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Knight in Shining Armour
By LoriDragus


"Hey Ash does this look alright. Not too much is it?"

Looking up from the file she had been reading. She almost choked at the sight of Scribbs standing in front of her in a blue furry bra and panties combo.

"I mean do you think it looks authentic?"

"Yes Scribbs it looks perfect for the role you'll be playing on this assignment."

Looking over at Ash, Scribbs frowned.

"So what do they have you doing while I'm up on stage dancing around a pole?"


"What do you mean bartender?"

"I mean I'll be behind the bar serving pints to everyone staring at you dancing around on stage dressed in that."

"Why do you get to be the bartender?"

"Because I asked to be. Come on, lets go we're going to be late."

Three hours later and the guy they had been waiting on to show up still hadn't shown. Ash's temper was running a bit short and if one more tosser asked her to show him her tits, she was just going to blow.

She heard the music key up and realized it was the piece Scribbs had chosen for her routine. She had to admit Scribbs did know how to use the pole quite well. Shit I can't watch her do her routine again. It was already putting crazy thoughts in her head.

Five minutes latter Ash heard a commotion from the stage area. Looking over at Scribbs she saw a big horrid, hairy, Neanderthal trying to pull Scribbs into his lap. Without thinking, she grabbed the bat from under the bar and vaulted over the top. Running over to Scribbs she smashed the bat on the table next to them.

"Look here, you know the rules. No touching."

"Hey, girlie lighten up. I just want a little feel."

"I'll give you a feel if you don't let her go," said Ash swinging the bat menacingly.

"What's got you so wound up, she your girlfriend or what?"

Getting up in the Neanderthal's face and glaring at him, she replied through clenched teeth, "Yeah she is."

"Why didn't ya just say so. Sorry," leaning down he whispered to Ash. "I'll pay good to watch the two of you."

Bringing the bat up to take a swing the Neanderthal thought it best to move to another part of the bar.

"You know Ash, he doesn't really think you're my girlfriend."

"Why not?"

"You haven't kissed me yet."


"If you really were my girlfriend you would have pulled me into your arms and kissed me, to make sure I was O.K."

"I am not going to kiss you."

"You're the one that said you're my girlfriend where everyone nearby could hear it."

"Oh alright come here and lets get this over with."

They stepped into each others arms and Ash placed a light kiss on Scribbs' lips.

"Is that all I get after being manhandled by that hairy monster?"

"I thought he was your type. I mean he was breathing."

"Hardly. So do I get a real kiss or what?"

"Very well. And if you tell anyone about this."

Ash leaned into Scribbs and kissed her. When they both came up for air, their breathing was quite heavy.

"Scribb, that was, what I mean is, Christ I can't think."

She was interrupted by Scribbs grabbing her shoulders and turning her around.

"Isn't that the guy we've been waiting for?"

"Oh, shit," said Ash as she ran after the weasely looking little man who was making his way to the front doors.

Eight hours later and twenty cups of bad coffee, Ash and Scribbs were finally on their way home.

"So Ash, I was wondering."

"Look about this evening it was just work, alright."

"So does this mean you don't want your reward?"

"My reward? What are you taking about."

"Your reward for being my knight in shining armour."

"Your what?"

"My knight, you know for saving me from the horrid hairy guy."

"Oh, well about that . It's not really necessary. I mean I got caught up in the moment."

"I know that but I thought you might like to get a private show."

Looking over at Scribbs with a smile on her face.

"What you have a pole in your flat?"

"No, but I do a great lap dance."

Ash looked back at her partner and thought for a minute.

"I really did save you from that guy."


"So I do deserve a reward."


"Can I ask you something?"


"Do you do this for all your Knights?"

"No, just the ones that are great kissers."

"Oh. Oh.. You mean."


"Well can I ask a favor?"


"Do I get to touch?"

"Oh yes."

The End

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