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With Benefits
By Geonn


"Here you go!" Kate said, holding up the squash ball. She waved it back and forth, Tony's head following it motion for motion. When she finally tossed it, the small dog scurried off, her legs kicking up tiny plumes of dirt behind her. Kate laughed, dropping back onto the bench as her temporarily-adopted pet charged after the errant toy. "Good girl, Tony!" she called, clapping her hands to cheer the dog on.

Abby leaned forward, stretching across the picnic table so that half of her body was on the same side as Kate. "I'm gonna miss her," Abby said.

"Me too," Kate sighed. "But she's going to a home with a big back yard... and a neighborhood with kids."

"That's what my mom told me when Bubba died," Abby said mournfully.


"Dog," Abby said, her tone of voice implying that to say anything more would cause tears.

Kate let the matter drop and whistled, patting her thigh. "Good, Tony! Come on!"

"It's a shame," Abby said. "I mean, think of the fun we could've had. Tony wouldn't stop licking my face, Tony jumped into bed with me last night, I had to stop taking Tony to the park because he wouldn't stop humping everything in sight." She tilted her head. "Actually, that last one still works."

Kate smiled. "Oh, so you wouldn't sleep with Tony?"

"Not my type," Abby said.

"What about your 'sleeping with friends' comment?" She took the ball from Tony and waved it again. "Want the ball? Want it? Go get it!" She tossed it and looked at Abby. "Do you...? Sleep with your friends?"

"Sure," Abby shrugged. "I mean, if they're interested and I'm interested. Otherwise, it just gets in the way."

Kate shook her head. "I can't imagine that. I mean... yeah. Going on a date with a guy I know, sure. I've done that. Friends-to-lovers happens. It just... takes a while."

"Like how long?"

"Five dates."

"Five dates to get you into bed?" Abby gaped.

Kate looked away, embarrassed. "Why? How long does it take for you?"

"How fast can you drain a mug?"

"You're not serious."

Abby sighed and said, "Okay, here's the scenario. You're out with some friends, having a good time, drinking and dancing and having a great time when suddenly, you realize it's three in the morning on a Wednesday." Kate opened her mouth and Abby said, "It's just a hypothetical." Kate closed her mouth again. "You go back to a friend's apartment and it's just easier to crash there. And what if they happen to sleep in the nude?"

"Then I sleep on the couch!"

Abby patted Kate on the arm. "Sometimes, you make me just a little bit sad, Kate."

"Why, because I don't believe in casual sex?"

"No!" Abby said, scooting across the table to sit next to Kate. "Because you've never experienced casual sex. The rush, the excitement of doing something wrong. It makes the sex, like, ten times hotter."

"I don't see how," Kate groused. She looked across the park and saw Tony nosing around a bush.

Abby sighed and said, "Okay, picture a friend that you've known forever. It's late at night, you're drunk and feeling just a little horny. And this friend is there and you feel safe and you don't want to go home. And you're used to giving each other little pecks on the cheek, so you just move it slightly, you just... move your mouth a little and suddenly, your lips are touching."

Kate felt Abby's fingertip on the corner of her mouth and moved her eyes down without moving her head.

"And you know you shouldn't, because it could ruin the friendship. But you feel so safe and you don't want to go home because you don't really want to spend the night alone again."

Kate turned her head slightly, finding Abby's face extremely close to her own. Abby was looking at her lips and Kate swallowed loudly.

"Kate," Abby whispered.

"Mmm?" Kate managed.

"What you're feeling right now?"

Kate could only nod, watching the tip of Abby's tongue moisten her bottom lip.

"The twinge, the goose bumps, all of that... add sex to that..."

Kate shuddered violently.

"See?" Abby said, straightening her back and raising her voice to its normal level. "Like, ten times better."

"Whoo," Kate exhaled sharply.

Abby craned her neck, searching the trees for Tony. "We should go and find our dog... can't have him wandering off." She leapt effortlessly from the table, taking a few steps before she realized Kate wasn't following her. She turned around and said, "Kate? You coming?"

"I will be... if I move," Kate exhaled.

Abby grinned and climbed back onto the picnic table. She leaned in, whispering a few words into Kate's ear. Kate gasped, shuddered and gripped the edge of the table hard enough to break off a few splinters. Her other hand rested on her thigh, the fingers curling into talons as Abby whispered promises and teasing words into her ear. When Abby pulled back, she helped Kate off the table. She wrapped an arm around her friend's waist, drawing her towards their dog's last known location.

"See there? And that was just two friends talking. Imagine what the real thing is like."

Kate pressed against Abby's thigh, her eyes cast to the ground. "Do I have to... imagine, I mean?"

Abby grinned. "Let's go get the dog. We'll discuss the rest when we get back to your place."

The End

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