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SEQUEL: to A Small Crime.

Another Crime
By alastria7

"Seven of Nine to the Captain."

Kathryn took a breath in, leaned back in her Command Chair and raised both eyebrows. It was only a voice, but this much efficiency, this early in the morning could kill. "Go ahead, Seven."

"Captain, I wish to meet with you."

"Your place, or mine?" Chakotay smiled at her.

"I think yours. Prepare to receive me in your Ready Room in 5 minutes. Seven of Nine out." A shared smile, related to the thought, `bless her!' passed between the Captain and her First Officer.

"Annie! You in here?" B'Elanna called.

"I am currently taking a shower," replied her partner, from the depths of their shared quarters. A sharing that had come about due to two oversized insects enlisting the help of a little itty bitty one. An elephant and Seven of Nine never forget.

"Unusual away mission today." B'Elanna paused, there was no reply. "Soap in your ears?"

"Explain `soap'" called back Seven.

"So you can hear me?"

"My auditory canals are functioning within specif...

"Oh, shuddup and listen."

"Proceed," said Seven, emerging from the shower, wrapped in a peach towel and looking every inch a goddess.

"Janeway says it's Top Secret. Wants me and Chakotay with her. We're taking the Flyer down to the planet at 10.45. She says there's nothing spoiling up here, and she can leave Harry in charge."

"I will attempt to miss you, while you're gone," feigned Seven, who suddenly found a happily enraged half-Klingon landing on her at close quarters, all the more remarkable as Seven was stood up at the time.

"I'll drive!" said Kathryn, as the three officers materialised on the Delta Flyer. Chakotay waved her towards the seat, with a half-bow, and a smile.

"What's in the box?" asked Chakotay.

"Pandora asked the same thing," replied his Captain, who couldn't resist a laugh, "and look what happened to her!"

"All the evils of the worlds, huh?" asked B'Elanna.

"Something like that," replied Kathryn, who smiled fondly at the box by her feet.

The Delta Flyer swooped in for a perfect landing on the planet. Kathryn reached down and took the top off the box at her feet. "Now, Seven!" she ordered urgently. Chakotay's and B'Elanna's puzzled looks were the last thing she remembered seeing before she saw the inside of the Astrometrics lab. Giving Seven a broad smile, Kathryn said, "Disable it, now!"

"Delta Flyer disabled, Captain"

"We should give them about 5 minutes, don't you think?"

"Ample time. Thank you, Captain."

"Oh, Seven, you're very welcome!"

"What's that?" asked B'Elanna, who was still trying to comprehend her Captain's disappearance, and the Flyer's total loss of power.


"That buzzing?"

The Flyer had suddenly become `alive' with Cha-pei flies, a local species of insect, with a very short lifespan, known for a small but non-harmful bite, painful for a while, but easily treatable.

Smiling broadly, Chakotay came up from `the box' with a tube of ointment in his hand. "I see that Kathryn and Seven are not without heart."

"Seven of Nine to the insects aboard the Flyer. are you ready to talk peace?" B'Elanna's wails and Chakotay's "ooch," and "ouch" were really very satisfying to her ears..

"I'll get you, Borg."

"On the contrary, Lieutenant, it is we who have `got' you! Seven out!"

The End

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