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No Excuse
By Erin Griffin


Scribbs sat in her car, looking up at the light left on through the window of her flat. She draped her arms over the steering wheel and bit her lip. She imagined Ash there on the right side of the bed, checking the clock. She looked at her own watch to see that it was two minutes to four AM. The light on her mobile phone indicated that Scribbs had gotten many phone calls asking, then demanding for her to call Ash back, calls she would've gotten had she stayed away from where she'd been.

Many tall tales and lies ran through her head, but so did all the loopholes Ash would no doubt see through. Their car wasn't very old and Scribbs had just paid a lot to get it checked through, so car problems couldn't be used. Everyone else from Mona's hen night had gone home close to one AM, leaving her with Leo, the woman at the pub. Surely Ash had already called Scribbs' cousin first to see if she was with her. Other than those two things, Scribbs would have no excuse as to why she was returning home so late, not that she would lie to Ash. There was just no excuse for what she'd done.

She knew that she had to face Ash some time, and the longer she stayed out there, the harder it would have been for the both of them. It killed her to know that she'd hurt Ash, and the guilt of that was horrible, even before telling her lover. Scribbs took in a deep breath and opened the car door. The curtains above her shifted slightly, and she saw the brunette of her lover's hair. She stuck her hands deep into her pockets after she got out of the car and locked the doors behind her. She hurried up the steps, slowing the closer she got to her own flat. She took out the keys, preparing herself for the scene that would come next, and opened the door.

Ash stood by the dining room table, her left hand draped elegantly over the top of an almost empty wine glass, and her back was to the blonde. "Where have you been, Scribbs?" she asked in a soft, calm voice that Scribbs suspected was rehearsed.

"Ash, we need to talk," she said as a reply.

The brunette turned to Scribbs, and right away she saw the tears that streaked her reddened face, which somehow made her eyes brighter. With pain in her chest, Scribbs knew she wouldn't see those eyes glitter with love towards her as they had that very morning. She knew just then exactly how much she fucked up. "Yes," Ash said, her voice still calm, "I suppose we do."

The End

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