Stalking is an Important Element of Friendship PG-13 Ash/Scribbs Ash and Sullivan finally go on a date. Complete


Forced Confession 15 Ash/Scribbs Scribbs decides to confront Ash about the obvious sexual tension between the two. Complete

Stuck in a Rut 15 Ash/Scribbs Ash wants to talk about their relationship. Complete

One Night Stand? 15 Ash/Scribbs An alternative scene for Ep 2.02 'Estate Agents'. What happens after Sullivan leaves them alone at the club? Complete

Something at First Sight 15 Ash/Scribbs Ash's POV the first time she meets Scribbs. Complete

Tell PG Ash/Scribbs Why do they do it? Complete

Oh no she isn't 15 Ash/Scribbs Ash and Scribbs do panto. Complete

Multi-tasking PG Ash/Scribbs Scribbs is on surveillence and is very bored. Complete

Around the Clock PG Ash/Scribbs A particularly eventful day in the life of Ash & Scribbs. Complete

From the mouths of babes PG Ash/Scribbs Sullivan entertains some guests at the station. Complete

'Fess Up! 15 Ash/Scribbs A lovers' tiff plays havok with a suspect's confession. Complete

More than one way to eat a peach PG-13 Ash/Scribbs Horny Scribbs + Naughty Scribbs Complete

Falling for You PG-13 Ash/Scribbs Well-shagged Scribbs + Falling-down-a-lot Scribbs Complete

Indecent Proposal PG-13 Ash/Scribbs Jealous Scribbs + Kick-ass Scribbs Complete

Fantasy Island PG-13 Ash/Scribbs Swimming-in-the-buff Scribbs Complete

Forsaking All Others PG-13 Ash/Scribbs Ash's mum has a fight with Ash's dad and shows up on Ash's doorstep, unannounced, with suitcase in hand. Complete

Five conversations between Ash and Scribbs PG-13 Ash/Scribbs 6 conversations - 1 to follow each of the episodes of the first series. Complete

When God Gave Out Gaydar PG Ash/Scribbs Scribbs sees it as her duty to initiate Ash into gay culture. Here are a few excerpts. Complete

Whodunit? PG Ash/Scribbs Ash and Scribbs go undercover at a murder mystery weekend when a real murder is threatened. Complete


Coming Out of the Closet PG Ash/Scribbs Closets aren't always metaphorical. Complete

Deadly Games PG Ash/Scribbs Murder on the cricket pitch. Complete

Trick of Treat PG Ash/Scribbs A Halloween fancy dress party. Complete

The Bet PG Ash/Scribbs Scribbs and Ash make a wager. Complete

An Experiment in Seduction PG Ash/Scribbs An interrogation room and handcuffs. Complete

Christmas with the In-Laws PG Ash/Scribbs Scribbs takes Ash home to meet her parents. Complete

Undercover Operation PG Ash/Scribbs Undercover on New Year's Eve. Complete

New Year's Eve: The Aftermath PG-13 Ash/Scribbs Scribbs has a little difficulty remembering the night before. Complete

Lending a Hand PG Ash/Scribbs Picture fluff. Complete

Rendering Aid PG Ash/Scribbs Scribbs needs help escaping from the hospital. Complete

A Day to Remember PG Ash/Scribbs Valentine's Day in Suburbia. Complete

Hearing is Believing PG Ash/Scribbs Sullivan hears something he shouldn't. Complete

Miscommunication PG Ash/Scribbs A feverish Ash arrives just in time to watch Scribbs apprehend a suspect. Complete

Shelter from the Storm PG Ash/Scribbs An eye-opener for Ash. Complete

Tea and Antipathy with a Splash of Rules PG Ash/Scribbs Things aren't always as they seem. Complete

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles PG Ash/Scribbs The intrepid duo is sent to New York City to attend an international seminar on terrorism. Complete

Fit To Be Tied PG Ash/Scribbs Ash and Scribbs go undercover in a spa. Complete

Going Undercover PG Ash/Scribbs A doctor at a fertility clinic is murdered, causing Ash and Scribbs to go undercover to find the killer. Complete

A Matter of Style PG Ash/Scribbs Ash had gotten used to Scribbs longer hair. Complete

Blind Date PG Ash/Scribbs Scribbs volunteers Ash for a double date. Complete

Uninhibited PG Ash/Scribbs Ash's brother is getting married. Complete

It Happened One Night PG Ash/Scribbs Answer to the cliché challenge: Fuzzy morning after or "do you remember what we did last night?" Complete

Trick-or-Treat PG Ash/Scribbs If those stupid kids don't stop banging on her door and demanding sweets, Ash is going to arrest the lot of them and throw away the key. Complete

Fashion Sense PG Ash/Scribbs Scribbs' new outfit provokes a response. Complete

The Fifth Day of Christmas PG Ash/Scribbs Day 5 of my 12 Days of Christmas Song - Five golden rules. Complete

A Suburbia Christmas PG Ash/Scribbs Ash hates Christmas, but Scribbs is determined to change that. Complete

New Year's in Suburbia PG Ash/Scribbs After spending Christmas with Scribbs and her family, Ash re-evaluates her feelings for her partner. Takes place after A Suburbia Christmas. Complete

Another Year has Gone By PG Ash/Scribbs Scribbs has created a monster - Ash is *too* into Christmas. Sequel to 'A Suburbia Christmas'. Complete

The Odd Man Out PG Ash/Scribbs Sullivan assigns Ash and Scribbs the task of acquainting the new DS to the workings of the CID. Complete

'O' for Two 15 Ash/Scribbs Ash is determined to give Scribbs the perfect orgasm. Complete

The Mechanic PG-13 Ash/Scribbs Scribbs offers to change the oil in Ash's car. Complete

Operation Sabotage PG Ash/Scribbs Scribbs is dating an old flame and Ash decides to break them up, as only Ash could. Complete

Conspiracy Theory PG Ash/Scribbs Ash is framed. Complete

Wearing White PG Ash/Scribbs Ash is forced to reveal her feelings for Scribbs or chance losing the other woman forever. Complete

Life Imitates Art PG Ash/Scribbs Ash and Scribbs scramble to try to solve a murder by Christmas Day. Complete

The Love Seat PG Ash/Scribbs No synopsis given. Complete

Happy Anniversary PG Ash/Scribbs No synopsis given. Complete

The Games People Play 15 Ash/Scribbs A murder in a sex shop brings Ash and Scribbs closer together. Complete

Femslash Island 15 Multi-fandom crossover - A peek into a modern day femslash soap opera, featuring various pairings from carefully chosen fandoms – most of them placed in a different line of work – set on a remote island, far, far away from life as we know it and centered on a very important event that will take place at the island's premiere location… Hotel Calidornia. Complete

Femslash Island: A Whole New World 1 PG-13 Multi-fandom crossover - Just another adventure on Femslash Island. Takes place six months later. On-Going

Getting into the Role PG Ash/Scribbs A response to dogged_by_muses's Weekly Challenge #1. Complete

Murder Most Foul PG-13 Ash/Scribbs A string of unusual and particularly gruesome murders, one occurring every Saturday since the first Saturday of October, have been taken straight from the pages of popular British mystery novels with one notable exception. Will Ash and Scribbs be able to solve the cases before the next scheduled murder takes place on All Hallows' Eve? Complete

Once in a Blue Moon PG Ash/Scribbs A New Year's Eve to remember. Complete

Fringe Benefit PG Ash/Scribbs Middleford CID lend their talents to a local benefit. Complete

Auld Lang Syne PG Ash/Scribbs Scribbs turns philosophical on New Year's Eve. Complete

Good Things Come in Small Packages PG-13 Ash/Scribbs Ash receives a package in error. Complete


The Exception PG Ash/Scribbs A murder in a posh women-only club makes for an interesting investigation. Complete

Fortune Favours the Brave PG-13 Ash/Scribbs Scribbs' lateness has unexpected consequences. Complete

Apostasy PG-13 Ash/Scribbs Poem fragment: gathering flowers so very delicate a girl. Complete


Entomophobia PG Ash/Scribbs Scribbs has an irrational fear. Complete

Sweet Rules PG Ash/Scribbs Ash goes a little too far with her rules. Complete

The Games People Play PG Ash/Scribbs Revenge is not always sweet. Complete

Not Going Home Tonight PG Ash/Scribbs After watching a scary movie, Scribbs refuses to leave the safety of Ash's house, at least until it's day outside. Complete

Obsession with Body Parts PG Ash/Scribbs Scribbs is obsessed. Complete

To Rule or Not To Rule PG Ash/Scribbs Power goes to Ash's head when she's temporarily put in charge while Sullivan recuperates from minor surgery. Complete

Oh Snap! PG Ash/Scribbs Incriminating photographs start appearing in the oddest places throughout the station, and Ash is determined to catch the culprit before he or she reveals something truly scandalous. Complete

Where Magic Never Happens PG Ash/Scribbs No synopsis given. Complete


Great British Menu PG-13 Ash/Scribbs Despite the Stuart debacle, Scribbs insists on cooking for Ash. Ash is more than reluctant. Complete


TBS G Ash/Scribbs Timing. Behaviour. Surroundings. Scribbs is about to break three golden rules. Complete

Claire G

Turning Point

Buckle Up PG-13 Ash/Scribbs 1/6. My version of a series 3 of Murder in Suburbia. It takes place roughly over a year, from autumn/winter of one year until the next. Complete

Lost and Found PG-13 Ash/Scribbs 2/6. My version of a series 3 of Murder in Suburbia. It takes place roughly over a year, from autumn/winter of one year until the next. Complete

The Actor's Folly PG-13 Ash/Scribbs 3/6. My version of a series 3 of Murder in Suburbia. It takes place roughly over a year, from autumn/winter of one year until the next. Complete

Giving Up PG-13 Ash/Scribbs 4/6. My version of a series 3 of Murder in Suburbia. It takes place roughly over a year, from autumn/winter of one year until the next. Complete

Closed Doors PG-13 Ash/Scribbs 5/6. My version of a series 3 of Murder in Suburbia. It takes place roughly over a year, from autumn/winter of one year until the next. Complete

Cut to the Chase PG-13 Ash/Scribbs 6/6. My version of a series 3 of Murder in Suburbia. It takes place roughly over a year, from autumn/winter of one year until the next. Complete

Swindler's Sweet Talk PG-13 Ash/Scribbs The 'Turning Point' series Christmas special. Complete

What If 18 Ash/Scribbs A/U - Singles night. Complete

What Silver is to Gold PG-13 Ash/Scribbs An AU version of 1.04 in which Kate is one of the victim's posh neighbours, rather than Emma's partner. Complete


Balk 15 Ash/Scribbs Rules should be easy to follow, right? Complete


A Diva's Demise 1 2 PG-13 Multi-fandom crossover - Sister conventions at the Happiest Place on Earth - Who said it's a small world after all? Complete

Erin Griffin

Paper Cranes PG Ash/Scribbs While working on a crime scene, Ash is caught breaking a couple of rules. Complete

My Scribbs PG-13 Ash/Scribbs Scribbs is always dropping hints that they will grow old together, so I wrote a story that is just that: Them old together. Complete

Fun With Hex Dolls PG-13 Ash/Scribbs No synopsis given. Complete

Grey PG-13 Ash/Scribbs Ash and Scribbs deal with heartache. Complete

Fallen 1-3 4-6 7-9 10-22 18 Ash/Scribbs When Ash falls and hits her head one rainy afternoon, she wakes up without her recent memory. What she does remember leads her to believe she is married to Scribbs, so to help her get better, Scribbs has to care for Ash as her wife, which leads to many new revelations about her partner... and herself. On-Going

Heat PG-13 Ash/Scribbs The 4400 crossover - While in quarantine, Returnees Katherine Ashurst and Emma Scribbins help each other with their new powers. Complete

No Excuse PG-13 Ash/Scribbs There was just no excuse for what she'd done... Complete


Scribbs Goes Surfing G Scribbs/Louisa Glasson Doc Martin crossover - Scribbs moves to Cornwall. Complete


Magic PG Ash/Scribbs Do you believe in magic? Complete

Rules to Live By PG Ash/Scribbs Ash has rules. Complete


Sunday in Suburbia 18 Ash/Scribbs While working on a crime scene, Ash is caught breaking a couple of rules. Complete


Desperate Measures PG Ash/Scribbs Ash takes desperate measures when it appears that her surveillance op. is about to go pear shaped. Complete

Temporary Engagement PG Ash/Scribbs Scribbs gets engaged. Complete


Sorry, Sorry PG Ash/Scribbs Scribbs visits Ash in the hospital with a peace offering. Complete

Pajama Game 18 Ash/Scribbs Ash has a close call during a protection detail. Complete

Pleasure in the Pathless Woods PG-13 Ash/Scribbs You're only lost if you knew where you were going in the first place. Complete

Photographic Evidence PG-13 Ash/Scribbs Ash catches more than she planned to while on surveillance. Complete

Girlfriend in a Coma PG Ash/Scribbs Ash and Scribbs investigate a death that left a bystander in a coma. Complete

Murder in Louisiana PG-13 Ash/Scribbs   Nikki/Nora Nikki and Nora crossover - A case takes Ash and Scribbs to America where the partners are forced to work with an American team of detectives. Complete

8 Simple Rules for Sex & Dating 18 Ash/Scribbs Meeting Emma Scribbins has proven to Ash that rules are like plates. Meant to be broken. Complete


Inappropriate PG Ash/Scribbs The two are out, off-duty and witness a murder. Complete


In for a Pound PG-13 Ash/Scribbs   Ash/Sullivan No synopsis given. Complete

Reason 15 Ash/Scribbs Ash has a special birthday present for Scribbs. Complete

Promise 15 Ash/Scribbs No synopsis given. Complete

I Disappear 15 Ash/Scribbs No synopsis given. Complete

Provincialism 15 Scribbs/Ros   Ash/Scribbs   Ros/Jo Spooks crossover. Complete


Kiss me it's beginning to snow PG Ash/Scribbs MFC #7 Ralst's challenge (Kissed senseless in the snow) Complete

Cowardice PG Ash/Scribbs Scribbs' thoughts on Ash. Complete


Knickers on the Chandelier PG Ash/Scribbs Scribbs isn't exactly a natural when it comes to packing. Complete

Why Bats Are Scribbs' New Favorite PG Ash/Scribbs After a long week, who knew that bats could be so helpful? Complete

Lesley Mitchell

Stray Limbs PG Ash/Scribbs Missing Scene from 'Golden Oldies'. Complete

Locked in the Embrace PG Ash/Scribbs A forced embrace. Complete

Birthday Blues PG Ash/Scribbs Birthday. Complete

Absence PG Ash/Scribbs Ash finds that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Complete


Knight in Shining Armour PG-13 Ash/Scribbs A little undercover work. Complete

Engagement and a Rolling Pin? PG Ash/Scribbs Ash is engaged. Complete

Falling for You PG Ash/Scribbs Ash goes looking for a missing pair of detective sergeants. Complete


Guilty Until Proven Innocent PG Ash/Scribbs One of them is accused of murder. Complete


Close Surveillance PG Ash/Scribbs Scribbs manages to drive Ash wild in more ways than one, but will Ash let go of her rules for once? Complete

Wonderful Tonight PG Ash/Scribbs It's getting close to Christmas in Middleford and Ash isn't looking forward to the holidays at all, can Scribbs manage to change her mind? Complete

Lifted PG Ash/Scribbs When using unusual methods to get the confession you want; it can sometimes yield unexpected results as Ash and Scribbs are about to find out. Complete


Traffic Talk PG-13 Ash/Scribbs Ash won't introduce Scribbs to her brother and Scribbs wants to know why. Complete

Tarte au Chocolate PG-13 Ash/Scribbs Another disasterous date but this time Ash is there to help pick up the pieces and eat the tarte. Complete

Meet the Mrs PG-13 Ash/Scribbs Scribbs has an admirer. Complete

Food for Thought PG-13 Ash/Scribbs Exactly what did Sullivan mean when he referred to sexual tension in the office? Complete

Tennis Etiquette PG Ash/Scribbs Scribbs initiates Ash in the wonders of Wimbledon. Complete

Building a Reputation PG Ash/Scribbs Scribbs tries to salvage Ash's reputation, with questionable results. Complete

Bedmates PG Ash/Scribbs Sharing a bed has its frustrations and opportunities. Complete

A Cunning Plan PG Ash/Scribbs A picture-fic - Ash and Scribbs take umbrage at the idea of Ash's supposed love interest. Complete

Keeping Quiet PG Ash/Scribbs Scribbs has a little conversation with Ash's brother. Complete

Late Night Surveillance PG Ash/Scribbs Late nights, stuck in a car, with nothing to do but... Complete

The Claus PG Ash/Scribbs An undercover operation robs Ash of the Christmas spirit. Complete

Only Smarties have the Answer PG Ash/Scribbs Ash consoles herself with chocolate after yet another breakup. Complete

Pre-Trial Nerves PG Ash/Scribbs Scribbs doesn't want to give evidence. Complete

B.F.A.G. PG Multi-fandom crossover - a meeting of the 'Blonde Femslash Advocacy Group'. Complete

I Hereby Call this Meeting to Order PG Multi-fandom crossover - the femslash characters are at it again. Complete

A Friendly Little Warning PG Multi-fandom crossover - it's only fair to warn them what they're getting into. Complete

Counting the Clichés PG-13 Ash/Scribbs The ladies of suburbia recieve a scroll from the 'Femslash Advocacy Group'. Complete

Missed Opportunity? PG Ash/Scribbs Scribbs curses herself for missing her one and only chance. Complete

Life's a Beach PG Ash/Scribbs Relaxing on the beach. Complete

A Little Chat PG Ash/Scribbs A little chat between colleagues. Complete

Ground Zero - Middleford, 11.19am PG Ash/Scribbs Part of the 'Ground Zero' series and the 'Vampires, Ghosts & Zombies' challenge. Complete

That Harpy! PG Ash/Scribbs Ash does not approve on Scribbs' new friend. Complete

Shakespeare and Balloons PG Ash/Scribbs It's Scribbs' birthday. Complete

Power Cut PG Ash/Scribbs "Ash, why don't you just come back to bed?" Complete

Mommy Dearest PG Ash/Scribbs Some people aren't meant to be parents. Complete

Tattoo PG Ash/Scribbs Scribbs has an interesting tattoo. Complete

Her One Night Stand PG Ash/Scribbs Scribbs' one night stand. Complete

Sullivan's Revenge PG Ash/Scribbs Scribbs is convinced that Sullivan has it in for her. Complete

Scribbs, I Love You PG Ash/Scribbs Declarations of love need practice. Lots of practice. Complete

Soggy Socks and Misunderstandings PG Ash/Scribbs Ash storms off in a huff. Complete

The Results of Shopping PG Ash/Scribbs Scribbs has been on a little shopping trip. Complete

It's Yours PG Ash/Scribbs Scribbs has an announcement to make. Complete

Christmas in Suburbia PG-13 Ash/Scribbs Five sneak peeks into Ash and Scribbs' first Christmas together. Complete

The Wedding Dress PG-13 Ash/Scribbs Ash enlists Scribbs' help in choosing a wedding dress. Complete

Crime Scene Daydreams PG Ash/Scribbs Scribbs lets her mind wander. Complete

Go Pats! PG Ash/Scribbs The result of the American Superbowl doesn't go Scribbs' way. Complete

Illuminations of the Past PG Ash/Scribbs Ash runs in to an old school friend. Complete

The What? PG Ash/Scribbs Scribbs is excited about the upcoming International Day of Femslash. Complete

Gone but Not Forgotten PG Ash/Scribbs Ash's new DS is driving her up the wall. Complete

Breaking Up is Hard to Do PG Ash/Scribbs Ash decides it's time they broke up. Complete

An Agatha Christie Kind of Evening PG Ash/Scribbs A quiet evening in watching old Agatha Christie adaptations doesn't end quite how Ash imagined. Complete

Dead and Not Lovin' It PG Ash/Scribbs Not even death can stop them flirting. Complete

Moments in the Rain PG Ash/Scribbs A stakeout in the rain. Complete

Point One... PG Ash/Scribbs How Sullivan found out. Complete

Vampires Need Love Too PG Ash/Scribbs Scribbs discovers that she's the second item on vampire-Ash's to-do list. Complete

Little Aliens PG Ash/Scribbs An alien invasion of a different kind. Complete

Old Married Couple PG Ash/Scribbs Ash is indignant to discover that her friends and family all think that she and Scribbs are an old married couple. Complete

Countdown PG Ash/Scribbs A missing New Year's countdown derails Scribbs' plans for the evening. Complete

After the Date PG Ash/Scribbs Ash seeks out Scribbs after her disastrous first date with DCI Sullivan. Complete

Curry Flavoured Courage PG Ash/Scribbs A night of vindaloo and cheap lager leads to an interesting morning after. Complete

Dealing with Dad

Gone Fishing PG Ash/Scribbs Ash and Scribbs go fishing. Complete

A Little Light Lunch PG Ash/Scribbs Sequel to 'Gone Fishing' - Ash and Scribbs have lunch with the Ashursts. Complete

Freaking Out PG Ash/Scribbs Ash is freaking out. Complete

Junior PG Ash/Scribbs Ash has a secret. Complete

Words, Action, Reaction PG Ash/Scribbs Sometimes, neither words nor actions are enough. Complete

Knickers or a Ring? PG Ash/Scribbs Scribbs hasn't a clue what to get Ash for Christmas now she's made the inexcusable mistake of falling in love with her best friend. Complete

Jam and Jerusalem 1 PG Ash/Scribbs Ash and Scribbs are called in to investigate a possible peeping-tom at the Women's Institute. On-Going

Missed Anniversary 1 PG Ash/Scribbs Her six month anniversary catches Ash off guard. On-Going

Never Too Late PG Ash/Scribbs Perhaps, despite the well-meaning husband and baby on the way, it's not too late for Ash to find happiness. Complete

Week Three - Patisserie PG Ash/Scribbs Ash prepares for week three in the Bake Off tent. Complete

Waiting with Dave New PG Ash/Scribbs Being locked in a cellar isn't always as fun as they make it seem on the telly. Complete


Got a Body PG Ash/Scribbs An ex-girlfriend from Scribb's pre-Ash past is involved in their new case. Complete


Apocalypse Now G Ash/Scribbs Sullivan asks Ash on a date. Complete


Negotiation PG Ash/Scribbs Ash and Scribbs investigate the death of a buyer of illegal exotic pets. Complete

Red G Ash/Scribbs When Ash is working late at the end of "Salsa," she gets a visit (and a dance lesson) from a female friend instead of Sullivan. Complete

Gasp G Ash/Scribbs Ash and Scribbs share a bed at Birch Grove in an alternate "Golden Oldies" where Scribbs kissed Ash on the stakeout instead of Sullivan. Complete

Shift G Ash/Scribbs This is how the show might have ended if Scribbs, not Sullivan, had been on the stakeout with Ash in "Golden Oldies." Complete

Exile G Ash/Scribbs Ash is trying to get back to sleep after a rude awakening. Scribbs is not making it easy. Complete


Midnight Stakeout/Undercover PG Ash/Scribbs Ash is having a hard time working out what she's supposed to be doing in the stakeout/undercover job... but Scribbs is very scantily dressed and Ash is easily distracted... Scribbs doesn't seem to mind. Complete


Pillow Talk 15 Ash/Scribbs Ash isn't particularly vocal in bed, Emma sets out to change that. Complete

Little Black Dress PG-13 Ash/Scribbs A bad date leads to not so subtle flirtations between the Detectives. Complete

Try, Try Again PG Ash/Scribbs It started with a kiss. Complete

A Different Kind of Hero PG Ash/Scribbs Kate comes down with a case of Knight in Shining Armour. Complete

That Old Black Magic PG Ash/Scribbs   Nikki/Helen Bad Girls crossover - When Kate runs into an old friend, Emma gets a case of the green-eyed monster. Complete

In the Giving PG Ash/Scribbs Some presents just keep on giving. Complete

Little White Lies PG Ash/Scribbs Ash and Scribbs go undercover as a couple seeking therapy to catch a killer. Complete


Good Vibrations 18 Ash/Scribbs Scribbs gives Ash the best kind of present...the vibrating kind. Complete


That's my Line PG Ash/Scribbs Ash and Scribbs wake up in bed together. Complete

Undercover Blues PG-13 Ash/Scribbs Scribbs seems confused about the assignment. Complete

Doing It Right PG Ash/Scribbs "Oh, get on with it, would you?" Complete

The Appalling Flat Incident 1 2 3 PG-13 Ash/Scribbs Scribbs' quick thinking causes a problem for Ash. Complete

A Country Christmas PG Ash/Scribbs Ash and Scribbs end up spending Christmas Day investigating a murder and have a series of mishaps along the way. Complete

Sleepless in Middleford PG Ash/Scribbs Yet another cliché: "Everyone thinks we're doing it." Complete

The Power of Imagination PG Ash/Scribbs Scribbs tries to let a guy down easy by pretending she and Ash are a couple -- only Ash isn't in on the plan. Complete

Christmas Bonus PG Ash/Scribbs A Christmas Parade turns into a bonus for Ash. Complete

Bah, Humbug PG Ash/Scribbs Ash hates Christmas, but Scribbs is determined to change that. Complete

Lost 1 2 3 4 5 PG-13 Ash/Scribbs Ash is faced with a choice; betray her principles or betray Scribbs. Complete

Warm-up 15 Ash/Scribbs A Series of Conversations that Never Happened (But Should Have) Complete

Ash and Scribbs Go Meta PG Ash/Scribbs In ralst's 'A Friendly Little Warning', Ash and Scribbs find they are not welcome in the Thrillers, Thrillers, Thrillers group. Complete

Lingering PG Ash/Scribbs Ash is acting weird and Scribbs has a plan to find out what's going on. Several plans, actually. Complete