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Doing It Right
By zennie


"Oh, get on with it, would you?" DI Kate Ashurst muttered impatiently, a scowl threatening to break out as she glared down at her kneeling partner.

"I'm trying," whined DS Emma Scribbins, feeling put upon. "It's not the easiest thing, you know."

"Yes, well, I don't want to get caught. Could you imagine what they would say?"

"You should have thought of that before," Scribbs answered before frowning in frustration, "It's been ages!"

"With your history of juvenile delinquency, I would have thought you did this all the time. Isn't it like riding a bicycle?"

"Oh yeah, just like riding a bicycle," Scribbs retorted as she eased up a little to give her knees some relief. "I bet you never did this at Posh Girls High…"

Ash paused as she thought for a moment. "Well, there was the one time with the cooking sherry…"

Scribbs let out a long-suffering sigh. "This would be easier if you would shut up, you know."

"Really, Scribbs, am I going to have to do it myself?"

"I'd bloody well like to see you try," Scribbs muttered under her breath.

She heard Ash draw a breath to continue the argument, only to be greeted with an even better sound: the click of the lock giving way. She gave the door a push and it swung free. "There, that about does it."

"About bloody time!"

Scribbs followed her partner down the corridor lined with cells. "Well, if you hadn't gotten us locked in in the first place!"

The End

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