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Scribbs, I Love You
By ralst


Ash studied her reflection in the mirror; neatly arranged midnight black hair, pixie ears, and a determination that would make Middleford's criminal fraternity quake in their boots. She was ready. She could do anything. If she was a mouse, she would roar.

"Scribbs, I love you."

The words echoed across the bathroom and smacked her in the face. It was a disaster. She sounded like a drill sergeant barking orders. The meaning behind the words lost to the fear and trepidation her tone instilled. She could do better.

"Scribbs, I love you."

The corners of her mouth had done something unspeakable; she'd looked like a desperate hooker trying to lure the sixth fleet. If she did that she'd never hear the end of it, and she refused to give Scribbs that kind of ammunition. She would keep her mouth-corners in check.

"Scribbs, I love you."

That was better. No simpering. No barking. There might have been a trace of drool but she blamed that on the previous recitation. A rather serviceable rendition; Scribbs would hate it.

"Scribbs, I love you."

Now she just sounded angry. It was the kind of declaration future inmates of Her Majesty spat before they were hauled away for domestic abuse. With a nervous twitch, she ordered her mind to erase that particular tone from her repertoire. This was ridiculous. Four simple words, and yet, she'd been standing in front of the mirror for the better part of twenty minutes.

"Scribbs, you idiot, I love you."

A little harsh, perhaps, but she rather liked it. The sentiment was there, but the added insult gave her an escape clause in case Scribbs got all soppy and lyrical. Not that she thought either of those things was Scribbs' style; well, possibly soppy, but she highly doubted the lyrical part.

"I love you, Scribbs, you idiot."

No. That was more of a pillow fight and laughter exchange, and she had no intentions of having her first declaration of love take place in such a casual manner. These things had to be planned; the right setting, a chilled bottle of wine, a quiet and attentive Scribbs listening with eager anticipation. She rolled her eyes at her reflection.

"Scribbs, darling, I love you."

That one actually made her feel ill.

"You're an untidy, opinionated, loudmouth trollop, but I love you anyway."

A cough was heard from the entrance to the bathroom.

"I love you, too, you rule obsessed control freak. Now get on out here, so I can have my wicked way with you."

Ash studied Scribbs' reflection in the mirror; in one fell swoop, she had ruined weeks of planning and managed to make Ash look like a complete idiot. There would be repercussions. Severe repercussions. But first, there would be wine, conversation, and a night neither of them would ever forget.

The End

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