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God in the Machine
By Geonn


"Do you believe in God?"

Abby opened her eyes and rolled onto her side, looking at Kate in the near-darkness of her bedroom. "Why?"

"Is that a no?"

"No. Why?"

Kate sighed. "I'm Catholic, Abby. And despite all you've done to open my eyes, to help me experience life, I can't help thinking that... what we're doing..."

"Homosexuality is a sin," Abby said, rolling onto her back again. "Right."

"I just want to know what you believe."

Abby was silent for so long that Kate thought she might have fallen asleep or was refusing to answer. Then, she said, "I think God is like a website."

Kate blinked at the ceiling, frowning as she tried to determine the logic of that. "God... i-is a website..."

"Yeah. Well, I mean, not literally or anything." She turned and rested her head on Kate's shoulder. "But... okay, God is this thing that's out there, available. But not tangible. Just like a website. And people can get to him, but they go through ISPs. Some people use AOL, some people use NetZero... some people use dial-up."

"Who still uses dial-up?" Kate snickered.

"People," Abby shrugged. "Anyway, it's like religion. You're going to the same place, but it's a matter of which ISP you use."

"So, God is a website and people use ISPs, which are religions, to get to him," Kate said.


Kate pondered that and said, "Wow. That makes a lot of sense, really..."

Abby smiled. "And, just like with personal computers, people can really screw up what the ISP is supposed to do. Viruses get installed and sometimes, the computer crashes and it never really gets back to where it's supposed to be. So... God's out there. I just don't want to use any particular ISP to go looking for him."

"Just the knowledge is enough?"


Kate touched Abby's hair.

"I know He is there, He knows I'm here... I like to think we understand each other a little." She sat up and said, "You don't have to give up religion to be with me."

"Just... keep reminding me how to keep it balanced," Kate asked.

Abby smiled and bent down, kissing Kate's lips. "Now, this," she said against Kate's mouth, shifting so she was on top of Kate, "is a whole 'nother form of worship..."

"Show me," Kate whispered.

The End

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