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Midnight Stakeout/Undercover
By Totallygay


Ash sat in her car, thankful that it had a heater, everyone else who walked along the street must be freezing she thought. Especially in what they were wearing. Ash looked away as one lady fixed her skirt revealing her bright pink underwear.

'I've been a cop how long and I'm stuck doing this kind of work' Ash shuddered at the thought, and was about to curse her boss when there was a tapping at the driver's window. Ash lowered the window cautiously and a blond poked her head in.

"Looking for a little action, sweetheart?" asked the blond.

Ash sat still frozen, thinking of something to say, till she noticed the blond's face in the light supplied by the street lamp near by.

"Scribbs knock it off would you," said Ash, finally.

Scribbs continued to stand where she was, leaning against the car.

"Ash this is not going to work if you don't play along," Scribbs whispered hurriedly.

"Fine, bloody Murdered people," muttered Ash before she turned back to Scribbs.

Scribbs smiled and leant further against the car, revealing her cleavage to Ash.

"What the hell are you doing?" asked Ash trying to avert her eyes.

"My job," said Scribbs.

"Don't you remember your job?" asked Scribbs standing from the car.

"Of course I remember my job," said Ash, she blinked a couple of times as Scribbs looked down at her.

If Ash was honest with herself and truthful about why she didn't know what her job was, it was because Scribbs had been wearing the exact same outfit as she was wearing now, short, tight and at the station in better lighting.

"You don't do you?" asked Scribbs.

Ash didn't respond, so Scribbs just went with her gut and continued rambling.

"Well the case is a man that murders prostitutes all 4 of them from this corner, hence our location and my dress." Scribbs looked down to check that Ash was paying attention.

"Right, so you don't wear that all the time?" asked Ash, hiding a smirk.

"I'll have you know these aren't even mine," said Scribbs with a smile of her own.

Ash had to laugh, she was pretty sure why Scribbs made her feel warm inside but there was no way she was telling Scribbs that.

"Any way so my job is pretty obvious, I'm the scantily dressed bait, and you're the customer," said Scribbs waiting for Ash's response.

"Wait, What?" said Ash.

"You're the customer, my lookout," said Scribbs leaning back into the car as someone walked past.

"But I'm a woman," said Ash, still not believing this.

"Yeah and women need loving too," said Scribbs.

"Why couldn't Sullivan be the customer?" asked Ash still not believing her partner.

"I would have thought you'd be glad he turned it down," said Scribbs as she ran a hand over Ash's cheek.

For a second Ash lost herself in Scribbs' touch, then the hand pulled away.

"Sorry about that, some guy walked past," said Scribbs.

Ash just nodded.

Another person walked past the vehicle and again Scribbs ran a hand along Ash's skin this time down her arm to rest in her lap.

"I'll show you a good time," said Scribbs in a sleek voice.

Ash was about to crack, she couldn't take much more and Scribbs had yet to remove her hand from Ash's lap.

"So I was thinking you pay me to have coffee with you after," said Scribbs, still not removing her hand.

"Now you really sound fit for this job," said Ash.

"Why? Cause I'm convincing and oh so hot," said Scribbs leaning into Ash, well her hand leaning in, Ash winced.

"No because you're trying to get money," said Ash.

"Fine, how about you buy me a coffee," said Scribbs.

"No, because that sounds like a date," said Ash, just realizing what she had said.

"And what's so wrong with that?" asked Scribbs, she looked into Ash's eyes and then left the car.

'Damn' thought Ash.

Sitting in the car waiting Ash kept looking over to where Scribbs was waiting on a near by corner, would it really be too much to take her out for a coffee, the girl was probably freezing and sick of being harassed by random men and possibly women.

Ash thought long and hard as she sat in her car, did she really want Sullivan in her place, she laughed, no, she wanted Scribbs, she'd known this for years. And what would be the bet that she would realize it on a corner in the middle of the night, after three years of working with the blond.

Ash continued thinking over how she was going to tell Scribbs when there was a crackling in her ear, followed by random voices.

'Great now I'm going crazy' thought Ash.

But the voices cleared up and she could hear them properly.

"Ash, Scribbs just went down an alleyway with some random guy, we think it may be the suspect," said Sullivan's all too familiar voice.

"Boss?" asked Ash out loud.

"Ashurst you have an ear piece," said Sullivan.

Ash held a hand to her ear and nearly laughed as she felt the little device.

"Go help Scribbs!" yelled Sullivan.

"Right," said Ash getting out of the car and running to the alleyway.

Ash slowed down as she saw Scribbs on her knees and the man holding a knife to her throat, they were both facing the back alleyway. And Ash slowly snuck up behind them, the man heard the noise and turned around, he spotted Ash, and tried to get himself out of the situation.

"Sorry she's taken," said the man, turning back to Scribbs.

"Ah yeah here's the thing," said Ash causing the man to turn around again. "She's with me."

"I don't think so," said the man.

"Well that's sad for you," continued Ash, he still hadn't released his hold on Scribbs and she couldn't take the chance that he would kill her, if she moved forward.

"She has committed vile sins," said the man waving his knife.

"I agree and I'm a police officer, and we will have her taken down to the station and booked, some jail time, will that make the Lord happy?" asked Ash.

The man thought this over and then dropped his knife, as soon as he had, five police men ran into the alley to seize him. After he was handcuffed, he turned to Ash as he was escorted from the alley.

"Aren't you going to arrest her?" he asked.

"Right," said Ash pulling out her handcuffs and slipping them on Scribbs as the blond stood, the man looked relieved and almost happy.

Once he was out of sight, Ash released Scribbs, taking back her hand cuffs.

"Thanks," said Scribbs.

"It was nothing, I'm just glad you're safe," said Ash looking down.

"Me too, and I do mean thank you," said Scribbs as she leaned forward and placed the lightest kiss on Ash's lips.

"So about that coffee, I'm buying," said Scribbs pulling out a bundle of money.

"You got that from the street?" asked Ash.

"No, I always carry my money like this," said Scribbs, laughing at Ash. "Come on it's freezing," said Scribbs leading them out of the alleyway.

"Scribbs one more thing," said Ash as Scribbs turned to look at her.

Ash leant in crashing their lips together and snaking her arms around Scribbs' waist as the blond hung to her neck.

"So that's a yes on coffee," said Scribbs smiling, Ash smiled back and pulled out her ear piece as the stakeout guys cheered in her ear.

"Yes to everything," said Ash, leading Scribbs to her car.

"See you do want to be the customer," said Scribbs laughing as Ash tried to hit her.

"I'm glad you did," said Scribbs, running her hand along Ash's thigh as the other woman drove.

The End

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