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New Year’s Eve: The Aftermath
By Ann


"It can't be morning already," Scribbs whined, pulling the pillow over her throbbing head.

"How very astute of you, Scribbs. You're correct, it's not morning. It's afternoon tea time," Ash replied, stirring the beverage as loudly as possible before tapping the spoon on the rim of the china.

Curling the edges of the pillow so that it would fit around her ears, Scribbs protested, "Ow, stop making all that racket, Ash."

"Why Scribbs, I'm merely drinking my tea. Would you care for some?" Ash asked in a sickening sweet voice.

Scribbs groaned once more as the pain seemed to increase instead of decrease in its intensity. Grumbling, she replied, "No, I wouldn't; however, I'd love to know why you're in my bedroom."

A chuckle was heard, followed by more stirring. Finally, Ash explained, "You're not in your bedroom, Scribbs. You're in mine."

The blonde immediately froze and tried her best to recall the events of the previous evening. When she wasn't successful, she peeped out from under the pillow, relieved that she'd chosen the side opposite the brunette. Now, she'd be able to glance around the bedroom without Ash's scrutiny of her observations.

Scribbs instantly knew she wasn't in her own bed when she noted the beige, satin sheets. First of all, she'd never be able to afford satin, and secondly, beige? How very Ash.

Moving her focus to the wall, she noticed the very sedate mural of an English countryside where her poster of a semi-clad Angelina Jolie should be. And speaking of posters, it also appeared she was lying in a four poster bed and her peripheral vision immediately zoomed in on the cream colored, lacy canopy which adorned the top of the bed she wouldn't be caught dead in. Good thing she was still alive.

Zeroing in on the nearby post, Scribbs noted the elegant scroll work that was etched into the dark wood all the way from the top of the post down to the ... silken scarf wrapped around the post and lying on the mattress?

Forcing herself to roll over, Scribbs found herself looking at her clearly amused partner who was sitting back against a colorful divan, clad in a silk robe and sipping her tea. Grinning, Ash questioned, "Do you believe me now, Scribbs?"

"Yes, based on the evidence, this is definitely your bedroom. Now, would you care to explain exactly how I came to be here?" Scribbs asked, slowly sitting up to lean against the headboard.

Gesturing to the beige blanket, a red faced Ash suggested, "Um, Scribbs? You may want to cover yourself before you catch a cold."

Frowning, the blonde glanced down and immediately grabbed the nearby blanket to cover her nakedness. She pulled her knees up and rested her head against her legs. If the blanket had been large enough to accommodate both her head and her body, she wouldn't have hesitated to crawl underneath it and stay for the remainder of the day.

When she caught sight of a second scarf wrapped around the other post, Scribbs closed her eyes as images of her own wrist being tied by the scarf, while dark hair brushed against her face, filtered through her brain much like that of a slide show.

Submission? Scribbs couldn't believe she'd willingly submit to anyone; although, she had to admit that if she did submit to someone, it would definitely be Ash.

Ash's voice interrupted her attempt to recall more of the events of the evening. "I take it you don't remember instigating a chug-a-lug contest at the pub last night?"

Scribbs couldn't help but smile as this sounded more like her. She could just see herself surrounded by a bunch of blokes who thought they could drink her under the table, and she'd bet her next paycheck that she was the last one standing.

Ash's next words confirmed her imagined account of the outcome. "Yes, Scribbs you matched those blokes ale for ale, and you were named the winner by the owner. You even won the ensuing dirty dancing contest."

The blonde's head popped up, and she grimaced at the pain the move caused her; however, she gamely managed to ask a very important question.

"Um, couples or singles contest?"

Chuckling, Ash reached over and handed her partner some painkillers and a glass of water. Scribbs quickly downed the pills and turned her attention back to the brunette, fearful of what her answer would be.

"Couples," the brunette replied, leaving the blonde to groan and put her head back on her knees.

"Please tell me I didn't get down and dirty with some strange bloke," Scribbs pleaded pitifully.

"No, no stranger for you, Scribbs, but you'll be happy to know that your partner didn't actually have to perform too many moves since you provided the majority of the entertainment. I didn't realize you were so flexible, Scribbs."

"Oh, God. Shoot me, Ash. Find a gun and shoot me please, or, better yet, tell me who my partner was so I can go and shoot him instead."

An uncharacteristic snort of laughter came from the brunette, followed by a very brief explanation. "She, Scribbs. It was a she."

Another memory flashed through the blonde's head as she recalled gyrating against the leg of a tall, dark headed beauty. Squinting to try to clear the blurry picture, Scribbs was unable to pull the face of her dance partner into focus.

"I must admit, I felt guilty sharing the prize with you, but the owner insisted that I deserved it. He said I was the inspiration that spurred you on," Ash stated in a matter of fact tone as Scribbs head once again snapped up.

"Prize? There was a prize?" The words were out of the blonde's mouth before realization set in that Ash was her dirty dancing partner.

Smirking, Ash replied, "Yes, £56 each. I put your share in your purse."

The huge grin that appeared on Scribbs' face soon turned into a frown when she realized the significance of the money split. Ash had been her partner. She'd practically had sex on the dance floor with her well-bred, uptight partner. The same partner who had brought her home and taken her to bed and ... what? Tied her up and had her way with her?

Scribbs was so intent on trying to remember the events that led to the bedroom and subsequent happenings thereafter that she never noticed the brunette moving toward the bed, much less crawling into it to lie beside her.

In a soft voice, Ash whispered, "Do you remember anything, Emma?"

The proximity of the voice coupled with the use of her first name startled the blonde, and she immediately turned to look into soulful, dark eyes. She'd never seen Ash look so vulnerable, and without thought, she reached out and lovingly stroked the brunette's cheek.

"Bits and pieces, but I'm sorry, Ash. I can't remember much of anything," Scribbs apologized, truly sorry that she couldn't offer more. Nodding her head sadly, Ash looked down at the sheets and slowly drew patterns on the satin with her finger.

Sliding so that she was lying beside her partner, Scribbs reached out and took the busy hand into her own. Raising their joined hands, she softly kissed the brunette's, making sure to keep eye contact with Ash the entire time.

Smiling, Scribbs offered, "Kate, just because I don't remember, doesn't mean I didn't want this to happen. I really wish I could recall our first night together."

The ever observant, always listening Ash keyed in on the last four words of the blonde's statement, and she smiled. "Are you insinuating that there will be more nights, Scribbs?"

Pleased that they were back to their playful, flirting banter, Scribbs grinned and replied, "Don't forget the afternoons, too, Ash."

"Oh, don't worry, my dear Scribbs. I would never forget the afternoons," the brunette replied, leaning forward to capture the blonde's lips and hoping that her partner's memories of their all night lovemaking session would eventually return.

Rolling the dark haired beauty onto her back, Scribbs released the sweet lips and reached for her partner's wrists, stretching them toward the scarves one at a time.

"I believe I may have made a promise of returning the favor of tying you up and ravishing you," the blonde stated as she managed to wrap one of the scarves around the brunette's wrist. Ash's moan confirmed the blonde's suspicion, and she smiled as she leaned down to kiss her partner's lips once again.

There'd definitely be no high tea for the couple today.

The End

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