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An Experiment in Seduction
By Ann


The suspect signed the statement and was taken from the interrogation room as the two female detectives watched with a touch of pity in their eyes.

Scribbs looked over at her partner and said, "I feel sorry for Grace. Charlie took advantage of both her addictions, the bottle and her attraction to him. Poor thing, he shags her and then casts her aside. I'm sure being sacked pushed her over the edge."

Ash agreed, but added, "I feel for her too, but it doesn't excuse her from murdering him. You and I have had our share of disappointing relationships, yet we didn't kill the blokes."

Shaking her head, Scribbs replied, "Yeah, but I still can't figure out how she got the handcuffs on ol' Charlie. Drunk or not, there's no way I'd let someone handcuff me from behind. Now, handcuffing me in the front or to a bedpost is an entirely different matter."

Muttering under her breath, 'I imagine it is,' Ash said aloud, "Well, he was very drunk, and she probably used her feminine wiles to distract him."

Folding her arms across her chest, Scribbs responded, "I don't care what she did to him; the same thing would never work on me."

Smiling sexily, Ash asked, "Oh, really. You mean to tell me that you are in total control of your faculties when you are being seduced?"

Grinning, Scribbs replied, "As a matter of fact, I am. Nothing happens without me knowing it. In fact, nothing happens unless I allow it."

Ash stood and moved closer to Scribbs' chair. Sitting on the table directly in front of Scribbs, she asked, "So if someone were to lean forward and let's say nibble on your ear, you wouldn't be affected in any way?"

Scribbs adamantly answered, "No, I most certainly would not."

Taking Scribbs' face in her hands, Ash questioned, "How about if someone were to slowly lick your lips, and then kiss you passionately with tongue and all?"

Nervously swallowing, Scribbs shakily replied, "Not even then."

Ash decided to test her theory and leaned forward to make contact with Scribbs' lips. As promised, she licked the upper and lower lip, but instead of kissing her, Ash moved to Scribbs' earlobe and began to softly lick it before sucking it into her mouth.

Scribbs closed her eyes and stifled a moan when Ash began to whisper in detail what she would do if she had Scribbs handcuffed to her bedpost.

Silently slipping her handcuffs from her pocket, Ash continued to alternate between talking dirty and sucking Scribbs' lobe. She moved her lips back to her partner's as she fastened one handcuff to Scribbs' left wrist, and upping the ante, Ash plunged her tongue into Scribbs' mouth just as she closed the other cuff round the detective's right one.

The two tongues intertwined as each woman vied for control, but when Ash slipped off the table to straddle Scribbs' lap, she easily became the victor. Taking advantage of her partner's loss of concentration, Ash reached behind Scribbs and gently removed Scribbs' set of handcuffs. She easily managed to cuff one end around the chair and the other around her own set of handcuffs while thrusting her tongue in and out of Scribbs' mouth.

Both women moaned in pleasure as the kiss increased in intensity until Ash finally pulled away and retook her seat on the table.

Not ready for the kiss to end, Scribbs stood to follow but found herself handcuffed to the chair. She tried to look over her shoulder to confirm her predicament, but she was not able to see her hands.

Turning her attention back to her partner, she ordered, "Bloody hell! Let me out of these cuffs, Ash."

Holding up a key, Ash replied, "Let's see. Should I undo my handcuffs which will totally release you or should I use your key and only release you from the chair?"

Frustrated, Scribbs answered, "Frankly, I don't frigging care. Just pick one, and then lock the damn door and get back over here and finish what you started."

Ash slowly made her way to the door and turned the lock. Returning to Scribbs' side, she reached into the blonde detective's pants pocket to retrieve her key, but only after sliding her fingers deep into the pocket and rummaging around for a bit, did she finally remove the key and release the handcuffs attached to the chair.

Scribbs immediately stood, and even without the use of her hands, she backed Ash against the far wall and managed to retake her lips while Ash steadied Scribbs' thrusting motions by placing her hands on her partner's hips.

After several minutes of heated kissing, Scribbs pulled away and panted, "Okay Kate. I can see how Charlie could have gotten himself handcuffed, and maybe he was content letting Grace have all the control, but I like to be an active participant when there's shagging involved or at least have the use of one hand. What do you say we take our handcuffs over to my flat? We can each be handcuffed to the same post or better yet, we could be handcuffed to each other using both sets. Now that would really be interesting, wherever you would go, I would go."

Momentarily hesitating, Ash threw Scribbs' jacket over her shoulders just covering the cuffs, and she ushered her partner out the door. When the two reached the car, Scribbs protested, "Wait a minute, Ash. Undo these cuffs. I can't get in the car with them on."

Opening the door, Ash assisted Scribbs into the vehicle and closed the door before quickly rushing around and jumping into the other side. Fastening both their seatbelts, she grinned and explained, "We're going to my flat instead. I'm in the driver's seat now, Emma, and I have a few ideas of my own I'd like to try out."

The End

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