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Angels In Chains Again
By Tashe Dangerous Eyes


Chapter 1

Sabrina's orange Pinto came to a full stop in a parking space next to Kris' beach house and she turned the engine off. It was a little after nine thirty pm and Sabrina, Kelly and Kris were coming back from a girls' night out after a particularly trying case. Not because it had been dangerous and overwhelming, but because it took too long and was one of the most boring cases they had ever investigated. Taking upon herself the task of helping her friends relax and free their minds of the whole ordeal Sabrina called them up and practically ordered them to get ready because she was taking them out to dinner. Her plan was more than welcomed however, and so they had a great time. So much they almost stayed out too late, forgetting perhaps on purpose they had to get back to work the very next day.

Both the driver and passenger's doors were opened at the same time letting Sabrina and Kris out respectively. "Bree?" Kris asked a bit puzzled.

"I'm walking you to your door." Sabrina said matter-of-factly.

"Typical Bree, always taking care of us." Kelly's voice was sweet and a smile was spreading across her lips. She was getting out of the car too. Kris had taken the front seat at the restaurant, a seat Kelly considered to be hers. Where she always seemed to be, where she always wanted to be, next to Sabrina. So, now that Kris was home she was more than ready to reclaim her place.

"Yeah well, I would hate to lose any of you and have to go through the pain of breaking a new partner again." Sabrina said with a hint of a smile.

"Hey, have I really been that bad?" Kris asked feeling a little indignant.

"Nah." Responded Sabrina. "Only when we are working." This time she was grinning from ear to ear. At Kris' expression of incredulity both Kelly and Sabrina burst into laughter.

"Ah you guys, you're terrible." Kris said looking at them both, realizing they had been putting her on. She walked over to Sabrina and hooked her arm with hers. "Let's call it a night before you overwhelm me with your kindheartedness. Good night, Kelly."

"Good night, Kris." Kelly answered while watching Kris walking towards her house and dragging Sabrina with her.

When it came to invading Sabrina's personal space Kris' boldness was something Kelly was finding difficult to get use to, particularly now that she was doing it more often. So, it did not surprise her when she found herself frowning intently at the gesture. However, she knew it was not the blonde Angel's fault. It was nobody's fault how she felt lately. She recognized the feeling, it visited her often enough, she just didn't have a name for it. The only thing she knew was that Sabrina was the reason. Her mind couldn't seemed to stop conjuring Sabrina's image every waking second, or in every placid dream, and her voice made her heart skip a beat every now and then, carrying the words much deeper within her. At times she even wished for the looks and touches between them to mean more. No, she wouldn't name that feeling and she wouldn't admit anything. There was nothing to admit; it was some sort of phase and like all phases it was going to pass soon enough. Kelly sighed, letting her gaze fall on the dark horizon of the sea in front of her. If there was something she was really good at it was telling herself what she wanted to hear, even over the shouts of her own heart.

"Thanks a lot for this night, Bree. We really needed it." Kris opened the door to her house and turned on the living room lights. Sabrina followed her inside and looked around. Kris wondered if she was actually going to search the house to make sure there was nothing amiss.

"No problem. It was my pleasure. Besides, we should always take advantage of these little opportunities since in our line of work it is not healthy to let stress accumulate." The phone rang interrupting them. Kris went to pick it up and as she walked towards it she continued the conversation.

"Yeah, you are absolutely right about that. Hello?" Sabrina looked at Kris, not wanting to pry but still wondering who would be calling her so late. "Hey, Bosley." Kris said cheerfully, answering that question. She continued after a short pause. "I just came in the door Bosley and we were all together. In fact, Sabrina's still here. Do you want me to give her a message?" Another short pause. Sabrina saw Kris rolled her eyes. "Ah come on Bosley, we are always on time." Kris turned around to look at Sabrina again who was looking at her expectantly. "Fine, almost always. OK, I'll tell her. Bye Bosley."

"What was that about?" Sabrina asked pointing to the phone.

"Can you believe Bosley is calling us to make sure we get to the office on time tomorrow?" With her hands on her hips Kris walked over to Sabrina again.

"What? What are we, teenagers?"

"There's a guy who takes his job very seriously." Kris commented smiling.

"Um hum. I better get going. I still have to take Kelly home. Good night, Kris." Sabrina made her way to the door and Kris followed her.

"See you tomorrow." As soon as Sabrina took a few steps Kris closed the door behind her.

How long does it take to walk somebody to a door? Kelly thought irritated. Come on Kris, didn't you talk to her enough during dinner? Kelly remembered how she could hardly participate in the evening's conversations since Kris wouldn't stop talking about every possible topic and asking questions, mostly directed at Sabrina. At times she felt completely left out. Sabrina must've noticed her irritation because she changed the conversation to discuss old cases, back when Jill was with them. Finding nothing she could add since she was not there at the time Kris finally had to take a back seat to their reminiscing. Ah Bree, you know me so well, and I you. And Kris is probably just trying to get to know you better, well us to be fair. Of course, she didn't shower me with questions. God, I'm a terrible person. I'm taking it out on her because I don't know how to deal with this… "Jesus!" Kelly exclaimed suddenly when the driver's door was opened to allow Sabrina in.

"Sorry, Kel, I didn't mean to scare you." Sabrina said a little surprised.

"It's alright. I was just lost in thought." Discretely, Kelly tried to calm her breathing.

"Well, should I offer a penny for your thoughts?" Sabrina said smirking at Kelly. Kelly felt herself blushing slightly and hoped the darkness wouldn't let Sabrina notice it. It was a question she couldn't respond. How was she supposed to tell her she was thinking about her, that lately she was constantly thinking about her and that with her thoughts came a rush of feelings that she was unwilling to accept.

"Nothing important. Really!" Kelly added when she saw the concern in Sabrina's eyes. Trying to divert the situation she asked a question of her own. "What took you so long?" Fearing the question might have sounded harsh she rushed to complement it with a joke, hoping once again to fool her friend. "Did you make sure there were no monsters under the little one's bed?" She threw Sabrina a sweet smile to complete the charade.

"No, I didn't go monster seeking, but Bosley called." Sabrina settled in her seat and closed the door.

"What did he say?" Kelly said intrigued by the late call.

"He wanted to make sure that we get in on time tomorrow." Sabrina responded in a mocking voice and gesturing like a high school teacher.

"What? What are we, teenagers?" At Kelly's reaction Sabrina looked at her wide eyed.

"Wow, that's exactly what I said." This brought a big smile to Kelly's lips.

"Well, you know what they say about great minds…" Flirt poured out of her. It just came naturally when she was with the other woman.

"Yeah, we seem to be in tune you and me." They locked eyes for a few seconds, each taking in the depth of the other's gaze. Like what was said had some greater meaning not to be ignored. The moment came from nowhere and Sabrina, hating to be blindsided broke the contact first, turning the engine on and shifting into gear. "If we are going to follow these special orders I better get you home." Sabrina said in a jest and for an instant Kelly was unsure if the moment had been real at all.

Now in front of Kelly's house she had to wonder if Sabrina realized they were there. The tall Angel appeared to be far away and had apparently cruised all the way to her house by instinct. On the way they only had a short conversation about the unimportant details of their night out. It was a safe conversation that kept them dancing around a phantom topic neither was sure how to broach, one that seemed to hang between them now and then. Its presence, sometimes a gentle breeze, it was flirtatious; a mirror of their own attitude toward each other. Other times it was like the infamous elephant in the room, heavy and uncomfortable, like now. Kelly was desperate to disrupt the mood but she didn't know how to do it exactly. Had to get lost in her eyes like a fool, didn't you? Kelly reproached herself and opened the door, but still no reaction from Sabrina. "What, no walking me to my door?" Her voice purred with sarcasm and slightly tainted with disdain. That did the trick as Sabrina immediately looked at her finally paying attention to her surroundings.

"Of course." She said opening her door. Half way out of the car Kelly stopped her taking her elbow.

"Leave it, Bree. I was just kidding." Sabrina turned back to her.

"Oh no, I wouldn't want you to be jealous." Finally getting out of the car she went around it to meet Kelly who had also climbed out of it, completely unaware of how much truth there was in her words. Together they made their way to Kelly's front door.

"What were you thinking about?" Kelly gestured to the car to let the other woman know she was referring to her quiet moments.

"About Bosley's call. Charlie must have a new case for us and I have the feeling it will be a big one." Sabrina's expression was neutral and Kelly could tell the wheels in her head were turning. It still amazed her after all this time how Sabrina's mind could analyze every minute detail until it talked to her with absolute clarity. Except, it was just a call, and she wasn't convinced that that was all there was on her mind, but there was no way she was going to ask for details no matter how much she wanted to know. She just would have to let it go.

"I say, as long as it's not like the last one I welcome the change." Sabrina looked at Kelly, a wicked smile tugging at the corners of her mouth, already knowing the answer to the question she was going to ask.

"Didn't you enjoy your stakeouts with Kris?"

"Let's just say I would much prefer to do them with you." So much more... "But, I guess I'll have to wait for the world to get back to normal; back when our suspects were into seemingly oblivious blondes and not brilliant brunettes." In their latest case their suspect became obsessed with Sabrina who was working undercover as a junior executive. At the end, his obsession became his undoing. Poor bastard didn't know what hit him. Kelly smiled inwardly, remembering with fondness.

"You think I'm brilliant?" Sabrina asked, smiling broadly this time.

"It's your greatest asset." She was starting to flirt again and she knew it, but after such a smile she just couldn't help herself. The tension that had been there before was completely gone, like it had never existed.

"Sometimes I think it is my only asset." Sabrina was never one to voice how she felt about it, about how she sometimes felt that she couldn't compete with the beauty of her partners. Most of the time she was more than happy with their roles, after all she felt she was more conservative than the others. However, as a woman she also felt the need to be admired and desired, but in the list of the men they came across she was always last, if she was included at all. Her only consolation was that it didn't matter because neither of them would touch those men with a long stick, and that she could outthink them all, including Kelly and Kris. Why was she opening up to Kelly about it then, she didn't know.

"You are kidding, right?" Kelly's face was a mask of incredulity. "Sabrina Duncan, you must know you are a very dangerous woman." At this Sabrina raised her eyebrows as Kelly continued her description. "You are a beautiful woman, smart, brave, a mean shooter and very beautiful." She was looking intently into Sabrina's eyes for the second time that night.

"You already said beautiful." Sabrina was enjoying Kelly's probable slipped of the tongue.

"Well, you know, that's my point. Your brains came in a great casing, hence the dangerous part." Sabrina seemed to accept her compliment and she was grateful to have her wits about her. At that moment a rogue wind made Kelly's hair frame her face and some strands stayed attached to her forehead. Suddenly the scene in front of her took a slow motion quality as she saw Sabrina's hand approach her face and tenderly combed the black locks back into place. She had to resist the urge to close her eyes to enjoy the moment.

"Thanks, Kel." Sabrina let her hand lingered a little longer than it was necessary before she finally retrieved it. Kelly was gazing at her again and she herself couldn't look away. She didn't know what they meant, all the little gestures and stares coming her way from Kelly. The only thing she knew was to not let herself be tricked into thinking they meant what she longed for. Long ago she had carefully taught herself how to ignore her foolish heart, and had learned how to live looking without touching, wanting without taking, and feeling without loving beyond what she was sure was the only way she would ever be allow to love her.

Kelly stepped tentatively closer and Sabrina's heart started beating with a furious pace inside of her chest. Now well into Sabrina's personal space Kelly made herself stop, tearing her eyes away from Sabrina's lips to look into her brown eyes again and for a second she thought they were asking her to continue. "Bree…" Her voice was like a whisper, all that was necessary for the intimate proximity of their bodies. What she wanted to say next didn't come, perhaps she didn't even know what it was, but when Sabrina spoke she knew she had ran out of time to say, to ask, to do.

"Kelly, it's really late. I better get going and let you rest." Distance was the immediate reward of her hesitation and she felt defeated, defeated in what it appeared to be a battle of one. Sometimes you are your own enemy, Garret.

"Right. Good night then." Resignation was present in Kelly's voice. Her usual flirting and sensual tones were consciously stored away only to be used on cases, to make the fool or suspect of the week fall for her, but not with her, not again. Not when she felt she was playing the game alone and losing miserably. "Be safe."

"You too." Sabrina walked quickly to her car and after a final wave to Kelly got inside. In seconds she was gone.

Kelly got inside her house furious with herself. She wasn't sure of what she felt, didn't even want to think about it. She had dismissed her own feelings so many times, and yet, in a moment, it was like there was no doubt on her mind of what she wanted and she went for it. Unfortunately, between here and there she had lost her courage and once again she was left alone with her debacle, or, if she was going to be honest with herself, a new debacle. After tonight she was more than sure about two things: she was attracted to Sabrina. No, more than attracted she had started to really fall for her. That feeling she didn't have a name for was starting to take a dangerous form. And second, she needed to find a way to make it disappear because it would only serve to crush her heart. She would ignore the fact that Sabrina gazed into her eyes as much as she did, or the fact that for a moment her friend seemed to welcome her unguarded impulse. The only thing she needed to remember was that she had walked away. Sabrina had walked away. From now on it was not a matter of trying to understand what she felt and how to act on it; from now on it was a matter of teaching herself to ignore her heart until the feeling faded away so she could go back to being the only thing that was left; her friend. That is if what I almost did tonight didn't ruin that too.

Part 2

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