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Undercover Blues
By zennie


Scribbs read from the list of activities, puzzled. "Couple's joint therapy session?"

"The therapist is a suspect."

"Couple's erotic massage?"

"We do have to blend in."

"Intimate couple's evening in the Jacuzzi suite?"

"It'll give us time to discuss the case and no one will suspect a thing."

"Well, I guess I better go pack, then."

"Um, no, actually, you don't."

"Ash, it looks like a pretty posh place. I don't think my work clothes will help us 'blend in.'"

Ash handed Scribbs a pamphlet for the spa and pointed to the cover. "It's a natural spa? Ash, what do organic products have to do with my wardrobe?"

"It's au natural, Scribbs, not natural."

"What, you mean we're going to be…? The whole time?"

Ash simply nodded.

"What, what kind of an undercover assignment is this? That's not right!"

Ash snatched the papers from Scribbs' hands and leaned close to her partner. "Oh, for heaven's sake, you get me, naked, fed on a diet of champagne and oysters, in a Jacuzzi suite, for two whole days in a posh spa on the department's tab."

"Oh." Scribbs considered for a moment, and then hurried to catch up with her partner. "Well, when you put it that way." A pause. "Hey, Ash, do you think we could fit in that yoni massage class?"

The End

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