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Trick of Treat
By Ann


The car slid smoothly into the parking space a couple of blocks from the occupants' intended destination, and the driver turned in her seat to address her passenger.

"Scribbs, I truly appreciate you accompanying me to Rita's Halloween party. I'd have never heard the end of it had I come alone," Ash stated nervously.

"There was no way I could turn down your invitation, especially when you told me you'd owe me big time," Scribbs replied with a mischievous grin.

Gathering her courage to explain the minor detail about the party that she'd failed to mention earlier, Ash said, "Yes, well, it was very kind of you to accept; although, I'd rather you'd chosen a more sedate costume."

Glancing down at her attire, Scribbs asked, "What's wrong with my costume?"

"Nothing, if you're standing on the corner trying to pick up a trick," Ash replied, clearly not happy with her partner's choice of clothing.

Looking up, Scribbs explained, "I'm not dressed as a prostitute, Ash;" smiling, she added, "I'm a slut."

"Oh, big difference there," Ash countered.

Indignant, Scribbs argued, "Hey, there is a big difference."

"I beg your pardon, Scribbs. You are absolutely correct. Sluts don't get paid for performing favors."

Glaring at her partner, Scribbs grabbed the door handle and stated, "Well, we'll just see which one of us goes home alone." Opening the door, she got out of the car and made her way down the sidewalk, leaving Ash sitting in the driver's seat speechless.

Ash watched her partner stride away in her very, very short dress, and she couldn't help but admire Scribbs' toned legs. Working her eyes up the rest of the blonde's body, Ash found herself enjoying the view, so much so, that she temporarily forgot all about the party until she witnessed Scribbs knocking on Rita's door.

"Shit," Ash exclaimed as she flew from the car and raced toward the house in her pirate's costume. Her long legs couldn't get her there fast enough as she watched the door open and Rita usher Scribbs into the house.

When she finally made it to the door, she quickly opened it to find a nervous Scribbs standing in the middle of a group of costumed women. Even with the mask, Ash immediately identified her old nemesis, Harriet, stepping closer to Scribbs.

Taking a deep breath, Ash strode confidently into the room and stood next to her partner. Putting an arm around Scribbs, Ash said, "Hey, everyone. I see you've met Emma."

Chuckling, Harriet put her hands on her hips and responded, "You're kidding, right? You mean to tell me this lovely piece of flesh is with you? Kate, you wouldn't have the first idea how to handle this one."

Scribbs leaned closer to her partner and placed her arm around Ash's waist. At first Ash thought Scribbs was looking to her for protection, but her theory was blown right out of the water when Scribbs opened her mouth.

"Oh, she handles me just fine. There are certain perks to dating an inspector; the handcuffs are real, and I just love it when Ash goes into the authority figure mode."

"Ass? She calls you Ass, Kate?" Harriet asked her old school friend.

"Are you deaf? I called her Ash, you know, Ash . . . Ashurst?" Scribbs replied in a condescending tone.

"Scribbs!" Ash exclaimed, desperately trying to keep her partner from antagonizing Harriet the Horrible.

"What? It's not like I called her a stupid cow or something; although, if the shoe fits …"

"Hey, wait a minute. Did you just call me a cow?" The oversized woman asked Scribbs as she took a menacing step forward.

"Ladies, ladies, please. This is a party, not a pissing contest. Kate, why don't you take Emma over to the punch bowl and get something to drink, and I'll talk to Harriet," Rita interceded, stepping between the couple and Harriet.

"Thanks, Rita. C'mon, Scribbs, let's get some punch," Ash replied in relief.

"Sounds like a good idea to me, Ash. We'd better hurry though before the old cow beats us to it. She'd probably down the whole bowl in one big swig," Scribbs answered loud enough for the cow in question to overhear.

Rita was no match for the charging bovine as Harriet swept past her on a direct path to Scribbs. Ash heard the commotion first and turned just in time to push Scribbs out of the way. The maneuver saved Scribbs from injury, but placed Ash in harm's way as Harriet had already drawn her arm back and swung.

Ash awoke a short time later in Rita's bed with a cold compress on her right eye and her head in Scribbs' lap. With Scribbs attention on the window, Ash took the time to look at her partner with her one good eye. Scribbs was gently playing with a lock of dark hair, but it was obvious that she was upset.

Deciding to let her partner know that she was okay, Ash said, "Hey Scribbs, did you get the number of the cow that hit me?"

Relieved, Scribbs replied, "Ash, welcome back. I was getting worried, but Rita assured me that you were okay. It must be nice to have a doctor as a friend, but as for Harriet, I've changed my mind about her being a cow."

"Really?" Ash responded, clearly surprised by the turn of events.

Grinning, Scribbs explained, "Yes, after she knocked you for a loop, I've decided she's more of a bull. By the way, Rita sent her packing and told her she wouldn't be welcomed back until she could get over her jealousy of you."

Turning serious, Scribbs said, "I had a nice chat with Rita while you were sleeping. When were you going to tell me what kind of party you were bringing me to?"

"I'm sorry, Emma. I planned to tell you in the car, but I was buying some time with small talk until I could get up the nerve. I was so anxious about your reaction that I brought up the bit about looking like a prostitute, and I never intended to upset you. And I certainly didn't intend for you to walk into the house unaware that is was an all woman party."

"You mean a party with lesbian women, don't you Ash?" Scribbs asked in a soft voice.

Closing her eye, Ash whispered, "Yes."

Leaning down, Scribbs placed a light kiss on Ash's forehead, and Ash's eye popped open as Scribbs smiled reassuringly.

"It's okay, Ash. I didn't let on to the others that you and I aren't a couple," Scribbs explained.

Grateful, Ash replied, "Thanks, Emma."

"Don't thank me yet, Kate. You're going to owe me a huge favor," Scribbs countered.

"Anything, Scribbs. Anything you want," Ash replied, sincerely.

"Okay, you asked for it. First, I'd like flowers and chocolate, lots of chocolate. Second, I want to go to a fancy restaurant and dine in a private booth."

Smiling, Ash promised, "As soon as my eye is back to normal, you've got a date."

Scribbs grinned and gave Ash a quick peck on the lips, stunning the inspector; but nothing prepared her for Scribb's last request.

"Third and finally, I'd like to put this outfit back on and play cop/prostitute. I can't wait to see how good you are with those handcuffs."

Closing her eye, Ash quickly filed the different scenarios to memory as she looked forward to repaying the favor when she had fully recoverd. Wondering how soon her eye would heal, she reached up to feel the injured area, but she was stopped when Scribbs grabbed her hand.

"Don't touch it, Ash. You'll only make it worse," Scribbs directed as she continued to hold onto her partner's hand.

Ash quickly decided that the swollen, black-eye at Harriet's hand was well worth the pain and suffering because this year going home as the 'trick' would prove to be quite the 'treat.'

The End

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