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Kiss me it's beginning to snow
By Jay


The snow was falling in thick white flurries through the darkness, swirling in fast eddies around the two women standing beneath the muted orange glow of a street lamp, sticking stubbornly to their clothing and settling at their feet.

The blonde's chin was dipped low into the folds of her multicoloured woollen scarf, her hands rammed deep into her coat pockets. The brunette by her side had turned her collar up as her concession to the wintry weather, in lieu of any type of warm neck apparel colourful or otherwise.

The blonde, Scribbs, was seemingly contemplating a matter of extreme importance, her eyebrows deeply furrowed in concentration as she rocked gently back and forth on her heels, before settling for nervously shuffling her feet instead, scuffing the toe of one boot in the light dusting of snow on the pavement.

Ash stood serenely by her side, her face turned up towards the dusky pink snow filled sky, apparently unaware of her partner's thoughtful turmoil, barring a muttered "Oh do stop shuffling Scribbs" in clipped tones.

Eventually Scribbs seemed to reach a decision, turning abruptly on her heel to face her friend and fellow officer; she drew her hands slowly out of her pockets.

Ash turned towards Scribbs at the movement, a questioning look on her face, her mouth opened as if to speak, only to find herself being softly kissed, warm hands reaching up to gently cup her icy pink cheeks, too stunned to respond.

Scribbs pulled away slowly an uncharacteristically shy grin on her face "Night Ash" she said, running the pads of her thumbs down the brunette's cheeks as she withdrew, then turned and walked away into the night, the darkness quickly swallowing her up leaving a somewhat shocked Ash in her wake eyes wide in surprise and her breath billowing out around her in great plumes.

After a moment a gloved hand withdrew from the depths of a pocket and reached up to touch her lips. Finally a lopsided grin appeared on her face as she stared at the place where Scribbs' retreating form had last been seen, then, regaining her senses she quickly followed so as to catch up.

"Took you long enough," came the muted voice through the darkness as the blonde hooked her arm though the brunette's and they headed off into the night.

The End

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