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By ralst


"Scribbs, tell me again why you thought having my name tattooed on your arse was a good thing."

Scribbs groaned as the twin pains in her arse and head were aggravated by Ash's sarcastic tone; not to mention the little pat she gave the tattoo in question. "I was drunk," she mumbled.

"And that explains why my name is outlined by a heart and decorating your right arse cheek?"

It wasn't exactly the declaration Scribbs had downed all those vodkas to come up with, but the one good thing to come out of her night of drunken madness was that she could no longer lie about her attraction to her friend. "Who says it's your name?" At least not lie convincingly. "There are plenty of blokes named Ashley."

"Possibly." A burning heat infused Scribbs' backside as Ash traced the contours of the tattoo with her fingernail; it was both painful and erotic, producing a moan of embarrassing proportions. "But how many of them are called 'Kate 'Ash' Ashurst, DCI'?"

"I didn't." Scribbs squirmed on the couch, trying to get a look at the offending mark, but all she managed to see was Ash's hand smoothing over the area and bringing renewed heat to her cheeks; all four of them. "Did I?"

Ash continued to run her fingers over the raised outline of the tattoo, the curlicue 'A' proving to be her favourite of the three letters. "No." Her fingers wandered a little further south. "But, it is my name, isn't it?"

Scribbs had been expecting a lecture on the perils of needles and overindulging in alcohol while unsupervised, not the feel of Ash's fingers trailing across the sensitive skin of her backside. It was all very disconcerting, "Yes," but also extremely erotic; "I love you," and guaranteed to make her talk before she thought.

Ash's hand stilled.

"Oh God." Scribbs sat up straight, her skin burning in a far less pleasant way as it came in contact with the harsh material of the couch. "I didn't mean to say that."

"You didn't?" Ash leaned forward and captured Scribbs' lips in a fiery kiss. "Are you sure?"

Scribbs would have answered, but she was far too busy returning the kiss and fantasising about just what it would take to convince Ash to have 'Scribbs' tattooed on her own pert little behind.

The End

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