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As Small As A Broken Heart
By Jaina


When Michael lays his hand on her arm and says, "Your father sent me here for you." Ziva doesn't make a decision.

There is no decision to make. It was decided when she was eighteen - not by her father, but by herself - as she holds her sister's bloodied body in the streets of Tel Aviv and watches as her life drains away. 

She does not join Mossad; she becomes Mossad. She is the tip of the spear and the shaft too. There are no jobs too dirty; no lines that she will hesitate to cross if it is required. She does what must be done.

There are no second thoughts now. No decisions to be made.

She will break hearts; her own first and most definitely. The few pieces that are not already shattered by this will undoubtedly crumble when she next sees Abby.

Ziva wonders when her betrayal will be known and tries to imagine the depths of Abby's hatred. Yet everything she can picture isn't quite enough.

Her heart breaks because this isn't what she wanted, but she will not change a thing. Her heart breaks because the woman she loves will never truly know it.

The End

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