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Apocalypse Now
By Soporificeffect


"The apocalypse is here"

Ash suppressed the sigh that was bubbling at her throat. Scribbs has been muttering obscenities and other things for the last fifteen minutes, ever since they left the car and arrived at the scene. Some of the muttering was probably aimed at her. She continued to examine the desk for clues that would lead them to solving their current mystery.

"I've seen the signs," Scribbs said in a dramatic voice that would put to shame the best Shakespearean actors.

This time Ash didn't try to avoid the sigh as it left her lips.

"Honestly Scribbs, it is just lunch. It's not the bloody end of the world," she said in an exasperated tone.

Ash looked up to see the blonde giving her a look. A look, which had she ever looked in the mirror while talking to Scribbs, she would have recognized. It was her own look. It was a look that said: "I don't have the slightest idea what you're on about, and I'm not sure I want to know."

While the blonde was, by now, immune to said look, Ash was not. And she cringed visibly. Only then did she notice that Scribbs' hand was stretched out to her, holding a piece of paper. She took it.

It was a torn notebook page. On it, in purple ink and neat handwriting, were two lines:

The apocalypse is here

I've seen the signs

Scribbs was limping.

They were headed back to the car, and Scribbs was limping. Why hadn't she noticed this before?

"Scribbs, are you alright?"

For the second time in one hour the blonde gave her a cringe-worthy look.

"I smashed the door with my knee when you made your nice little announcement." Scribbs replied in a tone that clearly indicated Ash should have noticed it earlier.

As the car pulled into the road, for the first time since arriving to the scene, Scribbs' lips curled into a smile as she heard Ash's last comment

"I said no."

The End

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