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Typing One-Handed
By Geonn


23:13:02 - caitlintodd443 has entered the chat room

23:12:10 [caitlintodd443] Abby?
23:12:22 [glamorousgoth] Here! :) What took you so long?
23:13:01 [caitlintodd443] Sorry still trying to figure my way around this thing
23:13:10 [glamorousgoth] You've never been in a chat room before?
23:13:16 [caitlintodd443] sure I haev
23:13:18 [caitlintodd443] Have.
23:13:24 [glamorousgoth] So what's the matter? Are you typing one-handed? ;)
23:13:44 [caitlintodd443] what do you mean
23:13:45 [caitlintodd443] ?
23:13:50 [glamorousgoth] LOL nevermind
23:14:00 [caitlintodd443] no, what
23:14:12 [glamorousgoth] Just asking if you were multitasking
23:14:20 [glamorousgoth] You know. One eye on chat, one eye elsewhere on the web...
23:14:49 [caitlintodd443] Oh *blush*
23:14:51 [glamorousgoth] LOL
23:15:05 [caitlintodd443] no, I assure you, I'm just a bad typist.
23:15:10 [glamorousgoth] How disappointing! *wink*
23:15:15 [caitlintodd443] :)
23:15:18 [glamorousgoth] *lick*
23:15:20 [caitlintodd443] Abby!
23:15:23 [glamorousgoth] *grin*
23:15:30 [caitlintodd443] *rolls eyes*
23:15:49 [glamorousgoth] We're venturing into fourteen-year-old girl territory here. So. Tell me. What are you wearing?
23:17:12 [glamorousgoth] Kate?
23:17:35 [glamorousgoth] Still there?
23:17:40 [caitlintodd443] yeah
23:17:46 [glamorousgoth] I was just kidding around. You don't have to...
23:17:54 [caitlintodd443] it's okay. I was just typing it out.
23:18:02 [glamorousgoth] Oh! Well, by all means, don't let me interrupt you.
23:18:43 [caitlintodd443] I'm wearing sweatpants and a white t-shirt and I'm barefoot without socks
23:18:53 [glamorousgoth] LOL, it took you that long to type that?
23:19:04 [caitlintodd443] I was trying to decide whether or not to lie. *wink*
23:19:11 [glamorousgoth] Oooh, I'm teaching you well. Are you wearing your black nail polish?
23:19:16 [caitlintodd443] yep
23:19:20 [glamorousgoth] Good girl!
23:19:22 [caitlintodd443] :-)
23:19:24 [glamorousgoth] *kiss*
23:19:38 [caitlintodd443] Abby...
23:19:43 [glamorousgoth] What, I can kiss you in real-life but not online?
23:19:49 * glamorousgoth grabs caitlintodd443 and kisses her passionately*
23:20:00 [caitlintodd443] sounds like maybe YOUR multitasking?
23:20:04 [caitlintodd443] I mean you're
23:20:10 [caitlintodd443] What are YOU wearing?
23:20:21 [glamorousgoth] Red panties, a long t-shirt
23:20:32 [caitlintodd443] nice *grin*
23:20:34 [glamorousgoth] *curtsies*
23:20:41 [caitlintodd443] What would it take to get those panties off?
23:20:45 [glamorousgoth] Why, Caitlin Todd!
23:20:53 [caitlintodd443] *blush*
23:21:02 [glamorousgoth] I'm up for a tit-for-tat
23:21:18 [caitlintodd443] I dont know that position
23:21:25 [glamorousgoth] ROTFLMAO
23:21:30 [glamorousgoth] I meant, I take something off, you take something off.
23:21:36 [caitlintodd443] *slaps face*
23:21:40 [glamorousgoth] *strokes*
23:21:42 [caitlintodd443] *purrs*
23:21:50 [glamorousgoth] Mm, I like it when you purr.
23:21:58 [caitlintodd443] *purrrrrrrrrrr*
23:22:12 [glamorousgoth] *curls up against you* If you take off your t-shirt, I'll take off my pantie.
23:22:13 [glamorousgoth] *panties
23:22:20 [caitlintodd443] done
23:22:32 [glamorousgoth] Are you wearing a bra?
23:22:39 [caitlintodd443] no
23:22:43 [glamorousgoth] My kingdom for a webcam!
23:22:45 [caitlintodd443] *laughs*
23:22:47 [glamorousgoth] *nuzzles*
23:22:59 [caitlintodd443] did you keep your promise?
23:23:05 [glamorousgoth] Hold on
23:23:23 [glamorousgoth] their off.
23:23:24 [glamorousgoth] They're
23:23:30 [caitlintodd443] Distracted?
23:23:36 [glamorousgoth] *wink*
23:23:40 [caitlintodd443] so... how do we start this
23:23:50 [glamorousgoth] Start what?
23:23:56 [caitlintodd443] you know...
23:24:08 [glamorousgoth] yeah, I know say it anyway
23:24:28 [caitlintodd443] cybersex.
23:24:33 [glamorousgoth] *laugh*
23:24:37 [glamorousgoth] we've already started, Kate!
23:24:38 [glamorousgoth] at least *I* started...
23:24:40 [glamorousgoth] *grin*
23:25:01 [caitlintodd443] did you really?
23:25:09 [glamorousgoth] Mmmhmm
23:25:11 [glamorousgoth] the panties were out of the way
23:25:18 [glamorousgoth] I figured why not
23:25:29 [caitlintodd443] so you're touching youself
23:25:30 [caitlintodd443] yurself
23:25:31 [caitlintodd443] yourself! Dammit!
23:25:39 [glamorousgoth] LOL
23:25:41 [glamorousgoth] Now you're distracted!
23:25:45 [caitlintodd443] I am
23:25:50 [glamorousgoth] Really?
23:25:55 [caitlintodd443] mmmhmm
23:26:10 [glamorousgoth] are you in bed?
23:26:15 [caitlintodd443] yes
23:26:24 [glamorousgoth] under the blankets or over
23:26:29 [caitlintodd443] on top of the blankets. Cold.
23:26:39 [glamorousgoth] poor baby. If I was there, I could keep you warm
23:26:44 [caitlintodd443]oh, really?
23:26:49 [glamorousgoth] mmm
23:26:59 [caitlintodd443] what would you do?
23:27:17 [glamorousgoth] I'd curl up next to you
23:27:19 [glamorousgoth] kiss your neck
23:27:24 [glamorousgoth] slip my hand into your sweatpants
23:27:44 [caitlintodd443] sounds nice
23:27:58 [caitlintodd443] are you in bed
23:28:13 [glamorousgoth] on the sofa
23:28:30 [caitlintodd443] touchng yourself?
23:28:33 [glamorousgoth] yeah
23:28:39 [caitlintodd443] my fingers are just barely stroking my
23:28:49 [glamorousgoth] clit?
23:28:56 [caitlintodd443] mmhmm
23:29:18 [glamorousgoth] I love it when you talk dirty, Kate ;)
23:29:30 [caitlintodd443] it embarrasses me
23:29:39 [glamorousgoth] are you blushing
23:29:44 [caitlintodd443] yes
23:29:59 [glamorousgoth] youre cute when you blush
23:30:19 [caitlintodd443] :)
23:30:25 [glamorousgoth] youre typing with one hand, arent you *g*
23:31:02 [caitlintodd443] barely
23:31:49 [glamorousgoth] what are you doing
23:32:19 [caitlintodd443] touching myself... between my legs and my breasts
23:32:48 [glamorousgoth] are your nipples hard
23:33:10 [caitlintodd443] yes
23:33:32 [glamorousgoth] are you playing with them
23:33:40 [caitlintodd443] yes
23:33:51 [glamorousgoth] wish I could see you
23:34:03 [caitlintodd443] me too
23:34:19 [glamorousgoth] im so wet
23:34:28 [caitlintodd443] mmhmm
23:34:40 [glamorousgoth] come on, kate
23:35:01 [glamorousgoth] say it for me
23:35:17 [caitlintodd443] im wet.
23:35:27 [caitlintodd443] my pussy is wet
23:35:31 [glamorousgoth] goodgirl
23:36:22 [glamorousgoth] kate?
23:37:00 [glamorousgoth] answer me, baby are you still there
23:37:15 [caitlintodd443] ytes,
23:37:32 [caitlintodd443] my hands are shaking
23:37:46 [glamorousgoth] kate I want you
23:38:01 [caitlintodd443] I want you, too, abby
23:38:09 [caitlintodd443] I want you
23:38:10 [glamorousgoth] here
23:38:12 [glamorousgoth] come over here
23:38:30 [caitlintodd443] i...
23:38:45 [glamorousgoth] put on a coat
23:38:48 [glamorousgoth] that red overcoat
23:38:49 [glamorousgoth] nothing else
23:38:50 [glamorousgoth] come over here
23:39:05 [caitlintodd443] naked?
23:39:09 [caitlintodd443] Abby...
23:39:18 [glamorousgoth] for me?
23:41:02 [caitlintodd443] can I wear panties
23:41:10 [caitlintodd443] I'm so wet I think...
23:41:10 [glamorousgoth] panties are alright :)
23:41:19[caitlintodd443] give me about twenty minutes
23:41:50[glamorousgoth] I'll be waiting

23:42:02 - caitlintodd443 has left the chat room
23:42:05 - gorgeousgoth has left the chat room

The End

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