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Vampires Need Love Too
By ralst


Scribbs ruffled her already dishevelled blonde locks as she tried to see beyond her hangover and decipher the truth from the fantasy. "Okay, let me get this straight, you're a vampire and you want to throw me to the ground and ravish me senseless?"

The excessively pale skin adorning Ash's brow furrowed. "A bed would suffice." She shuddered at the mere thought of letting her flesh come into contact with Scribbs' less than immaculate carpet. "When is the last time you vacuumed?"

"Don't change the subject." Vampire or not, Scribbs wasn't about to get onto the subject of housework with her anal-retentive best-friend. "You get turned into one of the living dead, and the first thing you want to do is have sex with me?" She knew she shouldn't, but Scribbs couldn't help feeling a little chuffed at the idea.

"Actually, the first thing I did was rip the throats out of the annoying couple that live next door, but you were second on my list."

The bile rose to Scribbs' throat. "Thanks for that image."

Ash stepped forward, invading Scribbs' personal space in a manner she'd become strangely accustomed to over the last few months. "If you've no more questions, I'd like to rip your clothes off now." Their relationship had been slowly changing, from friendship to something more, ever since the fiasco with Sullivan had diffused Ash's interest in that area, but even so, turning up on Scribbs' doorstep demanding sex was a big leap forward.

"Okay." Objecting, although the saner response, seemed somewhat disingenuous to Scribbs, considering she'd been fantasising about having her way with Ash since they'd first met. Admittedly, even in her most vivid fantasies Ash hadn't been on a Christopher Lee kick, but if that's where her hangover wanted to take her, who was she to refuse?

Permission given, Ash threw Scribbs over her shoulder and practically ran into the bedroom, depositing the startled blonde onto the bed the second it came into sight. Three strong tears and one yelp from Scribbs later, saw the blonde naked and wide-eyed, with a salivating and decidedly turned on Ash leaning over her.

Last evening's alcohol evaporated from Scribbs' system as her body caught on fire from the look of wanton arousal on her friend's face. She'd always suspected that Ash was the smouldering sex-pot type, but she'd never realised just how lusty and inventive her friend could be. The vampire ruse, however odd, had certainly imbued Ash with the courage she needed to banish her inhibitions and take what she wanted, and for that Scribbs was exceedingly grateful.

"Your blood smells so sweet," Ash purred, her fangs descending as her libido raced into overdrive. "I can't wait to taste you."

Scribbs couldn't help it, she started to giggle uncontrollably, until the second her fingers came into contact with Ash's fangs, and she realised that they weren't something plastic out of last year's Christmas cracker. "They're real."

"Of course they're real." Blood lust was burning through Ash's system but it paled in comparison with the good old fashion kind that had bubbled to the surface at the first sight of Scribbs in the all together. "Now shut up and let me ravish you."

"But..." Scribbs wanted to obey, she really did, but the fangs looked exceedingly sharp. "Are you really going to bite me?"

Ash's eyes positively sparkled in delight. "Yes." Leaning forward, she nipped playfully at Scribbs' neck. "But first, I plan to make love to you."

"You do?" As far as dreams coming true were concerned, this was a little out of left field, but Scribbs wasn't about to quibble over the small print. "Okay then."

Permission once again given, Ash made good on her word, and by the time the sun rose the next day, two weary but incredibly happy vampires pulled down the blinds and succumbed to their first day's sleep of their new after-life together.

The End

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