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By Angie


Scribbs drops the crime-scene photo to the desk in frustration. She looks over to see Ash deep in concentration.

"Why do we do this, eh? Why don't we go out and get jobs as blimmin' waitresses?"

"Probably because you're lucky if you can carry your own cup of coffee without spilling it, never mind a tray-full."

Scribbs smiles. It fades quickly.

"No…but seriously…why do we do it?"

Ash looks up, pinning her with those confident, unwavering eyes.

"We do it to get to the truth. That's why it's hard. If we took the first story we were given it'd be too easy, wouldn't it?"

Scribbs leans back in her chair.

"S'pose so. Oh well, back to detecting it is then."

"The world of catering heaves a sigh of relief." Ash mumbles.

They sit in silence until Ash scrapes her chair back and stands, stretching slightly.

"You made me fancy a coffee. Want one?"

"Sure you can carry two? Actually, they probably taught you that at 'Mallory Towers Home for Upper Class Young Ladies' didn't they? How to carry cups with your pinkie sticking out."

"Yeah, had it on Fridays between flower arranging and riding side-saddle. Take it that's a 'no' on the coffee front, then?" Ash says over her shoulder.

"That's a 'Yes please'." Scribbs yells at her retreating back.

Scribbs puts her feet up on the desk, dropping her head back and closing her eyes.

"The truth. Then how come that's the one bloody thing I can't tell you?"

The End

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