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By ralst


The bed was too big. If it had been just a little smaller she might have got away with the odd accidental touch or stray limb, despite Ash's strict instructions on the subject. But the damn bed was just too big! Scribbs let out an exasperated sigh and turned over, her arm missing the body next to her by several inches.

"Scribbs, what did I tell you about fidgeting?"

Ash had laid down so many rules since they climbed into bed together that Scribbs was verging on overload, but she was pretty sure none of them had applied to fidgeting. "Nothing."

"I distinctly stated that it was not allowed."

"No you didn't."

"Scribbs," Ash's sigh was world weary. "There is to be no touching, stray limbs, fidgeting, talking or snoring in your sleep. Is that understood?"

"I don't snore."

"Is that understood?"

Once again Scribbs made a performance of shifting position, only this time she made sure that her arm brushed against Ash. "I bet you'd let Sullivan fidget."

"For the last time, he kissed me, not the other way around!"

The mattress undulated as Scribbs abandoned her position to sit up with her back against the headboard. From that angle she would normally have had an interesting view down the top of any woman's night-time apparel. Anyone, that is, besides her repressed colleague. Despite how it started, the night was turning in to one big disappointment.

"Was he any good?"

Ash squeezed her eyes shut. "Good at what?" she ground out.

"Macramé," Scribbs sighed. "Kissing, what else?"

Ash thought there was something innately wrong with the idea of lying in bed with one person, discussing the kissing technique of another. Especially if the technique in question belonged to their boss. But she knew she'd end up telling Scribbs eventually, so she might as well get it over and done with, and save herself the hassle.

"Not bad."

Scribbs waited but no more was forthcoming. "Is that it?"

"What more do you want?"

"I dunno, but something more than 'not bad'."

Ash attempted to pull the covers more firmly around her body but Scribbs' latest bout of fidgeting had tangled the blankets in a knot around her legs. Yanking at the covers in frustration, Ash was a little surprised when the momentum managed to dislodge her blonde companion and send Scribbs sprawling across her body.


Both women scrambled free; one or two hastily released handholds causing a squeak of surprise before Scribbs managed to disentangle herself from both the covers and Ash's limbs. Until she was left kneeling astride her flustered colleague.


Scribbs leant forward until she was looming over her friend. "So, about Sullivan?"

"I'm warning you," Ash growled.

"Come on, I only want a few details."

"Get your vicarious thrills somewhere else." Ash tried to roll away but the weight across her thighs kept her in place. "It was just a kiss!"

"There's no such thing." Scribbs appeared to think for a moment, although the pause was more to anger her companion than to formulate a further question. "Was it soft, hard, sloppy, misplaced, arousing, garlic breathed? What was it like?"

"I've no idea what you're talking about."

Ash bucked her hips, causing Scribbs' head to bang against the headboard, but otherwise retain her place of supremacy. Scribbs had never understood the appeal of bondage, and her recent mishaps with Stuart had done little to endear her to the prospect, but there was something about having Ash at her mercy that held a certain attraction.

"Was it soft?" She placed the gentlest of kisses against the corner of Ash's mouth. "Hard?" Her tongue fought its way past startled lips. "Sloppy?" Her kiss took on a childish glee. "Misplaced?" Chin, nose, cheeks and forehead were bathed in tiny kisses.

Before Scribbs could open her mouth to list the next item on her agenda, Ash managed to restrain her descent with a forbidding hand and terrifying scowl.

"Ash?" Scribbs' voice wavered, as she suddenly realised just how far she'd gone.

"Arousing?" Ash pulled on the back of Scribbs' neck, her fingers digging into the blonde hair as she gave her colleague a thorough demonstration on kissing techniques and how to control from a supposed position of weakness.

Scribbs' arms gave way and before she knew it she was on her back with a very determined DI straddling her waist.

"Do you know the penalty for sexually harassing a colleague?" Ash demanded.

Shaking her head, Scribbs found that she'd lost the ability to speak.

"Summary dismissal."

"I -"

Ash placed a finger against Scribbs' lips, before trailing the digit slowly down her body.

"Do you know the penalty for leaving a superior officer sexually frustrated?"

Scribbs opened her mouth to speak but just at that moment Ash's fingers found the waistband of her pyjama bottoms and all the air seemed to disappear from the room.

"Utter torture," Ash whispered, her fingers teasing and a wicked gleam in her eyes.

Scribbs never did find out how Sullivan kissed, but after the first hour or two it didn't really seem to matter.

The End

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