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By CharmedLassie


'Dance with me.'

Ash battled against an audible snort but, frankly, the opportunity was too juicy. 'No.'

Scribbs rolled her eyes and leaned back against the panelled wall. 'What is your problem?'

'Apart from the fact we're supposed to be working?'

'Apart from that,' the blonde answered with a clipped grin.

'Well,' Ash replied, glancing sideways towards her partner then out to the crowd gyrating mercilessly. 'I don't know if you've noticed, Scribbs, but there are men here.'

'Very perceptive of you.'

'Men dancing with women.'

'I'm with you so far,' Scribbs said, nodding in a determined manner.

'In fact, it's all men dancing with women,' Ash concluded. 'All men.'

'Ah… So it would be breaking some of your rules then?'

'Don't mock me, okay? The rules work.'

'Towards making my life a living hell? Ash, come on!' Scribbs pleaded. 'One dance. You, me and…' She lifted her head to absorb the music for a second. 'And Phil Collins.' She grimaced. 'We can wait for another song if you want.'

'There'll be no waiting, there'll be no doing anything. Our job is to keep an eye on Joe Francis.'

'Yeah, who's currently snogging the face off Mrs Joe Francis! He's not going anywhere and, if he is, I don't really wanna follow.'

Ash's lips twitched in an attempt at a smile. 'The answer's still no.'

'So,' her partner said after a moment. 'You're telling me that you don't want me in the middle of that dance floor, my body right next to yours, so close you can feel the heat from it, with my arms wrapped around you?'

She swallowed- with difficulty. 'Yep.'

The next thing she knew Scribbs had taken her arm and was leading her into the centre of the aforementioned dance floor. She tried pulling back towards the safety of the wall but Emma wouldn't relinquish her grip. Finding them a spot under the disco ball just as Phil Collins ended and The Bangles began, Scribbs wrapped both arms around her waist and pulled her close enough to whisper, 'See how good that feels?'

'You're breaking every rule I've ever had!' Ash hissed back though, she did have to admit that the thumb massaging the space where her shirt refused to meet her trousers was fairly pleasant. Still… 'We're at work!'

'We're in a club, Ash! It'd be a crime not to dance.'

'You'd tell me the sky was yellow if you thought it'd get you what you want,' she muttered, almost stumbling as Scribbs nearly twirled her into oncoming traffic. 'Oi!'

The blonde giggled. 'Sorry!'

'Are you trying to make me look stupid?' Ash asked, glancing over her shoulder to see if anyone had noticed anything.

Somehow Emma's hand had ended up stroking her hair. 'Course not.'

'Then stop doing that,' she demanded through clenched teeth. As the fingers drifted silkily down to her cheek, she murmured, 'This isn't happening.'

'I'm afraid it is,' Scribbs replied, steering her lips forward and kissing her hungrily. When she pulled back she was grinning more than usual. 'See? We broke two…'

'Three,' Ash amended, blushing and stepping backwards.

Scribbs frowned and started counting on her fingers. 'Behaviour, surroundings and…'

'And timing!' Ash added furiously. 'Joe Francis just ran out of the door!'

Scribbs turned pink. 'Oops.'

The End

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