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'O' for Two
By Ann


"Bloody hell, Ash!"

For the third time in almost as many minutes, the blonde head slammed against the headboard, rattling the nearby table and knocking a pair of handcuffs onto the floor. With the pace her lover was currently employing, Scribbs was certain the handcuffs would continue to lie on the floor for the remainder of the evening.

"Just get on with it, will you!" Scribbs' tone left no doubt as to the level of her frustration. Ash had pushed every button she had, literally, and more than once. Scribbs had stopped wondering whether a person could die from being taken to the brink of orgasm, over and over again; she was now certain it was a possibility. One to which she would surely succumb.

"Patience, Scribbs, it'll be worth it, I promise." Ash's voice sounded so very far away, and this time, Scribbs didn't bother opening her eyes to try to pinpoint where her lover had moved. She knew Ash was exactly where she'd been the other five times she'd abruptly removed her fingers and tongue from their much appreciated locations; she was certain Ash would be lying at the end of the bed, reading from the sex book they'd purchased the day before. Scribbs had hoped to try out the different illustrated positions; she'd never intended to actually read the damned thing.

"But I don't want to achieve the perfect orgasm; I just want to come." Scribbs changed tactics, hoping her pitiful whine would gain her lover's attention. Ash looked up briefly from her reading, tempted to grant her lover's wish, but she stubbornly returned to the words on the page, her focus back on her goal: give Scribbs the kind of orgasm she'd never before experienced.

"Just a few more pages, Emma." Hoping the use of her lover's given name would placate Scribbs long enough for her to reread the proper tongue technique, Ash now wished they'd bought the video tapes that had been offered at a reduced rate. She really was more of a visual learner.

"Fuck that." Enough was enough; it was time to take matters into her own hands.

At the sound of her lover's oath, Ash glanced up, only to have the book slip from her grasp and land on the floor. Never noticing the loss, Ash was instead intently focused upon the actions of her lover and the hand that was quickly working its way down past blonde curls. With ever widening eyes, Ash watched as Scribbs slid three fingers into the slick opening of her center and began to pump in and out with forceful, measured thrusts.

Wetness from rising arousal coated Ash's thighs. A pleasant warmth began to burn in her gut, and soon, Ash was quite certain that the perfect orgasm would, indeed, be achieved. Only in this case, it would not be Scribbs who would be screaming paeans of pleasure to whichever god was listening.

"Oh yeah." Scribbs locked eyes with her lover as she began to synchronize her hip movement with the steadily increasing motion of her hand. "So much better than the bloody book." A low, sensual moan accentuated Scribbs' statement.

Ash licked her lips; the taste of her lover still clung to her tongue. Like the memory of fine wine, the heady flavor sparked a need for more, and she reached out a finger to steal another taste, but was stopped cold by Scribbs' breathless, lust-filled request.

"Touch yourself, Ash." Scribbs slowed her hand, the move causing her body to shudder violently. She released another breathless whisper, "Let's come together."

Eyes widening comically, Ash's jaw dropped, completing the picture of utter shock. What Scribbs was suggesting was completely against every rule she ever had pertaining to sex. She couldn't possibly go through with it.

"Scribbs, I . . ." With her keen observation skills, Ash took in the sweaty brow and flushed face of her lover. Scribbs was making the ultimate sacrifice, halting yet another orgasm just when she was near the pinnacle; the jumping off spot, the land from which there was no return. At this point, there was no way Ash would deny Scribbs her pleasure.

Hesitating only for a moment before running her fingertips through her own arousal, Ash pushed aside any lingering reluctance. In truth, the idea of touching herself was far more exciting than expected. The brief assumption that she would feel embarrassed, or worse, somehow sullied, faded under the clear regard of her lover's pleading gaze. Instead, she couldn't wait to feel her fingers slide inside as she matched Scribbs thrust for thrust. The first touch was nearly overwhelming. Two fingers easily slipped in and were soon followed by a third. Scribbs' smile was megawatt bright.

"That's it, Ash." Scribbs picked up the pace once again, finding herself hard pressed to keep up with the piston-like motion of Ash's hand. She should have known that once Ash decided to 'play along' that she'd strive to become the best.

The two struggled to maintain eye contact with each other; the sights and sounds almost too much to bear. Neither woman had ever been so turned on in their entire lives. Heavy breathing and low moaning became the central focus as the couple fell into a conjoined rhythm of lust. Scribbs was the first to break the sensual silence.


Ash answered with a loud moan. So close to orgasm, she was determined to hold out for her lover. She knew one thing though: Scribbs better be damned close. Mere seconds later, Ash got her wish. Scribbs began to repeat her lover's name over and over again, increasing in volume with every thrust of her hand. Breaking her 'don't make any noise' rule, Ash joined Scribbs in a mantra of her own until both their names were shouted aloud in perfect harmony, each woman attaining orgasm at precisely the same moment.

Slumping forward, the two landed side by side on the down comforter and stared into each other's eyes; both so spent, neither was able to express herself verbally. Ash extended her hand, and Scribbs took hold. For the moment, no words were necessary.

Until Scribbs caught her breath.

"Shit, Ash, that was incredible. I can't believe you broke your masturbation rule."

"Yes, well. . ." Ash stammered, surprise tingeing her tone. If she hadn't already been flushed from her recent orgasm, her pale features would've glowed. The immense pleasure she'd gained from her simultaneous orgasm with her lover was rapidly dissipating as she was quickly realizing what she'd done. Scribbs was slowing breaking through every one of her barriers, not to mention her rules.

"Hey." Scribbs closed the distance between them, drawing Ash closer with a tug of their hands. "Don't go all shy on me. You just gave me the best orgasm I've ever had."

"I did?" Ash dared to look her lover in the eye. "Me, too." She squeezed Scribbs' hand, a smile making its way onto her face.

Scribbs grinned. "So, no more book?" She glanced at the book which had fallen to the floor during their rigorous, but separate, lovemaking. Ash, on the other hand, moved her gaze to another item that had been knocked to the floor earlier.

"Scribbs? Have I ever told you my rules about handcuffs?"

"Why no Ash, I don't believe you have." Scribbs placed her hand on the bed to steady herself as she reached for the cuffs. Lifting them with one finger, she allowed them to dangle over her index finger as she grinned mischievously.

"But, now it's time for my rules."

The End

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