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Sunday in Suburbia
By Geekgrrl


Putting her empty cup of tea and crossword on the night stand, Scribbs leaned back against her lover in the big bed, nestled between Ash's legs, the warmth of the brunette's thighs surrounding her. Both were barely dressed in short tank tops and boxer shorts, the warm sunshine streaming in the big window behind the bed keeping the room warm. Ash's skin twitched as the blonde's hand slid along absently tracing the vague patterns of sunlight that dappled the bare legs. Scribbs smiled as she noticed the effect the slow movements were having on Ash's breathing.

Drawing her closer, Ash closed her eyes and nuzzled into the soft blonde hair, enjoying the scent of soap and Scribbs. Dropping the book she had been half heartedly reading, Kate ran her hands along the hem of Emma's white tank top and dipped under to run along toned abs. She was rewarded with a low sexy moan and hands moving up to tangle into her long dark hair, pulling her even closer.

"I thought you wanted to finish that chapter," Scribbs sighed as Ash nibbled along the rim of her ear. Long fingers moved up further, brushing along her breasts, nipples puckering in Kate's strong hands. Moaning her approval, she continued to draw her hands through the dark hair, enjoying the silken strands running through her fingers.

Determined not to be distracted Ash sucked a soft earlobe and was rewarded with another low moan. Scribbs arched forward, starting to breathe harder. She tried to turn, to capture Ash's roving lips but she was held tight between strong thighs.

"Not so fast." rasped Ash. "I have you right where you want me." She teased and then leaned back sliding them lower on their bed and rolled her over onto her stomach.

"Oh, God…" Scribbs rocked her hips, feeling the weight of Ash settling on her backside and needing more contact. "Please Kate," Scribbs moaned, thrusting against a strong thigh that slipped between her legs.

"I'm beginning to suspect someone has too much clothing on." Ash moved her hands and helped tug the offending tank top off. Slipping her hands under the waistband of Scribbs' boxer shorts she dragged them down the blonde's legs, smiling at the happy little Wallace and Gromit designs before removing them completely. Scribbins was finally bare, to Ash's delight. She peeled all her clothes off too and moved back to straddle her lover on the bed.

"Are you saying I'm easy then?" Scribbs panted into the pillow under her.

"You are lying in my bed, between my legs, wet and ready for my touch." Ash ran her hands along Scribbs naked back and trailed down the back of her legs.

"Don't bring the facts into it Kate..." Scribbs murmured and was rewarded with a low sexy laugh that did naughty things to her lower regions. Soft kisses started down her spine, long fingers trailing and tickling behind.

"God, you feel so good." Ash ran her hands back up the toned back muscles, kissing a sharp shoulder blade. Arching, she pressed her breasts into Scribbs' back.

Loving the tension lacing Kate's voice, Emma bucked against her. Ash licked and nipped across Emma's shoulders, while slowly trailing her hand down the long body beneath her. Finding her slick with desire Kate circled the stiff clit, and then slowly filled her before steadily building her thrusts into the moist folds below.

Scribbs lost track of time, focused only on Ash's strong hands, building up the tension in her body, moving deeper and faster. Then as she teetered on the brink, Ash slowed her movements bringing her back from the edge.

"Ash!" Scribbs growled in frustration. Kate chuckled and just barely flicked over Emma's clit, teasing her before once more rocking back and forth into her.

"Is this what you need then?" Ash panted into a delicate ear. Scribbs pressed against Ash's strong body, her muscles starting to tense and her body teetering on a fine line, waiting.

"Come for me love." Ash's throaty voice whispered hotly in her ear, pushing Scribbs over the edge, crying out into the small room.

Kate felt her fingers gripped, pulling her deeper into the swollen folds. Emma's bottom was pressing and rubbing against her, teasing her clit with just enough friction, the throaty moans adding to the sensations her body was quickly building. Kate couldn't stop herself, thrusting hard against Emma, she followed her over the edge.

Collapsing they snuggled together, their bodies and heartbeats slowing. Ash traced a delicate blonde eyebrow, before running her fingers along Scribbs' cheek and jaw line, dipping to softly kiss smiling lips and the tip of her nose.

"You've been holding out on me. Where did that come from?" Emma sighed, still trying to catch her breath and gathering her strength.

"Posh Girls School?" Ash smirked, tenderly brushing damp blonde hair out of Scribbs' eyes.

"So it wasn't a total waste then?" Scribbs rolled Ash onto her back and thrust a strong thigh against her hot centre. "Mmm, you're so wet." Slick heat coated her leg, as Ash moaned and rolled her hips trying for more direct contact.

"I came just listening to you." Ash gasped, as she once again began rocking against her lover.

Scribbs claimed the soft lips below her before moving lower, down her long graceful neck, along the collarbone, to the soft patch between Kate's breasts.

"I love your body." She murmured against the racing heart she felt beating. Moving to suck a stiff nipple, she glanced up at the distracted Ash and pounced. Slipping her hand along Ash's clit, she circled and flicked, then curled deep inside the moist folds building a steady rhythm. Surprised, all Ash could do was buck against her lover, as she came hard a second time.

Chuckling, Scribbs moved back to cuddle Ash close. They lay together tangled in the bed sheets, as she nuzzled into the soft hair by Ash's ear, contented.

"I love Sunday lie-ins with you Kate." Scribbs sleepily murmured, lips moving against Ash's earlobe as she started to drift off.

"Me too, love." Ash stroked through the shaggy blonde hair tucked under her chin. "Me too."

The End

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