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Lending a Hand
By Ann



"Ash, if you'd just curl your hand like so," Scribbs explained, using her own hand to demonstrate the proper form.

"No, Scribbs. I'm not going to do it," the brunette replied adamantly before attempting to return the conversation back to the business of detecting. "We need to be comparing notes from our interviews with the guests."

"This was part of my interview. Charlie showed me the technique."

"Charlie? Scribbs, is your hair pulled back too tightly? You asked some bloke about this during an interview?"

"Of course not, Ash. Charlie is a woman, short for Charlene. She's an engineer of plumbing and heating, and the topic just happened to pop up in the conversation," Scribbs defended herself; however, she failed to mention that she was the one who brought up the subject when she discovered what the woman did for a living.

"A plumber? You talked to a woman plumber about personal issues instead of trying to find pertinent information about our case?" Ash questioned, clearly perturbed with her partner's lack of professionalism.

"C'mon, Ash. It was the perfect opportunity. Who knows more about this sort of thing than a plumber? They always have to put their hands in tight spots. Besides, I did question her, but she didn't know anything. Well, about the case that is," Scribbs offered, and her one track mind kept coming back to the original topic of conversation.

"Charlie said that once you get your hand past the small opening, everything's downhill from there. She even suggested using a glove so that you can slide inside more easily," Scribbs reported with a smile.

Raising an eyebrow, Ash countered, "What's all this talk about 'you'? I'm not doing it; you'll just have to do it yourself."

"But Ash, I'm too short. I can reach the opening, but my arm's not long enough to do anything else. Your hand is narrower than mine, your fingers are long and tapered, and . . . "

"No, Scribbs."

Ignoring the negative response, Scribbs continued with her instructions, "Once you're in, Charlie said you just have to rotate your hand roughly 270° to achieve maximum results."

Ash glared at the blonde, hoping by not responding that Scribbs would discard the notion and get back to the case at hand, but she'd forgotten about her partner's tenaciousness when it came to getting her way.

"Now, watch, Ash. Here's how Charlie said to do it," Scribbs explained, once again curling her hand, showing the proper procedure.

Closing her eyes, Ash replied, "For the last time, Scribbs. I'm not putting my hand down your rubbish disposal. Your sink can remain clogged for eternity for all I care."

The End

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