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Only Smarties have the Answer
By ralst


Ash unwrapped her second Mars bar of the evening and slowly began gnawing away at the outer layer. Tiny smudges of creamy chocolate collecting in the corners of her mouth as she munched down on the fluffy centre and allowed her tongue to wallow in the richness of the toffee.

Scribbs licked her lips and only just stopped herself from drooling. "He dumped you?"

"In a text message," Ash grumbled, her tongue poking out to chase the last of the renegade smudges of chocolate. "In the middle of bloody Sainsbury's."

"Yeah." Scribbs had lost the ability for rational speech two chocolate bars ago but was making a valiant effort to keep Ash talking. "Bastard."

Closing her eyes, Ash leant back against the couch and tried to rustle up the appropriate amount of contempt for her former boyfriend. It was true that his actions had been inexcusable but for some reason she couldn't quite bring herself to loose any sleep over the defection. Not that she was about to admit that to Scribbs and miss out on all the attention and sympathy.

"Luckily I was in the sweets section by the time I'd finished sending him a 'screw you' reply." Ash removed the top of a Smarties tube, sparing a moment to silently bemoan the loss of the original caps, before popping a handful of the colourful chocolates into her mouth. "Want one?" she asked, her usually pristine diction somewhat hampered by the candy coated chocolate rattling around inside her mouth.

Scribbs' mouth was hanging open in stupefied amazement but she managed to nod her head in ascent before Ash could comment on her odd behaviour.

"Last week he was practically begging me to meet his parents," Ash continued, "and then suddenly it's 'bye, bye Katie'."

"He called you Katie?" The chocolate had revived Scribbs enough to talk but not quite enough to realise what she was saying. "I'd never call you Katie if we were dating. It's so not you, you're much too dark and mysterious for a Katie." She crunched down a her last smartie. "Not that I'd ever be stupid enough to dump you."

"I should think not." Ash popped another handful of chocolate into her mouth. "If we were dating, what would you call me?"

"Gorgeous," Scribbs sighed, before sitting up straight and trying to look far more innocent than she felt. "I mean Kate."

"Really?" Suddenly Ash lost her appetite for chocolates. "Even in bed I can't imagine calling you anything other than Scribbs."

Scribbs' cheeks decided to do an admirable impression of the sun. "Oh," she croaked.

"Not that I imagine we'd do much talking in bed." Ash dropped the last of the chocolate wrappers in the bin and turned to better face Scribbs. "We'd be far too busy with other things."

"Busy, yeah."

"Scribbs? If we're going to flirt you really must learn to hold up your end of the conversation." Ash looked ready to launch another of her lectures but seemed to change her mind in mid-thought. "Otherwise we might as well just forget the foreplay and head straight for the bedroom."

Scribbs blinked. Opened her mouth. Blinked again.

"It was a joke," Ash assured her. "I know you'd never -" as her voice trailed off she looked towards the bedroom and the large double bed within "- would you?"

Scribbs had meant to shake her head in the negative but her body seemed to have other ideas and she soon found herself nodding and leaning closer to her friend. "Would you?"

Chocolate is considered by many to be an aphrodisiac and its power to brighten even the dullest of days could be attested to by millions of people world wide, but Ash wasn't sure she could blame her overwhelming feeling of attraction on the confection. Especially considering she'd felt exactly the same the week before when she'd been on her ill advised cucumber and marmalade diet. "So long as you don't want me to call you Emma."

Scribbs leant forward, her lips meeting Ash's, the faintest hint of chocolate mixing with the satiny softness that was all Ash. "Emma who?"

The End

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