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Giving Thanks
By Geekgrrllurking


"Oh, my God!"

Abby Scuito arched her back, her heels digging into the soft mattress and came hard. Her fingers tangled into long dark hair, keeping her lover right where she needed, nestled between her legs hanging on for dear life. Her body was overwhelmed as emotion washed over her. Abby's head snapped back into her pillow from the intensity and she writhed and bucked beneath her lover's insistent touch. Finally Abby relaxed, slumping down onto the mattress into a panting, boneless heap.

"Not God, but close," Ziva David's dark head lifted slightly, their eyes locking as her hot breath tickled against Abby's flushed and sensitive skin, setting off small aftershocks and twitches. She hadn't stopped her movements, and gently continued to swirl in and out, reluctant to leave the warm confines of her lover's tempting body.

"Ziva," Abby sighed, her body once more starting to respond. "Are you trying to kill me?" The vibration of Ziva's soft chuckle as she pressed her lips against her clit nearly made her come again.

"I just wanted to thank you properly for inviting me to stay over at your place again," Ziva slowed her thrusts, coming to a complete stop, much to Abby's frustration. "Of course, if you'd rather have another cupcake as thanks…"

Ziva grinned as she was Gibbsmacked and then took pity on her lover, thrusting deeply and dipping her head to once more return to the mission at hand with all her usual intensity.

The End

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