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The Appalling Flat Incident
By zennie


Part 1

Scribbs opened the door to a visibly agitated Ash, who began ranting the instant she walked in the door. "It may be an appalling flat, but it's my appalling flat." With the mention of the flat, Scribbs immediately put the pieces together, along with the piece of the puzzle Ash didn't have, namely their boss in her bathroom.

"Ash," she said, urgently, but it didn't stop Ash's rant, which was par for course in Scribbs' experience with her partner.

"If he thinks he can turn it into his own personal little shag pad—"

"Ash!" Scribbs crossed to the kitchen, hoping that less distance might get Ash to lower her voice.

"—he can just about think again."

Nope, that didn't work either. Thinking quickly, Scribbs caught Ash's arms in her hands, pushed her back against the kitchen counter, and kissed her soundly. A muffled 'mmmph' came from the dark-haired woman, but otherwise she was quiet until the sound of a throat clearing came from behind them.

For a second, lost in the kiss, Scribbs had forgotten their boss was in the apartment. Breaking away, she gave a half-shrug as an apology as attention was turned to Sullivan, standing in the middle of living room.


"Ash… Scribbs." He picked up his overcoat from the back of the sofa, not really meeting either of their eyes. "I think I'll be going."

Scribbs smiled and waved as he departed. "See you tomorrow, boss." She knew facing him tomorrow was the least of her problems as she turned to face her partner, who was gaping like a fish and whose brain was obviously suffering an overload.

"Scribbs… Boss… SCRIBBS!" The last came out several decimals higher than the last, and Scribbs winced and was immediately apologetic.

"Sorry, but I had to shut you up somehow."

"And that was the best you could come up with?"

Scribbs shrugged. "It worked."

"It worked!?! Now he thinks, he thinks… oh, god only knows what he thinks."

"At least you didn't say anything more about him and his friend." Scribbs leaned back against the counter behind her and folded her arms, looking at Ash expectantly. "You can thank me anytime."

"THANK you?" Ash stopped, mid-rant, to consider, and a pained expression crossed her face. "I was about to call her a bimbo geisha whore," she admitted. "But still!"

Scribbs grinned. "Well, with any luck, he'll be so shocked by the sight of us snogging, he won't even remember what he overheard before."

"Scribbs! I do NOT snog."

"Could have fooled me."

Sighing, Ash turned to the cabinet and began rummaging around. "Now are you going to offer me a drink or what?"

"Sure," Scribbs said as she moved around the small kitchen to collect a bottle and glasses. "Might as well make it a proper first date."


Part 2

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