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Anniversary Plans
By sofia_lindsay


Part 1

"I'm covering the hotel suite," Jill informed the two women, "That way I know we don't end up in a cheap-ass motel with cockroaches courtesy of brilliant Boxer over here."

Lindsay tried to look indignant, "While that was an accident, and a one-time mistake, let me remind you of the activities that you decided would keep them away. I didn't get any complaints then."

The usually curious reporter decided, for once in her life, not to ask questions. "Since you have the hotel covered, I'll get a dog sitter for Martha because..."

"Oh no! You're not leaving Martha with just anyone." Lindsay interrupted, much to Jill's amusement and Cindy's annoyance.

"Well she sure as hell isn't coming along!"

"Why not?" This time Lindsay's whine equaled that of a child who was on the verge of a temper tantrum. Sensing things were beginning to get off track, Jill sighed.

"I think we've lost sight of the issue at hand. As I was saying, I'm taking care of the hotel suite, Cindy you can get a babysitter for the mutt." Seeing Lindsay's mouth start to open, she held her hands up and muttered, "Make sure you get a resume and background check on them just to be safe."

Lindsay's mouth snapped shut and Cindy gasped. "Oh my God! You care more about your mutt than your women."

"I do not. I gave you both Tasers for Christmas. Martha only got a bone. Anyways, what do I need to do?"

"Oh, you're bringing the toys." Jill replied in her this-is-not-up-for-debate voice.

Lindsay gulped, "Toys?"

Jill leaned into Lindsay's right side, while Cindy took to her left. Whispering so only they could hear, Jill began, "Baby, this is our anniversary…"

"And you're going to be packing a lot more than your Mag."

Part 2

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