Angel Makayla

A Shoulder to Cry On PG-13 Abby/Ziva   Kate/Abby It's a party for NCIS's 100th solved case of the year, but where's Abby? Complete


Rule #12 PG Kate/Abby Some rules are worth breaking. Complete

Caitrin Torres

Things That Go Bump In the Night PG Kate/Abby Kate knows more than she's telling. Complete

Callie Johnston

Exhausted PG Kate/Abby Craving sleep and time together. Complete

Carola "Ryûchan" Eriksson

A girl with a fish and a smile PG Kate/Abby Kate thinks about her relationship with Abby as she tries to retrieve some photos. Complete


Seeing with New Eyes PG Kate/Abby Abby has a bad day, Ziva wants to know why. Complete

Bodyguard PG Abby/Ziva Gibbs puts Ziva on protection detail for Abby. Complete

Madam Director PG Abby/Jenny Abby is spending too much time at work. Complete


Come in From the Rain 18 Ziva/JJ Criminal Minds crossover - J.J. meets a stranger who helps her open up about regrets and missed chances. Complete

Cirroco DeSade

The Right Life 15 Abby/Ziva Ziva decides to start living, not just be alive. Complete

Collared PG Abby/Ziva Ziva has a minor problem with some of Abby's accessories. Complete

Confession PG Abby/Ziva Ziva doesn't want any lies to come between them. Complete

Fairy Tale G Abby/Ziva A spy's way of expressing her emotions. Complete

Lost, then maybe found, in translation PG Abby/Ziva Drunk Ziva speaks truth in many languages, until finally Abby understands. Complete

Not So Impulsive PG Abby/Ziva Abby didn't realize just how much she would miss her team. Most of all, she didn't realize how missing her would leave a hole in her life. Complete

Officer Down 15 Abby/Ziva Ziva is a hero, at a very large cost. Complete

The day before The Day PG Abby/Ziva The unexpected sometimes happens. Complete

The Tip of the Spear 15 Abby/Ziva Never forget she is a trained assasin. And she protects those she loves, at any cost. Complete

Times Change PG-13 Abby/Ziva Sometimes a little knowledge changes everything. Complete


A Diva's Demise 1 2 PG-13 Multi-fandom crossover - Sister conventions at the Happiest Place on Earth - Who said it's a small world after all? Complete

In Search of Kringle New PG Multi-fandom crossover. Complete

Dark Wyldchilde

Friend of my Friend 18 Faith/Tara   Ziva/Abby BtVS crossover - Marines are missing, and turning up as vampires. The Lock is seeking out the source, and will do so with some new allies. Complete

Downtime 18 Faith/Tara   Ziva/Abby BtVS crossover - Gibbs NCIS team is no longer with NCIS, and has signed on to hunt monsters with the men and women of the Lock. This is their transition. Complete

Witches Powder 18 Faith/Tara   Ziva/Abby BtVS crossover - The Lock doesn't tend to societies ills, but the hot new party drug on the scene is looking like it will take their special expertise. Complete

Hunting Tigers 18 Faith/Tara   Ziva/Abby BtVS crossover - An old enemy returns. Complete

Running With the Devil 18 Faith/Tara   Ziva/Abby BtVS crossover - The soldiers of the Lock are coming to the understanding that the reason there isn't a plural for the word apocalypse is because it would devalue the concept, and the doomsdays that they have been facing have simply been warming them up. Complete

Del Robertson

Whatever Happened to Ralst? G Ralst hasn't been heard from, and it's up to our intrepid detectives of the fan fiction universe to solve the case. Complete

Traditions G Abby/Ziva Abby introduces Ziva to yet another American tradition. Complete

Do You Hear What I Hear? G Abby/Ziva Ziva's been learning Christmas carols. Complete

Silent Night PG Abby/Ziva The question arises: Do you believe in Santa Claus? And, if you could have any Christmas wish, what would it be? Complete


Can I Keep You? PG-13 Abby/Ziva receives a Valentine's request. Complete


Free to Be G Abby/Ziva No synopsis given. Complete

Giving Thanks PG Abby/Ziva No synopsis given. Complete


Baby Steps

Filters are for Coffee PG Kate/Abby Kate gets to know Abby during her first day at NCIS. Complete

Elevator Conference PG Kate/Abby Revelations in the conference room. Complete

Holy Water PG Kate/Abby Bless me, Father, for I have... Complete

Johnnie Walker Wisdom 18 Kate/Abby Drinking, dancing and dangerous levels of alcohol. Complete

The Corruption of Caitlin

Jesus in a Pacer 15 Kate/Abby "It's the inside that counts." Complete

A Little Lipstick PG-13 Kate/Abby It's just a little lipstick... Complete

Typing One-Handed 18 Kate/Abby Eavesdropping on a chat session. Complete

Moon Over... 15 Kate/Abby Kate gets a tat and no, it is not a rose. Complete

The Goth Who Came To Dinner PG-13 Kate/Abby Kate tries to hide her relationship with Abby from her visiting parents. Complete

God in the Machine 15 Kate/Abby Where Abby believes God can be found. Complete


Along Came Tim PG-13 Kate/Abby Kate and Abby meet Timothy McGee. Complete

Lonely Nights PG-13 Kate/Abby Never on the same day. Complete

Boop 15 Kate/Abby Abby goes searching; Kate gets revenge. Complete

Pre-Dawn PG Kate/Abby I read the news today, oh boy... Complete

Abs in the Fall PG Kate/Abby Kate remembers her favorite drawing. Complete

With Benefits 15 Kate/Abby "Haven't you ever slept with a friend?" Complete

Eyes PG-13 Kate/Abby Reasons why Kate couldn't. Complete

The Scent of Morning G Kate/Abby What wakes Kate in the morning. Complete

The Sound and the Fury PG-13 Kate/Abby ...Signifying everything. Complete

Pen and Ink 18 Kate/Abby Abby finds Kate's secret stash... Complete

Copper 18 Kate/Abby Death, life and beyond. Complete

Fighting Vainly, the Old Ennui 15 Kate/Abby Abby offends Kate and goes to extremes to make it up to her. Complete

Boys of Summer G Kate/Abby The bases are loaded, NCIS vs. the FBI... and two players are AWOL from the diamond. Complete

Sorry, Kate PG Kate/Abby The aftermath of "Left for Dead." Complete

Further on Down the Road PG Kate/Abby Towns passing by the window... Complete

Exploring in a Thunderstorm 15 Kate/Abby Kate and Abby explore during a thunderstorm. Complete

Only Horses and Men G Kate/Abby Abby doubts herself and forensics. Kate is having none of it. Complete

Trial by Fire PG Kate/Abby Why Abby filled out the application. Complete

Even After PG Kate/Abby Kate fears her first nightmare. Complete

Get on Up and Testify 15 Kate/Abby Abby plays dress-up; Kate has a surprise addition to the ensemble. Complete

The Christmas Guest G Kate/Abby Kate decides loneliness is overrated. Complete

Old Time Since PG Kate/Abby New Years Eve is vastly overrated... Complete

Bigger Than a Thistle Bush G Kate/Abby Abby's being sneaky... Ducky is reluctantly along for the ride. Complete

Who Names Their Kid Harrison? PG Kate/Abby Tony discovers the truth about "Harrison." Complete

S.B.C. PG Kate/Abby Kate grieves for someone she never knew. Complete

Something for the Weekend PG-13 Kate/Abby Kate packed something a little naughty for the spa weekend... Complete

Agent in Red 15 Kate/Abby Abby thinks it's Kate's best color. Complete

The Other Woman 18 Kate/Paula   Kate/Abby   Abby/McGee "Sometimes I want a little normal. Sometimes I want to be on top. Sometimes... I want to be in charge." Complete

Three Blind Mice PG-13 Kate/Abby A mysterious letter leads Gibbs on a cat-and-mouse game that may cost his agents their lives. Complete

When the Witnesses are Gone PG Kate/Abby "Let me see your beauty when the witnesses are gone." Complete

Swing Vote PG Kate/Abby Kate and Abby discuss the first time. Complete

The Special Agent, the Goth and the Baby PG Kate/Abby Kate has to go above and beyond for her protection detail. Complete

Perpetual Buzz PG Kate/Abby How Abby copes. Complete

Sweeping Down the Plain 15 Kate/Ziva Kate defuses a potential terrorist situation. Complete

Penance 15 Kate/Ziva A not-so-chance meeting in a bar. Complete

If Tomorrow Never Comes 15 Abby/Ziva Ziva pays Abby a visit. Complete


Five Days PG-13 Abby/Ziva Abby invites Ziva to attend her brother's wedding with her. Ziva is reluctant, but agrees. Complete

Night Life PG Abby/Ziva Stuck in the middle of no where on a friday night, whatever is Tony DiNozzo to do? Complete

Of Saturday Mornings PG Abby/Ziva A Saturday morning wake-up call. Complete

Bloody Mess PG Abby/Ziva Sometimes things aren't what they seem. Sometimes life's just a bloody mess. Complete

That Old Hinky Feeling PG Abby/Ziva Abby starts to feel edgy so she calls Gibbs. It is a reflex - a habit. She doesn't start to worry, really, until he doesn't answer his cell phone. Complete

Past Tense PG-13 Ziva/Jenny   Abby/Ziva Post Episode fic for Jeopardy. Ziva goes to see Jenny after the events of Jeopardy. Complete

Under the Stars PG Abby/Ziva Abby is upset. Ziva tries to make her feel better. Complete

Two Wrongs PG Abby/Ziva Two wrongs don't make a right, but maybe sometimes it doesn't matter. Complete

Remembering the Past PG Abby/Ziva Life is what it is. Not much can change that. Complete

Day at the Office PG Ziva/f Ziva meets a stranger and there are sparks. Complete

Days of Summer PG-13 Abby/Ziva Ziva is forced to confront her father and her past. Complete

Elf Lord Surprise PG Abby/Ziva McGee manages to take a picture of Ziva in his elf lord headgear. Complete

PSA PG Abby/Ziva Abby has a black eye and Tony wants to know how she got it. Complete

Pass the Porn PG Jenny/Ziva Jenny brings Ziva home for Thanksgiving dinner. Complete

So Not Houdini PG Abby/Ziva Some work related accidents are more common than others. Complete

Four ways Abby almost quit NCIS and one she didn't PG Abby/Ziva The title says it all. Complete

Through the Cracks PG-13 Abby/Ziva Based on this prompt: I'd like to read a story in which Ziva calls Gibbs up on the favor he owes her. I want it to follow canon and I really don't want any Gibbs/Ziva romance. Including the other characters (especially Tony) would be appreciated and I love stories with a bit of humor and banter in them Complete

Taking Chances 15 Abby/Ziva Ziva invites Abby over for dinner. Romance and complications ensue. Complete

Only PG-13 Abby/Ziva Christmas with Abby and Ziva. Complete

Erasing the Past PG-13 Abby/Ziva After the events of Hiatus, an investigation is opened that brings Abby into conflict with choices she has made in the past. Complete

In Her Dreams PG-13 Abby/Ziva Ziva David is a complicated woman. And once, when she was seventeen, she was caught in a shopping mall when a bomb exploded. Complete

Caught In A Bottle PG Abby/Ziva Of bugs, hot summer days and straying glances. Complete

An Outstretched Hand PG-13 Ziva/Jenny   Abby How did Jenny get Ziva to come join NCIS in the first place? Prequel to Into the Setting Sun. Complete

Into the Setting Sun PG-13 Ziva/Jenny   Abby It all falls a part into the setting sun. Complete

Rising From the Ashes PG Abby/Ziva When the sun rises, Ziva is on the stairs of Abby's apartment with two large cups of coffee in hand. Sequel to Into the Setting Sun. Complete

Outside In PG-13 Abby/Ziva Abby and Ziva's relationship progresses as they come to know one another better. Sequel to Into the Setting Sun. Complete

Falling into Place PG-13 Abby/Ziva Abby and Ziva wake up after a long night of conversation and movie watching. Sequel to Outside In. Complete

Playing by the Rules PG-13 Abby/Ziva Ziva and Abby go into work. Directly follows the events of Outside In and Falling Into Place. Complete

When Settling Is A Good Thing PG Abby/Ziva Ziva attempts to take Abby to lunch. Sequel to Playing by the Rules. Complete

Full Circle PG-13 Abby/Ziva Circumstances force Tony to have a word with Ziva after Gibbs leaves. Complete

Quitting the Drink PG-13 Abby/Ziva Why did Abby really give up caffeine? Sequel to Full Circle. Complete

Rough Week PG Abby/Ziva Ziva is worried about Abby after Tony's kidnapping and goes to check on her. Sequel to Quitting the Drink. Complete

Hard Lessons PG-13 Abby/Ziva   Ziva/Courtney Ziva gives Courtney those "fighting lessons". Sequel to Rough Week. Complete

A Chance Meeting PG Abby/Ziva Abby and Ziva have a surprise meeting over breakfast and take a chance to discuss things. Sequel to Hard Lessons. Complete

Down the Path PG-13 Abby/Ziva Ziva and Abby exchange pieces of the story of their lives. Complete

Further Down PG Abby/Ziva Ziva shares some of her own past with Abby and faces the consequences of sharing that with her. Sequel to Down the Path. Complete

What Happened? PG-13 Abby/Ziva There's a first time for everything, even not so pleasant things. Complete

Lucky Woman PG Abby/Ziva Jenny and Ziva chat sometime after the events of 'Bloodbath'. Complete

A Taste of Fate PG Abby/Ziva   Ziva/Tony A taste of what might have been...or still could be. Complete

How It Shouldn't Have Gone PG-13 Abby/Ziva Ziva finds Abby in the hospital. Complete

Five Things Ziva and Abby Do As Parents PG Abby/Ziva The title is pretty self-explanatory. Sequel to How It Shouldn't Have Gone. Complete

One Yellow Rose 15 Abby/Ziva Future fic. Abby meets Ziva again very unexpectedly. Complete

A Bowl of Petals PG-13 Abby/Ziva Tony's back in town for Abby's birthday and Abby surprises someone in her house. Sequel to One Yellow Rose. Complete

Mottled Rainbow PG Abby/Ziva What happened after the events of Shalom? Complete

Crying In Their Beer PG Ziva/Jenny   Abby/Kate It's not so much a love triangle as a square of broken hearts. Set early Season 3. Complete

Living Their Life PG Ziva/Jenny Ziva takes Jenny out for dinner. Sequel to Crying In Their Beer. Complete

Fighting Their Fights PG Ziva/Jenny Ziva struggles to become more of a part of the team, but will she lose Jenny because of it? Sequel to Living Their Lives. Complete

Giving Their Thanks PG-13 Ziva/Jenny There's always much to be thankful for. Sequel to Fighting Their Fights. Complete

Waking From Their Dream PG-13 Ziva/Jenny After the highly spoilery events of the finale, Abby goes to find Ziva as the only friend who knows the truth about Ziva and Jenny's relationship. Sequel to Giving Their Thanks in a very loose way. The end of my Jenny/Ziva series. Complete

Too Much Fun PG Ziva/Jenny Ziva invites Jenny to Abby's annual Halloween party. Complete

One of Those Mornings PG-13 Abby/Ziva Abby wakes up in an unfamiliar places and has a conversation she never imagined having. Complete

All Dressed in White PG-13 Abby/Ziva Ziva gets married, all dressed in white. Complete

Teasing It Out PG-13 Abby/Ziva Teasing a trained killer wasn't for the faint-hearted - but Abby Sciuto liked to live dangerously. Complete

In Arms PG Abby/Ziva It's an exclusive club, where the price of entry is high and paid for in trust. Complete

Tangible Proof PG Abby/Ziva The picture on her phone is dull and faded - colourless - nothing like how Ziva truly is. Complete

Brown-Eyed Girl PG-13 Abby/Ziva Abby's always had a thing for brown eyes. Complete

A Family Way PG Abby/Ziva Abby cooks for Gibbs. Complete

Lunch Break PG Abby/Ziva The team takes a lunch break. Complete

She Mattered PG Abby/Ziva Abby's job offer has repercussions. Complete

An Unexpected Adventure PG Abby/Ziva Ziva goes into work on Christmas day and finds something that she definitely wasn't expecting. Complete

See You PG-13 Abby/Ziva Ziva sees more than anyone thinks. So does Abby. Complete

The Promise of Home PG-13 Abby/Ziva A mission from Mossad effects Ziva more than she expected. Complete

A Quick Call PG Ziva/Courtney Krieger Ziva gets an unexpected phone call. Complete

Vehicular Misconceptions PG-13 Ziva/Jenny Driving lessons. Complete

The Right Choice PG Abby/Kate What's the right decision? Kate has to choose. Complete

Not Quite Right 15 Ziva/Jenny Ziva goes to see Jenny. Set just after 4.04 Silver War. Complete

Small Gestures PG Abby/Ziva It's the small gestures that matter the most. Complete

Uncertain Welcome PG-13 Ziva/Jenny Ziva arrives earlier than anticipated. Complete

Pointed Demonstration PG Ziva/Jenny The team watches Ziva practice. Complete

Kate's Desk PG Kate/Ziva Ari's bullet doesn't kill Kate. Now what will happen? Complete

Weighed Decisions PG Ziva/Jenny Jenny has an idea and weighs the decision in her mind. Complete

Moving On Along PG Abby/Ziva   Ziva/Jenny Misunderstands abound. Complete

Too Much (False) Information PG-13 Abby/Ziva Tony's an idiot. Complete

Just Try It PG Kate/Abby Pure, unadulterated silliness. Complete

Untitled PG Abby/Ziva Ziva's a girl on a mission. Complete

Loser! PG Kate/Abby Kate looses a bet. Complete

On the Edge PG-13 Ziva/Jenny JENNY: She's damn good. And I owe her. She saved my life in Cairo two years ago. Complete

Simple Decisions PG Kate/Abby Kate has a very important question to ask Abby. Complete

Follow Through PG Kate/Abby It's moving day! Complete

In the Downpour PG-13 Abby/Ziva Come in out of the rain. Complete

Perplexed G Abby/Ziva Goofy, silly fluffyness. Complete

Ghost PG-13 Abby/Ziva There is one thing that frightens Ziva David. Complete

Recoil PG-13 Abby/Ziva Spade - a sharp projection on the bottom of a gun trail, designed to dig into the earth to restrict backward movement of the carriage during recoil. - Complete

Acceptable Trade-Off PG-13 Abby/Ziva How Ziva came to work with Gibbs & Team to prove Ari's innocence. Complete

Let Me In PG-13 Abby/Ziva Ziva offers to help Abby. Complete

The Present Moment 15 Abby/Ziva The cupcake theft was thwarted Ziva's gift. What will Ziva do to make up for it? Complete

The Grand Derby Adventure PG Abby/Ziva Sister Rosita canceled on Abby. Who else can she find to go to Roller Derby with her? Why Ziva, of course. Post Agent Afloat. Complete

Standing Firm 15 Abby/Ziva Ziva's back. What happens now? Sequel to Running Out of Days and On Uncertain Ground. Complete

On Uncertain Ground 15 Abby/Ziva Abby wakes up alone. Nothing is the same as the night before. Sequel to Running Out of Days. Complete

Running Out of Days PG-13 Abby/Ziva Leon Vance has delivered his ultimatum. Now what will Ziva do? Complete

Hell Hath No Fury Like Abby Sciuto 15 Abby/Ziva Why was Abby so angry with Ziva when she came to NCIS? The answer is held in the past. Their past. Complete

The Best Thing That Never Happened to Kate Todd 15 Kate/Ziva   Kate/Abby Tony dies. Kate doesn't. Everything changes. Complete

Everything You Love About Me PG Abby/Ziva Abby asks a silly question and gets an unexpectedly serious answer. Complete

As Small As A Broken Heart PG-13 Abby/Ziva When Michael lays his hand on her arm and says, "Your father sent me here for you." Ziva doesn't make a decision. Complete

The iTunes Meme That Ate LJ PG Abby/Ziva The title is pretty self-explanatory. Complete

Christmas Cheer PG Abby/Ziva Ziva meets the parents. Complete

The Real Thing 15 Abby/Ziva "I could never eat you, Abby." Complete

A Whole New World PG-13 Abby/Ziva Ziva needs help with a Probie problem. Who will she turn to? Complete

Come What May: An NCIS Christmas Carol 15 Abby/Ziva Apparently the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future aren't secular. They're willing to take on anyone's troubles and show them the error of their ways. That or Ziva David needs to start eating less pizza before falling asleep. Complete

Twenty Questions PG Abby/Ziva Abby thinks Ziva is in love with Tony because of the way she's been acting toward him. Complete

W is for Why PG Abby/Ziva Why did Ziva lie to Nora? Why did Tony lie to McGee? Complete

J is for Jealous PG-13 Abby/Ziva Abby has a problem with Ziva's jealousy. Complete

P is for Passover PG-13 Abby/Ziva Ziva invites Abby into her life. Complete

X is for Xenophobia PG-13 Abby/Ziva Ziva meets the family and experiences the joys of different cultures. Complete


Close Protection Officer 1-4 5-8 9-12 13-16 17-20 21-24 15 Abby/Ziva Abby's stalker returns just as a group of terrorists strike multiple targets. The NCIS team must hunt down terrorists while Ziva has the added role of Abby's Close Protection Officer. Everything is complicated when Ziva and Abby realize they are falling for each other. Complete


Part of the Team 15 Kate/Abby Ziva wants to know why she's not part of the team, Abby clears it up for her. Complete


Kate PG Abby/Ziva   Kate/Abby When Gibbs accidentally calls Ziva "Kate," Ziva and Abby must deal with the emotional consequences. Complete


Cosmos, CafPows, and Coworkers PG-13 Kate/Abby Kate tries to avoid Abby after a drunken advance. Written for the prompt - "One of them is drunk and amorous, the other must get her home and to bed, while fending off her advances." Complete

Sciuto's Rules PG-13 Abby/Ziva Abby has rules and Ziva's starting to figure them out. Complete


Ground Zero - Washington 3.00pm PG Abby/Ziva Part of the 'Ground Zero' series and the 'Vampires, Ghosts & Zombies' challenge. Complete


Call Waiting PG Kate/Abby Time to go home. Complete


Kidon 18 Ziva/Jen Action, intrigue, suspense, gorgeous gun-toting women, and some transliterated Hebrew. Plus a little romance, at no extra charge. To quote Mr. Grossman, Canon Is Fired. This is a Ziva-centric AU fix-it fic in which Jen Shepard does not die (or go mental, or get sick). If you liked the old kick-ass, bad-ass, not-a-bit-bitter Ziva, she's back. Complete

Between Hammer and Anvil 18 Ziva/Jen Follows directly after Kidon (but no, this is not The Big Sequel. Savlanut = patience). The crossover element is a single character (Robert Grace) from The Kingdom. Complete

Complexity 18 Ziva/Jen Follows directly after Between Hammer and Anvil. The crossover element is a single character (Robert Grace) from The Kingdom. Ziva and Jen love each other, and their jobs, and there's family to consider, too, both blood and otherwise. Relationships, and how they interlace, or don't. But it's a lot more complex than that... This is a story that starts with a veritable week from hell (or perhaps in hell), takes a vacation in a tropical paradise, whirls through a high-priority NCIS case, rides the bucks of the Israeli concept of mishpachah for a lot longer than 8 seconds, and finally drops anchor back in that crazy town called D.C. Complete

It Don't Break Even New PG-13 Ziva/Jen Follows directly after Complexity. Tony's in trouble, and he doesn't want to talk about it. So Ziva kidnaps him. Sort of. Because that's what a good friend would do. Complete

Yad Rochetzet Yad New 18 Ziva/Jen Follows a couple of months after It Don't Break Even. The crossover elements are 3 characters: Robert Grace (The Kingdom); Voodoo and Preacher (Medal of Honor 2010 video game). The hunters missed their intended quarry. They're about to become the hunted. It's not smart to mess with the Mossad. They take self-defense to preventative and permanent extremes. And if they can simultaneously assist and enlist various US agencies along the way, all the better. Yad rochetzet yad-one hand washes the other. Complete

Gradation PG-13 Ziva/Jen McGee's a gentleman, but as time passes he realizes that he can relax a little. Complete

Snapshots PG-13 Ziva/Jen Twenty-six drabbles, A to Z, 100 words each, sans titles and section breaks. Written in response to a challenge from a certain Kiwi Officer of the Court: "Bet you CAN'T write the ABCs of Kidon. 26 drabbles. 100/150 words each." ...I'm plagued with wenches! Complete


Why can't you be mine? PG-13 Abby/Ziva An early morning on a small trail next to the Potomac. Complete


Four Times Probie Almost Died PG Abby/Ziva McGee's four lucky escapes. Complete


Watching You 18 Kate/Abby Kate needs the help of her team to lose a dangerous stalker. Complete

Expanding Horizons 18 Kate/Abby Abby is always pushing Kate just a little outside her comfort zone. Complete


Nailed PG Abby/Ziva Ziva offers to help rebuild an exploded case. Complete

Ziva, Caged PG Ziva/Eva   Eva/Natalie Medical Investigation crossover - Ziva is quarantined at Pearl Harbour during a medical emergency. Complete

Hiding Out PG Eva/Natalie   Ziva/Eva Medical Investigation crossover - Eva takes refuge with Natalie after her run in with Ziva. Complete

Ros Sawyer

Can't forget, won't regret, what I did for love PG-13 Faith/Kate Ari decides to steal Kate again, this time he finds himself up against Faith Coleman. Complete


I don't know what she said... PG-13 Abby/Ziva Ziva's feelings are finally out there. But what happens if Abby can't understand her? Complete

For better or for worse... 1 2 PG-13 Abby/Ziva   Ziva/Jenny Sequel to 'I don't know what she said'. Ayelet, Ziva's old army friend is getting married. Ziva, and the woman she loves, are invited. Can she keep the memories of her last relationship hidden, or will she trust enough to open her heart? On-Going


Butterfly PG Kate/Abby Abby finds a way to remember Kate. Complete


We Used To Be Friends PG-13 Kate/Abby She didn't go to many clubs, mainly because she didn't really have time to listen to music but for some reason she was in a club. Complete


Sleeping on the Job 1 PG-13 Abby/Ziva Dreaming is always good but erotic dreaming is even better, but not at the workplace, people could always find out your secret. Complete