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By Geonn


Abby pushed down and said, "Boop."

Kate snickered and said, "Stop it, Abby!"

Abby shifted on the mattress, resting her head on Kate's shoulder. She dragged her black-lacquered fingernails across Kate's flat midsection, watching the trails appear in their wake. Kate squirmed and batted at Abby's hands. "Stop it!"

Still ignoring her, Abby pointed one finger down and pressed it against Kate's skin. "Boop!"

"I swear, Sciuto...!"

"I'm just finding the flab."

Kate growled and grabbed Abby's arm. They twisted and fought until Abby was on bottom. Kate pinned her with her thighs, holding Abby's arms up above her head. "Flab? You're looking for flab?"

Abby snickered, fighting Kate's grip. Kate adjusted her hold, moving her hands to keep Abby's wrists pinned. She ran her hand over Abby's midsection, squeezing every now and then. "How'd you like it if I looked for your flab?"

"You wouldn't dare," Abby said, her smile spreading wide.

Kate grinned wickedly, sliding her hand down. Abby gasped, jerking against Kate's hand. "I don't think you're going to find any flab there, Kate," Abby said, her voice shaking.

"How will we know... unless we check?" Kate asked.

Abby groaned, closing her eyes and arching her back as Kate searched.

Kate smiled and said, "Boop..."

The End

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