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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Just a little ficlet to advertise the International Day of Femslash.
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The What?
By ralst


Ash peered suspiciously at her blonde companion, the grin on the other woman's face far too self satisfied for anyone's good. "What have you done, Scribbs?"

"Nothing." The blonde's smile only grew. "Nothing at all."

There was a pause during which Ash used her formidable powers of intimidation to stare down her flaky counterpart. "What have you done?"

"Nothing! Really." Scribbs' smile just would not stay hidden, no matter how hard she tried to conceal her mirth. "It's just that... Well, it's the IDF."

"The IDF? Is that some new terrorist organisation? Has there been an alert?"

"No." Scribbs tried not to notice how sexy her friend became during times of excitement. "It's short for the 'International Day of Femslash'."

"The International Day of what?"


"Femslash?" Ash looked confused. "What exactly is femslash?"

"It's..." Scribbs looked around furtively. "It's that thing where you and I banter and flirt and then end up in bed together going at it like bunnies."


"Well, yeah, but more specific than that."

"Low cleavage days?"

"Those too."

The look of confusion had become a permanent fixture on Ash's face. "Are you trying to tell me that someone has initiated an international day of celebration just so you and I can get naked and fool around?"

"Yep." Scribbs looked far too pleased with herself. "But not just us, others would get to join in and..."

"I do not do threesomes!" Blood shot to Ash's cheeks and she looked ready to strangle someone. "What is my one rule about monogamy, Scribbs?"

"Stay faithful or die a slow and painful death?" Scribbs guessed.

"I prefer to use the terms writhing in agony and torturous death but I think you've got the gist."

Scribbs' smile dimmed for a moment before reasserting itself. "I didn't mean we'd have sex with other people," she reassured, "but that other couples would get to celebrate as well."

"I see." Ash still looked suspicious.

"Come on, Ash, you know I'd never look at another woman." Scribbs employed her puppy-dog look number five. "We're made for each other."

Ash fought against the power of the puppy-dog look. "Words are cheap," she said, barely managing to hold back a smile, "so you'd better make sure your actions during the 'International Day of Femslash' back them up."

"Don't worry," said Scribbs, her voice descending to its most seductive. "I'm going to make the International Day of Femslash a day you'll never forget."

The End

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