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An Agreement
By Olli


Dr. Temperance Brennan lay in her bed staring at the ceiling. Her hair floated over the white pillow and her nude form was covered by a sheet. She had clasped her hands above the sheet on top of her belly.

She couldn't believe what she had just done. She was a scientist. She believed in facts. She was in control of her life and her surrounding area and yet Temperance didn't know how this could have happened. She couldn't explain how or why she had... had...

What the hell was she thinking?!

Well, to be honest, she hadn't thought, she had just... acted. And she couldn't figure out why! She had talked things out with Dr. Saroyan at the diner to clear the air between them. They had agreed to a compromise at work and then they had shared some French fries... and now Dr. Saroyan lay in her bed. She had initiated all of it and at every second she had waited for Cam's objection. But there had been none...

She sighed.

"Do you want me to leave?" The soft voice of the head of the Forensic Division interrupted Brennan's musing.

Do I want her to leave?, Temperance thought without responding to the question. This was completely outside her experience. She had let men stay the night but this was a woman... a woman she just had had sex with. But those twenty minutes they had sat together in the diner, she had enjoyed it. Outside the lab she had been so much more at ease with her boss.

"Well, I'll call a taxi then…" Camille said, moving off the bed.

Temperance blinked, feeling the mattress move beneath her, and knew in a few minutes she would be alone - again. Most of the time she didn't care about being alone. She was comfortable with it. It made life easy. No mistakes could be made that way and no one could be hurt. But sometimes there was this need. The need for someone, not a friend or a colleague, just someone to be with. But this time this 'someone' was a colleague... suddenly she realized she was alone in her bed.

"I don't know." she blurted out before the other woman could leave the bedroom.


"I don't know if I want you to leave." Temperance whispered, still looking up at the ceiling. Cam hesitated.

"Well, then I'll stay." she said and slipped back under the covers. Brennan had offered to drive her home and Cam had agreed. It was the first time she had seen Brennan outside the Jeffersonian or a crime scene and it seemed that some of her determination, even grimness, to solve a case had fallen from her. There was an easyness in their interaction... Brennan stealing her fries, example A. She would expect that kind of sly little brother behaviour from Seeley but Brennan just matter-of-factly took her food as if it was her own. As they left the diner, Cam couldn't help thinking she rather liked this snack stealing, conflict resolving Brennan. She had said nothing when it was clear that she was being driven to Brennan's apartment and not her own. She had said nothing as Brennan had offered her a glass of wine. And she had said nothing as she had taken the forensic anthropologist's outstretched hand and allowed herself to be led to the bedroom.

Cam mimicked Brennan's position, lying on her back to face the ceiling.

Temperance felt her stomach tingle. A woman spending the night with her. It felt odd and yet exciting. "Right," she said. "It's too late to find a taxi."

Cam remained silent. She could have called a taxi to pick her up at the door.

"I've never done something like this before." Temperance continued, after a few more moments of silence. Cam turned her head, facing the other woman who continued to regard the ceiling with forced interest.

"What? Fucking your boss' brains out? Fucking a woman? Or fucking an African American?"

Brennan faced Cam, eyes wide open and completely baffled by the other woman's bluntness. "Huh?"


"Uhm..." Tempe looked back at the ceiling. "All of it."


There were another few moments of silence.

Finally, Temperance propped her head on her hand, turning towards Cam. Her elbow sunk into the pillow and the sheet slipped down exposing her cleavage partially.

"Are you serious?"

Cam too propped her head on her hand, facing Brennan. "About what?"

Brennan swallowed, looking at the woman in her bed who didn't care about covering herself.

"Uh, about..." She tore her eyes from Cam's chest, looking into her eyes. "...about me fucking your brains out."

The director of Forensics couldn't resist and quipped. "So, you're accepting I'm the boss?'

Brennan rolled her eyes.

"Okay." Cam smiled. "Yes, you did." She allowed her eyes to move to her companion's cleavage, satisfied that Brennan did so first. Temperance blushed but didn't try to cover herself.

"Have you ever been with… another woman?"

Nodding her head slightly, Cam confirmed. "At college. You know..." She let trailed off.

"Actually... no, I don't."

"No?" Cam asked, surprised, quirking both eyebrows.


"You never got drunk at a party and ended up in bed with your roommate? Woke up the next morning not remembering a thing?"

"No. I never got drunk at college and I was only forced to attend a couple of parties that I can recall."


"But there was…"

Cam wiggled her eyebrows and Brennan again rolled her eyes. But she continued, "My thesis advisor."

"Wow. And what happened?"

"It ended badly."

Cam waited for more but Brennan remained silent. She decided to drop it – for now.

"And what about you and your girlfriend...?" Brennan asked.

Cam smiled while remembering her time with Sandy. "We agreed the next time we would do it without being drunk."

Temperance couldn't resist, the tingle in her belly was back. "And...?"

"You mean why didn't I stay with her and become a domesticated lesbian?"

Brennan nodded.

"We liked each other and we liked the sex but there was no love. Six months later she met someone else. We parted as friends... And we still are friends."

"So… you and Booth?"

Again, Cam smiled and nodded. "Jealous?"

"Jea-- Me?? No, certainly not. We're just friends."

"You never thought about..."

"NO! Well... Yes, I did. But that's over. I think now I'm beyond that point. Now it's more like he's being my..." Temperance blushed.

"Come on, babe. Tell me." Cam wiggled her eyebrows leaning forward conspiratorially, propping her head on both her hands, fingers intertwined. She stretched out, cat-like, on the mattress and the sheet slipped to display her legs and back.

Brennan gaped at the picture in front of her. The contrast between Cam's cocoa skin and the white sheets was one of the most erotic things she had ever seen.

"Hey! Earth to Brennan! Are you there?" Cam snapped her fingers in front of Tempe's face. "What?"

"Are you... are you trying to seduce me?" Brennan blurted out.

Now it was Cam's turn to be baffled. After all this was Brennan's bed and she was the one who initiated this enjoyable but still surprising encounter. "Huh?"

"Well," Brennan waved her hand towards Cam's body. "You look like... like a Playmate."

"If I have to play dirty to get what I want, I do it.'' Cam grinned and fluttered her lashes seductively while her crossed legs, bent at the knee, swayed back and forth. "So, you have a thing for Playboy Bunnies?"

Brennan swallowed. It was undeniable: she was aroused. "I… I like aesthetically pleasing images."

"Well, thank you." Cam said, smiling. "So tell me what Booth means to you."

Brennan blushed. She had never told anyone. But she'd never had a beautiful naked woman in her bed asking questions before. "I... He... I think of him as my little brother, okay?"

Cam stared at Brennan for a moment. Suddenly she burst out laughing, rolling on her back and covering her face with her hands.

Temperance watched as the other woman laughed and couldn't resist smiling. Her eyes wandered over Cam's body and stopped at her now fully exposed breasts. They were firm yet soft, she knew, dark nipples proudly erect. Just an hour ago, she had caressed these breasts, making Cam squirm, but she had never thought of taking these nipples in her mouth, suckling gently on them. And now she couldn't think about anything else. The need became overwhelming and slowly Brennan moved closer to Cam, who was finally calming down. She bent over the dark skinned woman and looked her in the eyes. Cam had stopped laughing but was still breathing heavily while looking back up at her partner. Cam pressed her hand softly against Tempe's hip. The anthropologist needed no more prompting and leant forward until she closed her lips around a flushed nipple, causing Cam to moan.

Some time later, Brennan lay on her side facing the window of her bedroom. She examined the skyline of the city, the stars gleaming above. Cam had spooned her from behind, legs intertwined. Brennan felt the other woman's warm breath in her neck, and Cam's hand lay on her stomach, fingers rubbing idly from time to time. The sheet had been thrown aside during their lovemaking.

"What now?" Cam asked, breaking the silence.

"What do you mean?"

"You, me, the Jeffersonian," Cam clarified.

Brennan continued gazing out the window but concentrated on the warm body behind her. It felt good. "You said you like sex with a woman."


"Me too." Brennan admitted.

Cam remained silent but Brennan could feel her smiling into her shoulder.

"This is just sex. Nothing more. Only to diffuse the tension between us, instead of me ripping your head off." That seemed to be a logical decision. No emotions, just a regulation of hormones.

"You ripping my head off?" Cam snorted but her smile betrayed some amusement.

"Because you gave me only three free-passes per week instead the five per case I suggested. If I've used them all up..." Brennan reminded her lover of their agreement at the diner.

"I thought I gave them to you so I don't have to fire you when we disagree."

"No. You gave them to me because you didn't want me kicking your ass in front of the team."

"Babe, you're a martial arts expert. I know. But I'm not only a scientist, I'm an administrator and from that, I know my politics. So don't think I won't use every dirty trick I know on you. Don't be too certain you could kick my ass."

"I can imagine some other things I would prefer to do with you, rather than kicking." Brennan whispered.

"Are you serious about that? Having sex on a regular basis?"

"Regular?" Brennan couldn't resist. Thinking about it brought back that tingle in her belly.

"Sure," Cam replied, surprised that her bedmate hadn't thought about it. "I'm guessing you'll have used up all your free-passes by noon every Monday. So by Wednesday, at least, we'll need to do something to get rid of that… tension."

"But it is only sex. So our work doesn't suffer." Brennan wondered how she could so easily agree to that.

"Fine. So you don't have to worry about a present for our first anniversary," Cam joked.

Brennan smiled at that but, at the same time, the suggestion that they would still do 'this' in a year sent a shiver through her body. "And you don't have to worry about me bringing candy or flowers to your office."

"But I wouldn't mind about a nice meal from time to time. As long as we have separate checks." Cam had registered Brennan's physical reaction but decided to ignore it. It was an interesting thought, the idea of them still sleeping together this time next year.

"Right. No dates."

"We have to keep this private."

"Yes. We cannot allow our work been compromised because some defense attorney finds out and uses this against us in court."

After that, they slipped back into an easy silence, enjoying the closeness of their bodies.

But finally Cam decided to lift the mood a little. She started circling Brennan's navel with the tips of her fingers. "Does that mean I can never ravish you on my desk?"

"No! Certainly not."

"I have a desk in my apartment... Think about it. What it would mean to me having you bent over my desk. Your skirt pushed up and your panties down to your ankles. Me standing behind you my hands on your hips, while moving slowly in and out of you."

There was no way Brennan could fight the picture in her head. Almost instantly she felt the wetness between her legs. But there was something bothering her. "How would you be moving inside me when your hands are on my hips?"

"Babe, are you really so naïve? Think about it. I'll use a..."

Suddenly the pieces fell into place. "Oh! Oh, God!"

Cam grinned and let her hand wander down south. "Want to give it a try?"

"Yesss..." Brennan had closed her eyes, enjoying Cam's fingers roaming through the neatly trimmed patch of brown curls right above her center.

"Do you think my dirty tricks are working?" Cam whispered in Tempe's ear.

Suddenly Brennan cupped her lover's hand stopping the movement. "If I let you boss me around in bed, will you stop bossing me around in the lab?"

"Uh-oh. You're not as easy to crack as I thought."

"Cam, if you want me you have to take me how I am." Brennan let go of her lover's hand, which immediately started caressing her again. Finally, she rolled on her back allowing Cam better access to her moist center.

"Cam?" she whispered.


"Call me Bones."

The End

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