friends?" Blair shook her head. "Why would he want to come after me?"

Jo already knew the answer…she just didn't know how Bazker could have figured it out.

"Jo?" Danny looked up from his computer screen. Jo looked from Blair to Danny. "They released him yesterday," Danny flipped the monitor around for Jo and Blair both to see. "Some technicality."

Jo flipped open her cell phone calling her partner. "Jack…tell me it isn't true."

"I just found out myself…DA's pissing himself silly here," Jack replied tossing a folder. "And that's not the best part."

"What else?"

"Captain thought it'd be wise to keep an eye on him, unofficially of course. He managed to ditch his tail. No one has any idea where he is. We've made the usual rounds, spoken to his previous contacts that turned on him. Got nothing. It's like he's vanished."

"Fuck," Whispered Jo standing from the table.

"Jo listen…wherever you are. Stay there for a while. You know this guy's got a hard-on when it comes to you and what you did to him."

"Yeah, okay. Thanks Jack. Hey do me a favor the minute you hear anything at all call my cell."

"Can do," Jack replied. Jo hung up.

"Jo what is it?" Blair reached out taking Jo's hand. Jo looked at the blond who held her heart, and in that moment she knew she wouldn't let anything happen to her.

"It's my fault," Jo said rejected. "He's after you because of me."

To Be Continued

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