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By Crimsonwhisper





Rules for fun.

Easy to follow really. Right? Wrong.

Fun would be watching the film, some man in brightly coloured pyjamas swinging around New York City saving people, while Scribbs runs a babbling commentary about how Americans pronounce things strangely. Like Aluminium. This, to Ash at the moment, sounds sexier than it has any right to sound coming from Scribbs. Instead, Ash finds her eyes drifting to the tantalizing strip of skin peaking out from under Scribbs's top, and the fingers slowly rubbing said strip of skin.

'Tantalizing? Oh! Bloody hell.' Such vocabulary even contained to ones mind, could not be a good thing.

Ash bit her lip as her eyes followed Scribbs's fingers, wondering how soft she felt. Her eyes drifted up to Scribbs's lips, which were saying something about the man in his pyjamas. All Ash heard though; was the rapid beating of her own heart, which currently threatened to leap out of her throat as Scribbs's tongue snuck out to wet her lips.

So few moments allowed Ash to indulge in blatant ogling of her partner, and if a man running round in his pyjamas was going to provide such an opportunity, Ash certainly wasn't going to complain. Really, pyjamas weren't all that bad. Take for example the ones Scribbs currently wore. A Brightly coloured top and oddly patterned drawstring trousers. On their own? Not sexy. But, when the rule 'when one is stretched out at the opposite ends of the settee from the person who is secretly lusting after you, then the top must ride up just above the belly button and the trousers just past the swell of hips, thus revealing a hint of the knickers contained underneath' is observed? Very sexy.

Ash tried not to dwell. Really, she did. But her eyes caught something blue, a stark contrast to the pale skin peaking out just above Scribbs's panties.

"Bloody Hell!"

Startled, Scribbs turned questioning eyes towards her. "What?"

Ash swallowed and moved her eyes away from the mark to meet confused hazel eyes. "You have a tattoo?"

Scribbs smiled sheepishly. "Oh ah, got it awhile back." She replied as she tugged her pants down a bit further to reveal a small blue heart.

Ok, new rule. 'Upon discovery of a colourful mutilation on Scribbs's body, it was ok to stare. And touch'. Which seemed to be a temptation she could no longer resist as, she reached out and lightly traced the heart with her fingertips. It was fascinating, how the ink blended with perfect pale skin.

Marvelling at how soft the skin she was tracing felt, Ash almost missed the small noise Scribbs emitted. Almost. Her fingertips stilled but remained in contact with Scribbs's flesh as she tore her eyes away. An apology on her lips fell silent as she took in the flushed cheeks and the lip currently being bitten by Scribbs's lovely teeth. Ever so subtly, Ash moved a little bit closer. She let her fingertips continue stroking. "Did it hurt?"

Scribbs cleared her throat. "A bit, yeah. But it was worth it. Now … it feels good. Really, really good."

Not missing the husky quality that Scribbs's voice had taken on, Ash felt her rapid heart rate speed even more. The good Ash in her mind tried to warn her that she was treading on dangerous ground, but the Ash stroking her partner's skin just above her naughty area, told the good Ash to shut her bloody mouth. Rational thought was clearly not in play. Why else would Ash be leaning in to meet Scribbs who, also seemed to be having the same problem with rational thought?

Just when she thought her heart would stop altogether a shrill sound stopped her. Closing her eyes for a moment she hoped the noise would go away. No such luck as her beeper once again made itself known. Sighing heavily, Ash pulled back and snatched the offending item from the nearby table. Cursing under her breath she reached for her cell phone and placed a quick call to Sullivan. After a few short questions she snapped her mobile shut with another soft curse.

"Mayhem and murder afoot?" Scribbs asked. Her head tilted. Her eyes were on Ash, who had yet to look her in the face since the beeper went off.

"As always." Heavy disappointment churned in Ash's stomach. Sullivan always knew when to ruin a moment.

She tried to keep her thoughts on the case. Really she did. But her mind and her eyes kept wandering back to Scribbs, who, absorbed in her work, was completely oblivious. Sighing softly, she forced her eyes back the papers in front of her. Really, she wasn't herself. Clearly, she was loosing her mind. The current case wasn't helping matters. Two women found dead in a bathtub in a compromising position. Normally Ash didn't fancy herself a bath type of girl, but when an image of Scribbs straddling her in the bath so rudely distracted her mind at a most inappropriate time, she was beginning to wonder.

'Right, pack it in. Be professional. Okay, just one more look.' Ash glanced up, locking eyes with Scribbs. Ash was frozen. She had not expected to be caught. So much for stealthy ogling. Ash opened her mouth, doing her best fish out of water impression.

"Don't think I haven't noticed, Ash You really have to stop looking at me like that."

"Like what?" She heard herself respond weakly but the pounding of her heart made it difficult think. She swallowed hard as Scribbs's mouth opened to respond to her dumb question but before she could speak, a knock sounded at the door and a head popped in.

"Sullivan wants to see you."

The head disappeared, followed by a death glare from Ash. 'Bloody Sullivan and his bloody interruptions. Oh well a chance for escape at least.' She reached for the door handle and only managed to open it slightly before she was spun around and pressed up against the door, closing it again. Her eyes widened in surprise as Scribbs placed her hands on either side of her head and leaned in, eyes shining.

"Scribbs, what is the rule about …?" Ash's gaze locked onto full red lips and her protest died.

"You really have to stop looking at me like that Ash, or I won't be held responsible for breaking one of your rules." Scribbs leaned in further, her breath ghosting Ash's lips.

Ash wanted to point out that Scribbs had already broken a rule but decided against it. Anticipation wound tight around her, turning her brain to mush. Her eyes closed and she leaned in just a tad, barely bringing their lips together. Sometimes, the slightest of sensations can create the most feeling. Ash was pretty sure her heart was going to thump right out of her chest. She leaned in closer but before she could deepen the kiss, Scribbs stepped back. With a smirk on her lips, Scribbs spun her away from the door and pulled it open.

"Rules, Ash." She spoke softly as she walked out of the office with one last heated look in her direction.

Ash blinked in shock as she watched the other woman walk away. "Well fuck me." She breathed before hurrying after Scribbs.

The End

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