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Ground Zero - Middleford, 11.19am
By ralst


"Please tell me you've got rules for this," Scribbs pleaded.

Ash reached over and turned on the windscreen wipers, somewhat annoying but failing to dislodge the zombie currently perched on the bonnet of their car. "Not that I can recall."

"Wanna make some up?"

The car lurched to the side as three more zombies stumbled upon the stalled vehicle, their vacant looks showing just a hint of confusion; even dead they didn't expect to wander into a den of iniquity, peopled with half naked women.

"The first rule would be, no flashing the zombies," Ash decided, as she vainly tried to cover up her exposed chest. "I can't believe you talked me into using my bra to clog up the vents."

"It stops the gas from getting in," Scribbs defended.

Ash didn't look convinced. "How do you know there's gas?"

"Classic biological warfare." Scribbs pointed to the nearest zombie. "See those red-rimmed eyes? A spitting image for that guy I sprayed with mace last month."

"You mean your date?"

Scribbs shrugged. "He shouldn't have snuck up on me."

"And that's the basis behind your gas theory?" One of the zombies started head-butting the windshield, but Ash quickly shushed him with a stern look and wagging finger. "Well?"

"It's a good theory."

"And in no way given as an excuse to see me topless?"

Scribbs tried signally one of the zombies to restart their assault but he somehow failed to interpret her wishes through death's fog. "No."

"Scribbs, what are my rules about lying?"

"Lying to men is fine, so long as you're good enough to get away with it."

"The other one."

"Lying to you is punishable by death."


"It wasn't just to see you topless." The zombies began to groan in unison. "It really could be a gas attack," Scribbs insisted.

Neither Ash or the recently reanimated believed her.

The End

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