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AUTHOR'S NOTE: LOTA is a philosophy of science, a unifying logical synthesis of current thoughts and ideas aimed at understanding the deeper meaning of reality. It provides an open logical framework through which the relationships of evolution, creation, mind, matter, energy, and consciousness become visible. It is a holistic view on the nature of personal reality and it points to vast potentials of the human mind. I hope the story isn't too confusing as I jumped from the present to the past frequently, not tenses, time.
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Full Circle
By Ann


I glanced at my watch, hoping this boring class would finally end. Two more weeks of Mr. John Barett and I'd be finished with my sciences. Although, I understood the need for science, I didn't care for it. I'd just have to trust others to take care of the science world for the rest of us.

Mr. Barett moved to the board and began to write down his thoughts. I quickly grabbed my pen and copied, word for word, whatever he was writing down. You could be sure that it was going to be on the next test; it always was. I frowned as I read back the first few lines. LOTA? What the hell was that?

For the first time since I walked into the classroom, I found myself sitting up and paying attention. Mr. Barett began to speak of relationships and how this LOTA related. Hmm, this philosophy of science sounded kind of interesting. Soon, I began to parallel the theory to my own personal relationship with a certain blonde.


Looking back through the years, I'd have to say that Blair and I had come a long way. The first time we set eyes on each other, a line of stubbornness manifested itself across the room, its invisible barrier keeping us from physically crossing its path; however, the verbal barbs flowed freely across, never once being deflected.

It was as if the gauntlet had been laid down and, from that moment on, a fierce competition began between us. We disagreed about everything, and I thought Mrs. G had been out of her mind when she roomed the two of us together. There wasn't a pair who existed in my mind who was more different than we were. Frankly, I'm surprised we lasted a week. We even argued about the beds and who was going to sleep where.

"I can't sleep by the window. The light will come through and disturb my beauty sleep." Blair had plopped down on the bed next to the wall, leaving me the one by the window.

"Beauty sleep? By the looks of things, you haven't had a good night sleep in years."

Blair placed her hands on her hips and glared at me. I laughed; I'd faced girls and even boys who were a hell of a lot tougher looking than this beauty queen.

I hadn't realized at the time that I'd made a reference to her beauty. I was concentrating so hard on being certain that I had the last word, that I'd thrown the last zinger her way, I didn't even realize I was already smitten with her.

It became an everyday occurrence for us to spar and banter back and forth, but I think the others were more upset about things than we were. To us, it was a part of our life; however, it soon became clear to everyone that it was okay for Blair and me to insult each other and make outrageous statements, but heaven help the person who attacked the other. We came to each other's defense like a mother lion protecting her cub.

Yes, I'd say our relationship had definitely evolved into something special.


Oh, this concept was a tough one; although, through the evolution process, I guessed one could say that we'd created a special relationship. It was pretty rare as I'd never felt the same about anyone else as I did Blair. Yes, she was a royal pain in the ass, but she was my pain in the ass; no one else's.

It was weird when I thought back on this particular part of the process. It was as if Blair and I had slowly crafted the boundaries of our relationship, none of which was actually spoken aloud; it was just that we intuitively knew what they were. There were certain lines that weren't to be crossed; however, the line kind of moved on a few occasions.

For instance, whenever Blair tried to give me money for something I wanted but didn't have the funds to pay for it. I was proud; I wanted to earn my own way, earn my own things. I remembered one time I needed a part for my bike, but I was tapped out at the time.

"Jo, just take the money. I don't need it." Blair held out a wad of cash, tempting me with the fresh green bills stretched under my nose.

"I don't want your money, Blair. I'll figure out a way to get the part on my own."

Blair stepped closer, crossing our imaginary boundary. "Don't be silly, Jo. You need the part, and I've got the money. Just swallow your pride and take it!"

She should've never used the 'P' word, and she definitely shouldn't have crossed the lines, imaginary and monetary. "If you don't take that money out of my face, I'm going to . . ."

"What, Jo? What are you doing to do?"

I grabbed for the money just as she pulled her hand behind her back. We wrestled for a few minutes, but then we somehow overbalanced and fell backwards. Thank goodness Blair's bed was only a few feet away. She fell on the mattress, and I fell on her. We were both breathing heavily, but we'd stopped struggling. We just stared into each other's eyes, and I found myself leaning towards her. Just then, Tootie walked into the room, and I jumped off Blair as if she had the bubonic plague or something.

Shaking my head, I jotted down a few more notes. I almost kissed Blair that day and, sometimes, I wonder what would've happened if I had. Glancing at the board, I almost laughed aloud at the next process.


Oh, man, this one had so many possibilities, but I wasn't sure which definition to focus on. Mind as in what? Human or conscious being? Awareness? Purpose? Obey? There were so many directions to take; however, Blair's voice invaded my subconscious forcing me to choose.

"Jo, do you mind carrying my suitcases to my room, I need to get my packages from the car."

"What packages?"

"Why the purchases I made on my way back. I couldn't pass all those stores without buying something."

"Blair, you just bought a bunch of stuff before Christmas, and I'm sure you got enough presents to fill our room, so why did you buy more stuff?"

Blair sighed. "Just get the suitcases, Jo. You'd never understand."

And I didn't, and I never will. Blair will still stop at a store just for the sake of stopping.

Just as I thought of another example of 'minding,' Mr. Barett continued his lecture with another process.


These were getting tougher, but I guessed it wouldn't be considered a philosophy if it were easy. Again, the possibilities of this concept seemed boundless, but this time it was my own voice that led my thoughts.

"Blair, it doesn't matter to me one way or another. I'd just offered because I didn't think anyone else had."

"I know Jo, but I don't know what to do. You know how I feel about giving my word, and well, I told you I'd let you take me to the silent auction, but I can't very well turn down James Wilkerson III. My mother would disown me."

I walked over to the window to look up at the sky, my action purely deceptive in nature. For some reason, tears sprang to me eyes at the thought of Blair dumping me for Mr. High Society, so I'd used the guise of checking the weather to regain my control.

"You know. It looks like it's going to storm, and I really don't feel like getting drenched anyway. So, you go on and have a good time."

I waited until Blair had left the room before I sat down on my bed and wiped the tear that had slid down my cheek. I should've realized then and there how deeply I felt for Blair.

As I wrote Mr. Barett's example on my paper, I was surprised at the teardrop that fell onto the page. I quickly shifted in my seat and glanced around, checking to be sure no one had seen that I'd been crying. Well, a tear anyway.

I focused back on the chalkboard for the next piece of the philosophy.


Now, that's a good one. Just during our years at Eastland alone, Blair and I generated enough energy to light the entire East Coast. The sparks that flew from our verbal sparring alone could provide all the electricity New York State needed. We could get into the most interesting situations.

"Just grab hold of my hand, and I'll pull you up." I sat on the lowest limb of the tree which majestically rose past our bedroom window.

"Jo, I can't. I'm afraid of heights."

A car light lit up the street, and I hugged the tree limb I was straddling while Blair scurried around the trunk. A few minutes later, we were back to being shrouded in partial darkness.

"Well, I'm climbing up this tree and into our window. You can explain to Mrs. G why you're two hours past curfew because I'm going to be safely tucked into my own bed."

"Jo, I'll be grounded, and the co-ed social is this weekend. I can't miss that!" Blair sure sounded bound and determined not to get grounded, but evidently not enough to climb the blasted tree.

"Blair, you've got to make a choice. Are you going to take my hand or are you going to spend the night outside, hoping that Mrs. G doesn't make her usual rounds during the night?"

A hand shot straight upward, and I grabbed hold before she could change her mind.

Thinking back on the incident, I realized what good shape I'd been in. Today, I'd never be able to climb that tree with Blair clinging to my back. Maybe I needed to start running again.

Mr. Barett added the last part of the philosophy, and it was a doozy; at least as far as the progression of our relationship went.


Awareness of something for what it is. Very good definition, Mr. Barett. It certainly was an eye opener for me.

Tootie and Natalie had gone with Mrs. G to visit her sister, and she'd left Blair and me behind to take inventory of Edna's Edibles and to watch the house and each other. She really should've rethought that last bit.

We'd decided to get the inventory finished early so that we'd have the rest of the weekend for ourselves, separately mind you. Anyway, it took hours to finally count the last item on the shelf and, as usual, our patience with each other had run out.

"Just count the damn cans, Blair. How difficult can it be?"

"Oh shut up, Jo. Why don't you get off your butt and do it yourself? I'm tired."

"Tired? I counted the first group of shelves all by myself while you put on your face. By the way, who are you trying to impress anyway? The shop's closed."

"I'm not trying to impress anyone. I just thought I'd look presentable in case someone was to suddenly come by."

I schooled my expression. Damn it, I knew it was too good to be true. Blair hadn't had a date in months, and we'd been spending more and more time together. I should've known another Mr. Wonderful had popped up.

"So, who is he?" I tried to keep my tone light as I pretended to add up the totals.

"He who?"

"Your new boy toy. Where'd you meet him?"

"Jo, I haven't met anyone. What are you talking about?"

I hadn't noticed that Blair had walked towards me until she was practically standing in my pocket. When I turned to question her truthfulness, she was right there, and I do mean right there. Her lips were so close that if I leaned forward a centimeter, I'd finally touch what I'd been dreaming of for years.

"Um, you, er, met someone didn't you?"

Blair stepped closer, now remember how close I said we were. Well, that could only mean one thing – our lips met in a sweet, soft kiss. My consciousness was almost lost in that moment as I had to grab hold of Blair to keep from literally passing out. I couldn't believe that she'd kissed me.

I glanced back at the chalkboard with a goofy look on my face, and this time, I didn't have to worry about anyone else seeing my expression because there wasn't anyone else there. In the midst of my daydream, class had ended and everyone had left, including Mr. Barett.

As I gathered my things, I noticed the circle drawn around the different aspects, and I squinted to make out Mr. Barett's final note on the LOTA philosophy. He'd placed a large equal sign between his earlier words and his latest ones. The new words simply said 'the relationships become visible.'

My relationship with Blair had slowly evolved through the years, creating feelings I'd never had before, and even mind over matter couldn't keep our energy and consciousness from bringing it all full circle until our love for one another finally became visible to both of us.

I started for the door, nodding my head in total understanding of the presented philosophy. There was no doubt in my mind that it actually existed; Blair and I were living proof.

The End

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