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Hearing is Believing
By Ann


DCI Sullivan smiled as he made his way to the interrogation room to congratulate his two female detectives. The pair had worked tirelessly on the Anderson case, and they'd finally made an arrest, culminating in the suspect's confession. Drinks were definitely in order, and the boss planned to buy the first two rounds.

As he placed his hand on the room's doorknob, he froze in place and frowned at the sounds being emitted from behind the closed door. Glancing around to be certain he was alone, Sullivan placed his ear to the surface so that he could better hear the conversation, or rather, the moans being produced by a decidedly female voice.

Within seconds, the DCI confirmed the owner of the sounds, and instead of walking away, he pressed his ear closer and closed his eyes to enhance his sense of hearing.

"Mmm, that feels wonderful Scribbs. You definitely have the best fingers in the world," Ash moaned in sheer ecstasy.

"Well, you're certainly tight, Ash. Let me see if I can get my thumbs to work a little more magic; although, this would be much easier if I had some sort of lubricant," Scribbs replied, bearing down harder.

"Oh, yes. Now you've got the rhythm. Whatever you do, don't stop, Scribbs," Ash begged, almost panting her request.

"Lean forward on the table, Ash," Scribbs ordered, and the constant moaning temporarily halted until the DI could get into the proper position.

Moments later, Scribbs praised, "Oh, yeah. That's much better. Now, I can really get some leverage."

Ash's only response was a loud, continuous moan, and Sullivan quickly pulled his ear from the door and wiped his brow. Glancing down, he immediately noticed the makings of a small tent in his trousers, and he could hardly believe the sounds from two women had this kind of effect on him, two men maybe, but two women? Making a quick decision, he continued his audio surveillance of his detectives as he placed his ear back against the door.

"That's it, Ash. Just relax and give me control. You'll be a mere puddle on the floor when I've finished with you," Scribbs promised, increasing her motion.

The blonde's words only served to produce more moans, only this time, tiny whimpers were interspersed between the longer, drawn out moans coming from the brunette.

"Oohh, a little to the left, Scribbs. A little more, a little more, stop! Right there, oh yes, right there. Keep rubbing, please keep rubbing," Ash pleaded rather loudly.

Soon, the only noises being heard by the eavesdropping Sullivan were the obviously orgasmic noises coming from his DI accompanied by very heavy panting from his DS. Needing some relief of his own, the DCI quickly walked away from the door, wondering if Alfredo was free at this time of the day.

Ash finally emitted one last moan and melted into the table she was resting on. Scribbs smiled and removed her hands from her partner's shoulders, saying, "I think that's the tightest you've ever been. This case really got to you, didn't it?"

Resting her head on her forearms, Ash replied, "Yes, it did. I never thought we'd get the bastard to confess."

"Well, thanks to your masterful strategy, he did. Hey, what do you say we head out and get a drink to celebrate? First shout is mine," Scribbs offered, reaching for her jacket on the nearby chair.

Slowly, lifting her head, Ash smiled and replied, "That sounds great, but why don't we go to my place instead?"

Grinning, Scribbs leaned down and placed a quick kiss on her lover's lips.

"I love the way you think, Ash. Let's get out of here before Sullivan comes down to offer to buy us a round."

Ash stood and leisurely kissed her DS, and then she slowly pulled away, reaching for her partner's hand and leading her towards the door. It was definitely time to celebrate.

"Well, Sullivan will just have to find someone else to share a drink with. I'm not sharing you with anyone," Ash stated emphatically as she tugged her lover down the corridor and towards the nearest exit.

The End

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