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Coming Out of the Closet
By Ann


"You know … this doesn't look good."

"And what would you be referring to, Scribbs? The fact that the suspect got away or the fact that he managed to lock us in this closet," Ash replied with a bit of sarcasm.

Shrugging, Scribbs answered, "Um, both?"

"Well, we need to find a way out of here before someone finds out, especially the boss," Ash explained as she attempted to look around the dark closet for something to aid in their escape.

Scribbs felt along the wall, and her hand brushed across a narrow string. Curious, she pulled it toward her and the light from above clicked on, illuminating the closet in a soft glow.

"At least we're no longer in the dark," Scribbs pointed out the obvious.

"Great. Now, we can see our failure," Ash countered.

"Would you rather stay in the dark and try to feel your way out?" Scribbs asked her ill-tempered partner.

"No. Sorry, it's just that I'm not too fond of confined places," Ash answered in a form of apology.

Glancing around the space, Scribbs said, "Well, this closet is fairly large as far as closets go. Good thing we're not locked in one of my flat's closets or else we'd be right on top of each other."

"That wouldn't be so horrible," Ash muttered under her breath.

Turning to her partner, Scribbs asked, "Did you say something?"

"No, I was just talking to myself. Let's just figure out how to get out of here," Ash replied as she managed to deflect the conversation back to the problem at hand.

Both women immediately began to scour the closet for anything to use, but each came up empty-handed.

"Bloody hell. This guy doesn't have anything in here but clothing. I don't think a pair of trousers are going to help us at all," a disappointed Scribbs said.

Putting her hands on her hips, Ash leaned her head back and contemplated asking for divine intervention when she spotted a cricket bat up on the shelf, the very high shelf.

"Scribbs, look up there," Ash exclaimed in excitement.

"What?" Scribbs answered peering upwards.

Pointing to the shelf, Ash said, "There's a bat up there. Perhaps we can use it to hit our way out."

"And just how do you propose we get up there to retrieve it," Scribbs asked skeptically.

Quickly judging their respective heights and the distance to the desired object, Ash smiled and explained, "I think I can lift you high enough so that you can reach it."

"Did you hit your head or something? You can't lift me."

"I can if I use the wall for support, but you'd have to arch your body a bit," Ash pointed out.

"Okay, but if you drop me, I'm never speaking to you again," Scribbs said as she moved closer to her partner.

Bracing herself against the wall, Ash looked down into her partner's eyes and smiled. She bent down and grasped Scribbs around the waist, turning her head so that her ear was tightly pressed against her partner's stomach. Counting to three, she gently lifted.

Scribbs immediately began to flail her arms, but managed to right herself by placing her hands on Ash's shoulders. The feel of arms tightly wrapped around her and a head pushed against her body, had Scribbs closing her eyes to keep her focus on the task at hand.

Struggling to keep hold of her partner and her own libido, Ash asked, "Do you see it?"

Realizing she would have to open her eyes to answer the question, Scribbs took a deep breath and peered upward to spot the handle of the bat just above her head.

"Yes, but I'm not sure I can reach it," Scribbs replied.

"See if you can stretch upwards; I promise not to drop you."

"Okay, hold on," Scribbs instructed as she removed her right hand from Ash's shoulder in order to attempt the maneuver.

Inches from the bat, Scribbs tried to reach even higher, but only succeeded in overbalancing causing Ash to panic. The two teetered back and forth and round and round before Ash finally released Scribbs, who thankfully slid straight down her partner's body, instead of falling backwards.

Ash held on to her now grounded partner tightly, refusing to let go, and Scribbs happily complied as she embraced the trembling woman.

A few moments later, Ash loosened her grip and looked down at a smiling Scribbs. Grateful that Scribbs wasn't seriously injured; Ash took advantage of their close proximity and threw all caution to the wind as she leaned down to sweetly kiss her partner's lips. Scribbs, who had been dreaming of this moment forever, wholeheartedly returned the gesture.

A nervous Ash pulled away first and cursed herself for getting caught up in the moment. 'Way to go Ash, attack the poor woman before she's had the chance to catch her breath.'

Caressing her partner's face, Scribbs whispered, "No second thoughts or regrets, Ash. Let's just enjoy the moment."

Ash gave her partner a quick peck on the lips and pulled her into a loving embrace. The two women stood in the middle of the closet holding onto each other without a care in the world.

Scribbs eventually pulled away from Ash and confessed, "I've got something important to tell you."

Ash shook her head and replied, "Not yet, it's too early; wait until I've had time to wine and dine you properly."

"Okay, but that's not what I was going to say. I just wanted to tell you that I saw a key above the door facing when you and I were doing our tilt-o-whirl dance," Scribbs reported with a smile.

"Oh, sorry. I guess I misunderstood," a red-faced Ash replied as she moved to the door.

Reaching up, she ran her hand across the door facing and came away with a key between her fingers. She placed the key into the lock below the doorknob and turned.

Scribbs moved next to her partner to put her hand on the knob. Holding her breath, she turned the doorknob and pushed forward allowing the two women to step out.

"Um, Ash? Just so you know, you didn't misunderstand," Scribbs said to her quiet partner.

Ash displayed one of her rare full wattage smiles and replied, "Good to know, Scribbs, but right now we need to come up with what we're going to tell Sullivan."

"That's easy. We'll just tell him it took us some time to finally come out of the closet," a grinning Scribbs answered as she took her partner's hand and led her from the room.

The End

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