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Angels In Chains Again
By Tashe Dangerous Eyes


Chapter 11

"Lewis, get up, you are coming with me." Kelly and Kris woke up startled by the sudden call of their fake name. Miranda opened the cell door expecting the woman she was there to get to respond immediately. Instead, both women looked at her confused, their eyes were still trying to adjust to the morning light.

"Well, which one of us are you talking to, or do you mean both of us?" Kelly asked the guard to clarify.

"No, not you, just the blonde." The guard pointed at Kris with her club to be even clearer.

"My name is Jessica." Kris protested. "And where are you taking me?"

"Just come with me." Kris left her bed and walked to the guard. She and Kelly shared a worried look, wondering where the guard was taking her. Miranda closed the cell door and took Kris by the elbow leading her away as Kelly looked on the way they had gone until she couldn't see Kris anymore.

After walking through a series of long corridors they finally reached their destination. The room's door had several locks which Miranda had to open one by one and each had its own key. Kris was growing more nervous than she wanted to admit. For a very scary moment she wondered if the conversation she had with Sabrina had been overheard and her cover was blown, but as soon as the idea crossed her mind it went away. It didn't make sense for the guard to suspect her and not Kelly since they were there together as cousins; and where was Sabrina if that was the case. On the other hand, they might just want to interrogate us one at a time. Her last thought brought her back to square one, leaving without effect the line of reasoning she was comforting herself with. However, when Miranda finally opened the door and turned on the lights all her theories about blown covers disappeared, only to be replaced by one that was just as terrifying.

The first thing Kris saw was that there were a couple of small dressers displaying hair products and an assortment of makeup. On a corner there was a portable closet unit with several cocktail dresses and three or four silk blouses, all of the same shade of blue. To Kris, the inside of the room looked like the backstage of a runway except for one thing: a makeshift photo studio that was on the other corner of the room with a high chair against a fancy curtain that was used as background and in front of the chair there was photographic equipment. "What's all this? Are you planning the annual prison fashion show?"

"The less you joke the more probability that you'll get out of this unscathed." Kris decided immediately not to antagonize the guard any further. "Take one of the blue blouses, one that fits you well and change. Then do your hair and makeup. I'm going to take your picture and I don't want questions or protests. Just do it." The blonde Angel went along with the instructions she was given; she had to let things play out. Sabrina and she had reached the same conclusion about the photos Sabrina found, and it looked like she was going to have the chance to find out for sure. Lucky me!

Renee, the Amazon like woman, rested her body against the fence that separated the weight lifting area from the rest of the yard, surrounded by Rita and four other inmates. Her attention was concentrated on Sabrina who was a good forty feet away, observing her demeanor as per Rita's request; a demeanor that was supposed to prove interesting and useful. "There, did you see it? She did it again."

"Indeed she did. It seems you were right about Meyer, Rita dear."

Janet Eastwood was walking by and heard Renee say the name Meyer and her interest was immediately picked. Both Renee and Rita had some unfinished business with the newcomer and she wanted to know what they were going to do about her. She stepped closer to the group without caring if her presence was noticed having outlived her novelty by now, so she knew she was no longer of interest to them. From where she stood now she could clearly hear every word they were saying.

"So, Renee, what do you say? I think we should use this. It will serve to prove if she really wants to belong." Renee could see the real reason behind Rita's insistence, but she had to give her credit for her creativity. Whether it worked or not, it was still going to be fun.

"Yes. Let's do it." Renee nodded to one of the other women indicating that she wanted Lisa Meyer brought to her, and she went without a second thought. "Tell me Rita, what should we do if she fails this test?" She already knew the answer to her own question, but seeing Rita play the evil doer was amusing to her.

"Then, it would be my pleasure to punish her for you."

"Very well, but leave her face intact, and nothing too damaging. I don't need to remind you that we are obligated to accept her anyway. I'm only allowing you to do this to teach Becker not to threaten me. But if you cross the line there'll be hell to pay. Do you understand me?" Rita nodded her understanding but not really committing to it.

Janet wondered what test they were going to put the other woman through, but she knew she wouldn't have to wonder long since the woman in question was fast approaching.

"You wanted to see me?" Sabrina asked with indifference, like she didn't care one way or the other.

"Lisa," Renee started. "…I believe that a woman like you belongs with women like us. We are strong, independent, and we are above everybody else around here. You could say we enjoy certain benefits that the others don't have."

"What kind of benefits?" Sabrina looked at each one of their faces, including Janet's, and saw that their expressions did not concur with Renee's, as if what they were thinking was entirely different from what she was saying.

"We'll talk about those later, first you have to do one little thing for me before I accept you completely within our folds. A little test, if you will." Renee's grinning face alerted Sabrina of an ambush in disguise, but she knew she couldn't walk away from it.

"What do you have in mind?" The tall Angel asked not really wanting to know.

"Prison life is a very difficult life. In here you are deprived of so many things, but you learn to adapt. Some things you learn to live without, others you get whenever you can. Like the company of a handsome man or a beautiful woman, in here you don't have much choice, but what I mean is the value of quality time with someone you like, someone who can really rock your world. Do you know what I'm saying?"

Sabrina didn't answer; she just wondered what kind of sick and perverse plan the other woman had in mind. Renee didn't seem to mind her silence and continued with her speech.

"I am not a carnal woman, but even I need to tend to my own needs from time to time; that's where you come in. Look over there." Before Sabrina could react to the words Renee was turning her around and pointing to something at the other side of the yard. When Sabrina saw what she was pointing to the blood in her veins froze. "I bet she can rock my world." Renee finally said, still pointing her finger at Kelly.

Sabrina had an awful image setting on her mind; an image of Renee's hands fondling Kelly's beautiful body and she felt ill. She had to dig in deep to keep her emotions under control, but wishing she could split Renee's head in two for even thinking about Kelly. Somehow she managed to keep her concentration on the matter at hand, deciding it was important to know what the other woman had in mind exactly so she could plan around it, because there was no way she was going to let Kelly be touched by Renee or anybody else for that matter. Sabrina faced Renee, trying to bring her attention back to her and away from Kelly. Her next words were chosen carefully. "What is it that you want me to do?"

Renee was a little surprised with Sabrina's reaction. She considered the possibility that Rita had been wrong. She also thought that the reaction could only be false bravado. Either way, it remained to be seen if she was going to go through with what she was about to ask her and then the truth would be known. "It's quite simple: you are to deliver her to me. Just go over there and bring her back here. Then I'll take her to the privacy of my cell. You do that and you are in." Sabrina turned around and started walking in Kelly's direction rather slowly, but her mind was working fast, looking for a solution to this new predicament. Suddenly her eyes brightened with a new spark; she had a plan.

Janet, having listened to the whole complot against someone she was starting to consider a friend, started to leave with the sole intention of stopping 'Lisa Meyer' from doing what she was told to do, but Rita got in her way reading her intentions easily. "Don't get involve in this if you know what is good for you." Janet glared at the scarred woman, but didn't take another step.

"So, you say that after she took your picture and you changed back, another guard was bringing another inmate as you came out of the room." Kris said yes with a nod of her head. "Something is going to happen and soon. Something that doesn't include me, and I don't like the idea of you being on your own."

"Kelly, don't worry. Besides, how else are we going to find out what happened to those women? Sabrina discovered they had their picture taken and now they're gone. I had my picture taken and I'll get to find out what happened to them, hopefully without disappearing as well, but it has to be done." Out of the corner of her eye Kris saw the few inmates that were closest to them quickly putting even more distance between them and the two Angels. She became suspicious and looked pass Kelly. "Speaking of Sabrina, when she said that she was really looking forward to talking with you…"

"Yeah?" Kelly said wondering where Kris was going with her question.

"You don't think she meant while inside the prison, do you?" The question puzzled Kelly and Kris seeing her face pointed behind her. Kelly turned around just in time to see Sabrina come to a stop right beside her.

"Bree!" Kelly started but Sabrina cut her off whispering...

"Kelly, resist." And then, in her regular voice…"Come with me." Sabrina grabbed Kelly by the arm and made her stand up from the concrete bench her and Kris were sitting on, but almost immediately Kelly yanked her arm away from Sabrina's grip.

"I'm not going anywhere with you." Kris saw their interaction and how flawlessly Kelly had followed Sabrina's lead, remembering how she had failed to follow Kelly's lead before, when they first saw Janet Eastwood. Then again, she was yet to reach with any of them the kind of bond her two friends shared.

"Kelly, you have to fight me." Sabrina was whispering again.

"What? Why?" Kelly asked in the same manner, but Sabrina just yelled at her.

"Come with me voluntarily or I'll drag you if I have to." Then, she lowered her voice again. "Police Academy, the Chinese Dance. Let's do it." Kelly nodded clearly understanding, but Kris was just lost in confusion.

"I'd like to see you try." Kelly yelled back at Sabrina who at the challenge tried to grab Kelly again. Kelly threw a punch at Sabrina which she easily blocked with her right arm and threw one of her own, but Kelly blocked it as well using the same method. For a moment they were at a stand still. Kris stood up abruptly, believing neither what she was hearing nor what she was seeing.

"Looks like the prey is as fierce as the hunter." Rita commented to Renee who was enjoying herself immensely. Janet was moving around nervously, but Rita's gaze kept her impulses in check.

Sabrina and Kelly kept throwing and blocking each other's blows with the speed and grace of two martial arts experts, but just as suddenly as they had started them they ceased their attacks resizing each other. "Why are we doing this?" Kelly asked again, keeping her voice down.

"Because Renee wants you, but she is not getting you. You have to lose this fight." Sabrina went for a tourniquet to the arm, but Kelly reversed it, however, Sabrina got out of it with no problem at all.

"And what happens to you if you don't take me there?"

"I'll deal with the consequences."

"No way!" Kelly started walking with the intention of being taken to Renee, but Sabrina blocked her way. Once again Sabrina and Kelly engaged in their methodical dance, but this time they were fighting to keep each other safe and not just Kelly.

"Stop this." Sabrina yelled again, stopping her attack. Kelly did the same. "What are you doing?" Sabrina's question sounded like a plea. She couldn't understand why Kelly wouldn't let her keep her out of harm's way.

"I'm tired of you taking all the risks. Let me take some of the punches, Bree." Kelly said a little louder than just a whisper and she meant it. She just couldn't take knowing that the love of her life was going to pay dearly for protecting her. Not if she could do something about it.

"But I'm already at risk with them. There's no need for the both of us to be in danger." Sabrina whispered again, but the intensity with which she spoke demonstrated her commitment to protect Kelly as much as Kelly wanted to protect her.

"Leave my cousin alone." Kris demanded approaching the duo, and after she was close enough to Kelly, she said…"Kelly, Bree is right."

"Stay out of this, blondie, or I'll beat on you so hard you'll lose three inches of your height." Kris was taken aback by Sabrina's outburst but recuperated quickly. "I don't have time for this." Sabrina continued to yell and grabbed Kelly in a surprising maneuver that she could not escape, encasing her in the clutches of an expertly applied sleeper hold. Kelly started to feel the effects immediately.

"Damn you, Bree." Kelly said before she fell asleep completely. Sabrina let go of her and left her on the floor unconscious. Kris looked at Sabrina very preoccupied, but Sabrina winked at her reassuringly.

"Ask her to forgive me, would you?" Sabrina didn't wait for an answer and started to walk away, but before she was out of earshot Kris responded…

"If you get beaten to death, neither of us will." Kris then turned to tend to her unconscious friend.

Janet couldn't help but smirk at how the awful plans of Renee's gang had failed, and as a bonus Lisa Meyer was going to pay for spoiling Renee's fun. Speak of the devil…

"What the hell happened?" Renee asked Sabrina, acting disgusted with her performance. Sabrina glanced at an anxious Rita who looked like she was licking her fangs, and then at her hands which knuckles she kept rubbing, like she was preparing for a fight. Something on Rita's hand caught her eye. She looked at the hands of the others and noticed the same thing. Renee's voice brought her attention back to her. "Answer me."

"She put up a fight and I figured you wouldn't want her all full of bruises so I put her to sleep." Sabrina said upset, doing a little acting of her own.

"Couldn't you have handled that differently? Because now I don't get what I asked for." Renee was practically yelling at Sabrina, however Sabrina did yell back at her.

"Well, she pissed me off."

"You know what this means, don't you? You failed. You failed the test and you failed me. I may give you another chance, but for this failure you have to pay. Rita, she is all yours." Renee took a few steps back to leave the way free for Rita who didn't waste any time and made her way to Sabrina, bringing her nose tip to tip with hers.

"I'm gonna love this." She looked at the women who were always with her and ordered… "Bring her."

"Lisa Meyer?" A man's voice caught the attention of the entire group and they turned to see it was a prison guard coming their way. Sabrina recognized him immediately.

"I'm Lisa Meyer."

"You are expected in Becker's office. Follow me." Sabrina went with him but she didn't know if to laugh or cry. She had just been saved from a bad situation just to be thrown into another. At least their backup had finally arrived and that was a relief.

"That kitten does have nine lives." Rita said disappointed after being kept from what she wanted once again. Renee just laughed and left, and so did Janet who was finally free to go help 'Elizabeth'. However, Rita was more furious than ever and she swore to take matters into her own hands. To hell with Renee and to hell with Becker, next time nobody will save you.

"D. Goldberg?" Sabrina said, reading the nametag on the guard's uniform.

"Charlie's idea, just in case I got investigated. The name Dan Tanna is starting to get very popular in San Francisco." Sabrina remembered the first time she had seen the man. Bosley had tried in several occasions to introduce him to the Angels during their case in Las Vegas, but they just didn't find the right time for a meeting until the case was over and by then there was only time for a quick introduction. Kris had been especially disappointed when she saw how handsome Dan Tanna was and Sabrina had to agree with that. He was tall, muscular, of white complexion with dark brown hair and also brown eyes which were under thick eyebrows. Masculinity emanated from him, but his scarcely rough edges were softened by a spectacular broad smile that could make any female weak in the knees.

"Well, is nice to finally have you here, Dan." She gave him a small and quick smile before going back to pretending that she didn't enjoy his company.

"I would've gotten here sooner if these people weren't so rigorous in their screening procees. They made me jump through more hoops than a trained lion." Dan took Sabrina's hand and pulled her inside an empty office he had spied on his way out to the yard. There were no surveillance cameras on that area and he figured it was safe for them to talk for a couple of minutes. "Bring me up to speed fast, before Becker starts to wonder why I haven't arrived with you yet."

"I was hoping you had made that up." Sabrina said disappointed.


"Never mind. This is what we have so far…"

"You still think that woman deserved your help? Because yesterday you wanted to help her, but today she attacks you while doing Renee's dirty work." Kelly was still fighting the effects of the sleeper hold Sabrina had applied on her and Janet's constant babbling was not helping her at all.

"Would you stop it already?" Kris was starting to get really bothered with Janet's berating of Sabrina, especially when Sabrina hadn't done anything to her. She considered that maybe it was what Sabrina was pretending to be what Janet really hated.

"Okay, I'll stop it, but only because Elizabeth was brilliant out there. You made her look like a fool. That, and the fact that she might end up suffering the same fate they had planned for you." Kelly snapped to attention at her words.

"What do you mean by that?" Janet saw that the brunette was trying not to look worried, but she knew better, she just couldn't fathom the reason why.

"What I mean is that Renee and Rita didn't get to punish her as they wanted to for failing the test, which is what you were, but only because she was summoned to Becker's office and if the rumors are true, she is in for quite an afternoon." Before Kelly could ask anything Kris erupted in a monologue, taking Kelly away from Janet at the same time.

"Look, Janet, I appreciate your help getting Elizabeth inside and all, but whatever happens beyond now with that woman, or whatever rumors you people are used to entertaining yourselves with, we are no interested. I only want my cousin to rest, okay? Bye now."

Janet saw them leave and thought to herself…Elizabeth is right, that blonde is exasperating.

"…and another thing," Sabrina continued to explain. "…tell Charlie he should try and find a way to exhume Sandy Whitman's body, because so far I'm not getting anywhere with the prison's bullies and the only way we are going to connect them with her death is by finding the evidence on her body."

"And what is the pathologist suppose to look for?"

"Markings on her skin, from rings. I just noticed it. In here no inmate is suppose to have any kind of jewelry, but Renee and her crew have them, several of them. The rings are quite big and very wide, and all have symbols engraved on them. If they beat Sandy to death, those symbols should be all over her body." Sabrina reasoned.

"Good catch, Sabrina. I'll call Charlie as soon as I leave you in Becker's office. By the way, we have to go now." Sabrina nodded, following him reluctantly.

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