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Angels In Chains Again
By Tashe Dangerous Eyes


Chapter 16

The slight thumping of her steps ricocheted through the long prison corridors, the quiet allowing to be overcome by it, but just barely. The atmosphere felt morose and the state stretched to every corner of the cage she reluctantly called home. Along her way she met faces adorned with palpable mourning, and she heard murmurs of agonizing doubts, but she wondered if perhaps the collective reaction the women were having was the wrong one. She understood their fear, the prospect of worse times to come, but she couldn't rid herself of the tiny hope that maybe, just maybe they were on the brink of seeing an era of terror come to an end.

The afternoon event had taken many aspects of the prison's common functionality out of normalcy, including the way the population conducted itself. All because of one woman who just in a few days garnered the obsessive devotion of a leader, the lethal hate of a convict, the loyalty of a stranger and even enjoyed the rare sight of having the guards come to her rescue. A woman that by all accounts should be dead, instead she had slain the beast that sought to destroy her and in doing so freed the rest of them from those who constantly wronged them. Even now as she shares said beast's fate in complete isolation the consequences of her actions are barely starting to ripple in all their lives. In mere hours the new day would bring an unexpected new facet to their incarcerated existence. They would be able to live without fear of being abused, insulted, beaten or even killed. At least she felt that way, but she knew others would need time to realize it. Yet, there was always a second side to the coin which was the cause for the glum feeling that was gripping their hearts and minds, and it was the possibility that once Renee and her gang found themselves among them again everything would start all over. She wasn't blinded to the notion, but she also had a feeling in her gut that there were more changes yet to come because she knew there was way more to Lisa Meyer than met the eye and she intended to find out what. She also knew precisely who to ask.

Janet Eastwood finally reached the last corridor to her destination, arriving at Becker's doorstep a few seconds after and was instantly seduced by the idea of eavesdropping on the chief guard and whoever she was arguing with. Becker was discussing the prisoners in solitary with someone, that much she knew, but their words couldn't filter through the closed door, sounding muffled, keeping her from knowing exactly what was being said. Janet decided that ultimately it was not of her business and raised her hand to knock on the door so she could deliver the food tray she was carrying, but as she did so the door was opened suddenly. "What are you doing here?"

"I was bringing your dinner, Miss Becker." Becker looked at the food tray as if it was the most offensive thing she had seen in her life and then back at Janet.

"I don't want any food. Get back to the kitchen." Janet turned to leave, but walked slow enough to spy on the guard and her companion whom she was still trying to see. Moments later the man exited the office and accompanied Becker down the corridor on the opposite direction. Janet recognized him and didn't have to even think about it to know where they were going. She picked up her pace and headed back to the kitchen.

The scorching sun was finally surrendering the skies to the shy moon after an afternoon of imposing its power and Dan Tanna couldn't be more relieved. After delivering Sabrina to Becker's office and calling Charlie, he reported to his post in Section D of the prison. It was the same section where Kelly and Kris' cell block was, but he didn't stay there long. The prison's perimeter fence was constantly and zealously guarded, but there were certain days during the month when two of the guards assigned to the perimeter were reassigned to other duties. Their posts were covered by bringing guards from other areas and so, the Angels' backup was moved to the outside, far away from his charges.

The friendly and very informative guard that escorted him to his new post ran out of explanations when Dan asked him about the duties the other guards were assigned to, but he did mention it was the same two guards; every month, twice a month. The handsome detective tried in several occasions to leave his post to head back to the prison, using what he thought were reasonable excuses, but the perimeter supervisor wouldn't budge. His shift was far from being over and Dan had a feeling he shouldn't wait till then to contact the Angels, so he prepare himself for one last try because this time he was going to get back inside no matter what.

Dan walked up to the perimeter supervisor feigning pain. "Sir, I need to go to the infirmary."

"What's wrong now, Goldberg?" The man looked at him suspicious.

"I have kidney stones and I think one of them is trying to get out now. I have to go to the bathroom." Dan added a couple of flinches to his performance, but the guard didn't look too convinced.

"Can't it wait until your shift is over? It's just a stone, take it like a man and get back to your post." The lack of empathy of the other man didn't exactly surprise Dan, but he still had an ace up his sleeve.

"Have you seen that little tube that holds the ink inside pens? That's how thin a man's urethra is. Now imagine a stone with misshapen and sharp contours the size of a fingernail making its way out that thin and fragile tube, steadily and surely, but most of all painfully ripping the urethra on its way, keeping you from something as basic as urinating for hours, and your bladder feels like it's going to explode, but the only thing that comes out are blood streaks, blackened due to coagulation because that stone is obstructing your-"

"All right, all right! You can go to the infirmary or the bathroom or whatever. Just shut up." Dan rushed on his way back not saying a word. He intentionally described what he was sure was a horrific experience for any man in a continuous and explicit way, hoping the hard man would react to one of two things: the painful picture he was painting him, or the sharing of too personal a thing. Dan Tanna decided it was the former because the guard was starting to look pale. Now that he was away from him Dan smiled radiantly and went in search of the Angels.

"Your wishes have been granted, princess." Kelly was, unwillingly, working at one of the kitchen's stations in an almost frenetic fashion, perhaps caused by whatever she was thinking since her mind seemed absent from her body. It took her a couple of seconds to see that Janet was speaking to her.


"I just saw Becker heading to solitary and the prison's doctor was with her. I think she is finally letting the doc take a look at Meyer."

"Please," Kelly scoffed; her tone churlish. "…she is more likely to tend to the woman who tried to kill her than to help Lisa Meyer." Janet could see that the dark hair woman was angry, but she also noticed that she was quite misinformed.

"So, you still don't know about Becker and Meyer? Wait, now that I remember your cousin didn't give me a chance to explain."

"What do you mean? What about Becker and Meyer?" Kelly was really worried that on top of everything Sabrina had gone through she was still in some sort of danger.

"If you want an answer to that you'll have to answer me something first. Who is Lisa Meyer really, and what do you have to do with her? And don't lie to me because I've seen how you look and worry about her when you are not supposed to even know her. Who is she to you?"

Janet demanded the answers, she did not just ask for them and Kelly knew it was time to tell her the truth about who they really were because she wanted to get Sabrina the help she needed and she knew she couldn't do it alone. "All right, Janet. I'll tell you the truth, but not here. Let's go to my cell. Okay?" Kelly started for the door not caring about the unfinished work she was leaving behind, after all, the dinner rush was over, but neither did Janet who followed her. The only concern on her mind was how would Janet react to what she was going to confess and what would she do if instead of an ally she ended up with a new enemy.

Sabrina had envisioned being out of prison by nightfall, away from Becker and Rita, and a solved case. Instead, she was deeper into the horrific place away from her friends and hurt after a brutal attack. Her face felt tight in the areas that were covered with dry blood, not to mention somewhat swollen, and her chest and ribs were sore and bruised. She almost could not stand the pain and she could not make it go away, it only seemed to grow with every passing minute. Her breathing hadn't improved much either because her lungs couldn't expand enough without sending stabs of pain to her ribcage every time she tried to breathe in deeper. She felt like she was drowning again, with no window in her new cell and a confined space that was poorly ventilated the air was like a phantom with promises of life that it didn't quite keep. The small cot that was her new bed didn't offer much comfort; she just couldn't find a position for her body in which she could escape the pain.

From inside her cell Sabrina could hear laments coming through her door and they consoled her because she knew who were they coming from and what they were lamenting about. She had had to fight for her life and she had been left in a very bad shape while doing so, but she was able to cheat death and avenged herself in the process. It was worth the pain it cost to smile about it.

The light of her cell was turned on and the lock in her door clicked, signaling the end of her painful respite because she preferred the company of her pain to whatever was at the other side of the door. When the door was opened Sabrina was alert, prepared in case she needed to do battle yet again, but instead, she was in the face of something she never expected to find in the prison; a look of compassion from a stranger. The stethoscope hanging around his neck gave away his intentions, but Sabrina didn't relax. He was not there to harm her, but his examination was going to hurt regardless.

"My God, what have they done to you?" Just by looking at her face and the difficulty she was having breathing was enough for the doctor to know that she was badly hurt. "I think it would be better if I take her to the infirmary." Becker, who was out of Sabrina's sight, approached the doctor letting Sabrina know who he had been talking to.

"No, you tend to her here." Becker looked at Sabrina with an aura of impassiveness.


"No 'buts', just clean her wounds. I want all that blood out of her face and hands. And take care of those cuts. I don't want them to get infected." Sabrina wanted pretty much the same thing, but she wasn't about to thank Becker for making it happen.

"All right, but you told me there were others here who are hurt and I think I should do a triage assessment to see if there's somebody worse than she is." The doctor moved to go outside Sabrina's cell to follow through with his intentions, but Becker blocked his way.

"That won't be necessary, doctor. I can tell you right now that the other three that are hurt are definitely worse than she is," Becker looked at Sabrina feeling mildly proud of her. "…but you are not tending to any of them today, they deserve the pain they're in. You are here only to take care of her." Becker pointed to Sabrina and then walked away effectively ending the argument. Sabrina was observing her, trying to understand her demeanor and she was torn between believing Becker was really worried about her condition and, that maybe, she just couldn't stand to see her in any other way than the one she considered perfect, that image from when she first saw her.

The doctor, resigned to do only what he was permitted to do, entered Sabrina's cell again and she braced herself for what was coming.

"Elizabeth Lewis, I've been looking for you." Dan Tanna said as soon as he saw Kelly coming from the other side of the hallway with a woman he recognized as Janet Eastwood. "Come over here right now." He ordered her harshly. Kelly stopped in her tracks to keep Janet from moving closer to where her fellow detective was, trying to keep her out of earshot of the conversation they were about to have.

"Wait for me." Kelly told Janet and went to the 'guard'. "Where have you been?" Her voice was hushed, but dangerously close to scolding.

"It's a long story."

"For which we don't have time. Sabrina was almost killed, she is really hurt and they threw her in solitary. Kris was taken out of the prison to take her to a mansion where she'll have to do God only knows what to keep herself safe because she is on her own." Dan saw the angst in Kelly and reproached himself for not having been there sooner.

"I'll see what I can do about Sabrina-"

"No! I'll take care of Bree. You just get to a phone and call Charlie. Tell him to get us out of here right now because we are done and we need to go find Kris."

Kelly didn't wait for Dan to answer and went back to Janet to continue to her cell. She couldn't shake the feeling that time was of the essence and she wasn't about to waste any of it. She was thinking of a way to help Sabrina, but first she needed to bring Janet to her side.

"May I come in, Mr. Warden?" Carl Gallagher asked politely and waited for the older man to give his permission.

"You may, Mr. Gallagher." The Warden scoffed inwardly, tired of the false pleasantness that befell the other man every time he came to the mansion to rub elbows with his clients. The way he treated him on these particular occasions was only an extension of a well rehearsed act design to please and to ensure repeated business.

"Thank you."

"How is everything out there?" The Warden signaled Gallagher to take a seat, which he did.

"The girls arrived a little while ago and the clients will be here soon. I'm particularly interested in our new client. Do you know that he paid fifty grand for one of the new girls? By the way, great choices." The District Attorney smiled approvingly.

"You have Becker to thank for that. What is so particular about this man aside from being real lonely?"

"He is the main sponsor for the Mayor's upcoming re-election campaign, but after tonight he no longer will be able to endorse our candidate's competition."

"How did you manage to get him here?" The older man tried not to look impressed with the other man's cunning.

"I saw an opportunity and I seized it." He left it at that, like a magician who doesn't want to reveal his tricks. It would cheapen his act to say it was just dumb luck.

"Just like I'm going to seize this opportunity to tell you that tomorrow's delivery of the merchandise is going to be impossible. Hold on," The Warden halted Gallagher's protests before they left his mouth. "…we still don't know why this is happening. The girls are sure they are doing everything right, but still the results don't measure up. I think you should know what happened with the last testing, that will convince you that we need to put this part of the business on hold for a while." Carl Gallagher looked already mad at the prospect of losing money and not making it, but the Warden was sure that he was going to change his mind in no time at all.

Kelly Garret entered her cell and walked all the way to the far wall, like trying to add seconds to the impending conversation's countdown. Janet stayed at the entrance to keep an eye out for any unexpected intruders, but she was watching her carefully. The questions had already been asked and she only waited for Kelly to answer them. The beautiful brunette sighed audibly; it was time to face the music. "Janet, Jessica and I aren't here because we committed fraud. We are here investigating Sandy's death. In fact, she's not even my cousin."

"What are you saying, you are with the police?" Janet asked while taking a couple of steps closer to Kelly.

"No, we are private investigators. My name is Kelly Garret and my partner's Kris Munroe." Kelly was trying to judge Janet's reaction, but so far she could only see that she was just surprised and not giving signs of running for the exit to tell on her.

"What about Lisa Meyer?" Janet asked, looking at Kelly with suspicion.

"Her real name is Sabrina Duncan and she is the third member of our team. Janet, we were hired to find out who killed Sandy and what else was going on in this prison. So far we've gathered enough evidence to take this whole ring of corruption down and-"

"You can prove that Renee and her group killed her?" Janet interrupted Kelly, focusing on what was important to her.

"I can't say that I can, but Sabrina told Kris that she found all the evidence we need to close this case, and since the principal thing was to find out who killed Sandy Whitman I'm sure she can prove who did. But right now-"

"I don't believe you." Janet made to leave, but just as soon turned back to face Kelly again. "I can't believe a detective would put herself in the position your colleague had put herself just to find out who killed a convicted woman. Who would care enough, I mean, who hired you?" The onslaught of doubts Janet was unleashing on her was exactly the reaction she had been preparing for and Kelly was more than ready to ride the wave because Sabrina and Kris were depending on her. Just like Janet had done, Kelly took a couple of steps to close the distance between them even more, willing to meet head on Janet's doubts.

"You want to know who hired us? It was the personal assistant to the Mayor of Los Angeles. You want to know who cares enough about the rights and the lives of the women of this prison? I care, Kris cares and Sabrina cares enough to risk her life, which she did, and now she needs our help. They both do. And you're right when you say it seems too big a sacrifice, but things weren't exactly supposed to turn out this way. I don't know why those women were so keen on killing her. They sure have made things more difficult than they had to be."

Janet searched Kelly's eyes for long moments, but saw that she was being sincere. Thinking back to all the things that had happened since the women arrived, and all the things 'Lisa Meyer' had done and endured, she realized that she herself had also been willing to get on her case when she thought she wanted to harm…Elizabeth Lewis. Lisa…Sabrina Duncan had confronted Rita, defied Renee, and who knows what she did about Becker. She did not only escape being killed but also made her attackers paid for trying. All of it to bring justice to Sandy, to them all. After being on the verge of really hating her, now Janet found she was admiring the woman. She's quite a piece of work, they all are.

"Listen…Kelly," Janet shook her head still trying to get use to the idea that the woman she had known for three days as Elizabeth was not real and that now she was dealing with a stranger. "I can answer you that. It's because of Becker. The rumors your blonde partner wouldn't let me tell you about were of Becker and how she had already chosen her next love project." Janet could see that Kelly was not following and decided to be more explicit. "Becker is a very sick woman. She takes advantage of her position in the prison and does whatever she wants around here, that includes appointing herself whatever woman she likes as her lover, whether the prisoner likes it or not. And this time she chose your partner Sabrina."

"What?" Kelly's mouth remained opened, but she said nothing else. The thoughts in her head kept running each other over until she discerned that she had more questions that needed answers. That's when she found her voice again. "Janet, what do you know? Has she done anything to Bree? Tell me."

"Take it easy, all right. To tell you the truth I don't know. Before you dropped the bomb on me about you guys being detectives I thought I knew, but now…She has been taken to Becker's office and Becker assigned her to clean the main offices. I have seen this before and it is always so that Becker can do whatever it is she does to them, but with your partner being a detective and all…I don't know how she managed that. But the thing is this," Janet continued talking while Kelly's turmoil expanded to new levels. "…Rita was Becker's last lover and that is why she has been trying to hurt and kill your partner. I'd say that is something that would get in the way of anyone's plans."

"That damn woman has probably been taking advantage of Bree, almost got her killed, and she has the audacity to throw her in solitary. I swear to God she is going to pay for this." Kelly was pacing in the small space, she was furious and her anger made her focus. She would have to deal with what other sacrifices Sabrina had made for the sake of their investigation later, right now all she wanted was to get her out of solitary and out of the prison period. Suddenly she realized something. Kris knew about this all along. Why didn't she say anything?

"She must be some partner if you want to take on Becker." Janet remembered the looks Kelly had been giving Sabrina at some point or another, looks she was quite familiar with and determined that perhaps there was something more there. "Or maybe she is more than just a coworker." Kelly halted her pacing, taken aback by Janet's comment but didn't respond. "Remember what you told me about that look in your eyes when you talk about someone that means a lot to you? That is the look that you've had all these days, and I just couldn't decipher it before, but now it makes sense." She met Kelly's eyes with intensity, daring her to lie.


"I knew it."

"No, you don't know. What we are it's quite complicated, but I'll admit that…I love her." It was all Kelly was willing to share at that point.

"Well, Becker must love her too and for real this time, not just the infatuation of the moment that she always gets because I have never seen her order the guards, or the doctor for that matter, to help an inmate." When Janet mentioned Becker's probable love for Sabrina, Kelly remembered Cain's words about Sabrina having someone in the prison that loved her and felt herself spiraling down in anguish, tormented by an array of torturous thoughts of what her friend and love had possibly endured.

Janet got pensive for a second and then spoke again. "Now that I know who Lisa really is the situation in solitary right now must be taking its toll on her, your partner I mean."

"What are you getting at?"

"Think about it. She is down there with Becker in a secluded place and she is injured. If she has somehow evaded Becker all this time she sure is in a bad position right now because I don't think she has enough juice left in her to fight Becker off." Kelly clearly understood what Janet was implying.

"You mean she might try to…rape her?" Kelly got sick to her stomach just thinking about it, and her blood was running cold in her veins.

"I'm just saying that Becker is not a woman who takes no for an answer, and I'm guessing Sabrina has said her fair share of no's already. You do the math." Janet's words sounded harsh to Kelly, but she surmised that the woman had forgotten how to be sensitive a long time ago.

"That does it. I'm getting her out of there right now. Please, help me." Kelly practically demanded of the other woman, but Janet started to shake her head no, backing away all the way to the cell's door and then turned her back to Kelly.

"That is suicidal for me because you'll leave here at any moment, but I have to stay. I won't say anything about who you really are, but I'm sorry, you are on your own." She started to leave but Kelly's tormented scream stopped her.

"Wait!" Janet waited…

"Becker, you miserable skank! Why did you put me in here? You have no right." The shouts were accompanied by the constant kicking of the solitary cell door. "You have to know that this was not my fault. If it's anyone's fault it's yours alone."

"Really, Renee? How is it my fault that a woman like you, with such physique and criminal expertise, couldn't follow a simple instruction? If I am to blame for this it is for believing that Amazons have enough brains to do more than just grunt and hit things." Becker was now directly in front of Renee's door, it was the closest she came to facing her since the door didn't have openings of any kind. Even the flap over the slot used to slide the food tray in and out was firmly shut.

"It is your fault for turning Rita into an addict of your sick love games and then throwing her out like trash after you were done with her. And then you turn around and find yourself a new plaything and have the gall to tell us to take care of her. How cynic can you get? But still, I didn't tell Rita to attack her, she acted on her own. Your girl almost died because of your stupid games. Do you hear that, Lisa Meyer?" Renee shouted even louder. "She is gonna use you and then she is going to drop you like worthless junk."

The doctor looked sharply at his patient finally privy to who they were arguing about, but Sabrina just shrugged her shoulders like saying, 'Yeah, it's me, but it wasn't my idea'.

"I'm going to kill her, Becker. As soon as I'm out of here I'm going to kill your precious kitten!" Rita joined in the reclamations.

"Shut up both of you, no one is going to do anything to her. You are all going to spend a lot of time in here. In the meantime, I will arrange for you to be distributed around the country to the worst rat holes I can find. Or maybe I should just send you the way you sent Whitman and the others." Sabrina heard the statement and thought that she finally had a confirmation of who had killed Sandy Whitman.

"Is that so? And who is going to do your dirty work this time?" Renee challenged, having witnessed only the chief guard's bark. The sinister laughter she heard next coming from the other side of the door told Renee that the redhead was perfectly capable of biting as well.

"Understand this, Renee. I never send anyone to do anything I'm not willing or capable of doing myself. But why get my hands dirty when you already have so much grime on yours?" Becker's words were full of venom and finality, declaring that which was lost somewhere along the way in their appalling partnership: the serpent's head was always far more dangerous than the body.

The solitary section fell eerie silent. The doctor finished his work on Sabrina and was preparing to leave. What he heard was not news to him, he was an unwilling accomplice of the atrocities that kept happening inside and out of the prison, but there was nothing he could do because he had too much to lose. So, he did what he always did, he kept quiet and did as told. Everything else was not of his business. That was not to say that it didn't eat at him to turn his eyes the other way. "I'm going to get some water so she can take a couple of painkillers."

"No, no painkillers." Becker came back to Sabrina's cell.

"But she really needs them. You said you wanted her to be taken care of." The doctor insisted, confused by the guard's attitude.

"Maybe later, but not now, she is here being punished just like the others."

"I thought you said she was the victim here. Why is she in solitary then?" The man insisted still trying to understand.

"Because she hasn't been behaving well lately, she had it coming." Becker said looking directly into Sabrina's eyes and Sabrina knew more than ever that she was facing the point of no return.

The doctor shook his head and left, knowing that arguing with Becker was a lost cost. Green eyes inspected his work, taking in the sight of the woman she so wanted to posses, pleased to see her face clean of the evidence of how badly she had failed at protecting her, the butterfly stitches that adorned it now not withstanding. "You look so much better, Kitten." Becker said freely, forgetting for a moment that they were not alone.

"What has that woman done to you, Becker? Why was she able to erase me from your mind so absolutely?" Rita yelled at her, succumbing to the distress of finally understanding that whatever she and Becker had was over and that there was no way back.

Sabrina saw Becker's posture and presence melting, her traits and facets pilling away in front of her until she was completely bared, a picture of vulnerability was all there was left. But she recognized it for what it really was; the first step in the final juncture of their secret war.

"I really don't know." Becker finally answered in a whisper.

Kris Munroe paced the room again, thinking about her options, hoping that somehow she could get herself out the situation she was going to be facing very soon. She had followed the instructions given to her by Miranda. She took her bath and put on the dress they had pre-selected for her. She did her makeup and her hair. But she also checked the room for listening and recording devices, the windows for a way out, the drawers for some kind of weapon she could use in her defense…What she found was that the furniture was secured to the floor and the drawers were empty. The windows were barred and the door locked from the outside effectively keeping her put. For all its luxury the mansion was just another prison. Kris didn't find any devices either and she figured that the people who brought her there didn't need to know what was done to her as long as she did what was expected of her.

Kris already knew that that was an instruction she was not going to follow and that was why she was pacing the room, armed with a mere bottle of perfume, waiting for the moment she would have to turn treacherous to save her dignity regardless of the consequences. The blonde Angel saw headlights filtering through the window curtains signaling the arrival of the men that had financed the sinful night and she knew that the moment was upon her.

"I could never work the nerve to ask you this, Janet, but where were you the day Sandy was killed?" Janet wasn't sure what the other woman intended with the question, but she turned around and answered her just the same.

"The night before she was murdered I was at the mansion, so that day I was still in isolation, locked in my cell. There was nothing I could do." Kelly closed the remaining distance between them and looked into Janet's eyes. She was feeling helpless and desperate and after all the pretending she did during the last few days to fool the woman, now she really wanted her to see the truth.

"I'm sorry, Janet, I really am. I know how much you loved her and probably still do, but even though she is dead you still have more of her than I do of Sabrina. Before we entered this damn prison I told Sabrina that I loved her, but she hasn't had the chance to tell me how she feels. Everything points to a positive response, but it is not the same as hearing it from her and I want her to have the chance to say it. Call me selfish if you want, but I need her in my life and I need her love. There is so much I want to give her, to share with her…Please, Janet, help me save her before Becker takes anymore away from her. She is here because of Sandy. Help me be there for her." Kelly didn't intend to cry, but her heart was aching after having bear so much. "She might be running out of time."

Janet remained silent for a long time, but her eyes had a free pass into Kelly's soul and she used it, finding something there that she could relate to. "You know the first thing that Sandy ever said to me? She said, 'You have the potential to be a better person if only you could bring yourself to care.'" Janet inhaled deeply and exhaled slowly, making her decision. "Even with my help, how are we supposed to do this?"

Kelly smiled and grabbed Janet's hand trying to convey how grateful she was, but Janet was waiting for her answer somewhat anxious, so Kelly composed herself and answered. "I have a plan and I think you are going to like it."

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