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Can't forget, won't regret, what I did for love
By Ros Sawyer


Faith Coleman had always known that Kate was bothered by re-occurring nightmares about the damn terrorist who had taken her hostage last year. She had sighed softly, moving to gather the woman closer, allowing Kate to bury her head into her neck and cry, her voice gentle.

"Shhh Kate, Shhh sweetheart."

She had sighed softly, hating that Ari was still likely to hurt Kate, even if she ever managed to kill him. She had smiled softly as she felt Kate's breathing even out, the woman was asleep again.

The next morning they were back to work, Faith had hated having to let Kate go in alone and she had spent half of the morning fidgeting. She had, eventually, given in to her gut feeling and pressed the button to call the NCIS yard.

"Is Kate there?"

Gibbs had stared at her, then spoken with an ice-cold tone.

"How is that any of your business?"

"Personal, Gibbs… is she there?"

"MIA actually."

"When were you planning to tell me?"


"Is Ari in town?"

"How did you know that?"

"She's been having nightmares."

Gibbs had glared at her, angrily.

Faith had snarled and rung off, ignoring the calls behind her as she set off, heading for Kate's last known whereabouts. She had worked hard from then, working herself into a near frenzy as she worked on the details they knew.

She had sighed as she recalled Kate's last words.

"He loves the woods."


She had risen from her seat, sliding into the car and driving, heading directly for the address she had found in Kate's file on Ari. She had pulled up moments away, pacing herself as she headed up the driveway.

She had found the front door unlocked, glad that she'd had the smarts to put in a call to NCIS' director and given her whereabouts. She had headed downstairs, finding the sounds of Kate's muffled sobs horrifying.

The case had been closed in moments, Ari lay dead. Ziva, the man's sister, had been hidden away, sneaked from the site by Paula Cassidy. Now it was left to Faith to pick up the pieces.

She had looked down, finding a photo of Ari that had plainly been dropped by his sister. She had found herself laughing. It was just too good. Clearly Ziva knew what Kate needed.

The photo that she now held had been taken close up, a man with a hole in one ear, the earring clearly a hoop of some sort. The man, Ari, was wearing Ray-Bans and had clearly painted his nails. He looked a lot like a tanned version of George Michael.

She had smiled as she moved to the car, sliding in beside Kate, simply laying the photo in her lover's lap, starting the car and moving to drive her home, smiling softly as Kate finally began to laugh, softly but clearly. The first laughter Faith had heard in a long time.

She had walked Kate to the house, smiling as they finally were inside, locking the doors and moving to lead Kate with her to the bedroom. She had allowed her arms to loop around Kate, pulling Kate back against her a little and speaking softly.

"You know, this entire case has been somewhat newsworthy."

"You could say that."

Faith smirked, her voice dropping to a low whisper, her voice gentle.

"I want people to tell their children terrifying stories about the things we do for love… especially the thing I did."

Kate had turned in her arms, letting her head rest against Faith's neck.

"You saved my life."

"I know, I don't regret shooting the bastard… I just hate that he hurt you."


"No. I hate him for that."

"I know, I know you do… but right now? I need you more than they do."

Faith had smiled softly, kissing her gently.

"I love you."

"I love you too, my white knight."

The End

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